1. ibmy

    SUM/COUNT of Value 1 at the Start of Set

    Hi Experts, How to get result in Column L (Start) ? GIL1DataEndStart2315415161715891111011121213121415161111718191220122122132312413252627 For Column I ( End) , I use this code : Sub End2() Dim a As Variant, b As Variant Dim i As Long, k As Long a = Range("G2", Range("G" &...
  2. D

    Run macro if cell (formula) in column meets condition

    Hi All, I am working on a work order tool where I have in column (P) a formula that pops up different phases/stages. Now I am trying to start a macro automatically when the stage changes to "Gereed". I have tried a couple of things like worksheet_change and worksheet_calculate, but so far no...
  3. S

    Networkdays with start and end times on different days due to multi country shifts

    Hi, I am faced with this scenario where I need to calculate the number of minutes between two date & time stamps with the Start and End time in different hours . My scenario is as below Excluding Hours between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST all other time, excluding Saturday and Sunday and...
  4. W

    Calculating time differences

    I have a Start Time and Stop Time column in my Excel spreadsheet that is feeding the Power BI reports. Time is entered in military time, however I cannot make Power BI Calculate the difference properly when the Start Time is one evening and the Stop Time is the following days morning (i.e...
  5. S

    Calculate start date

    Hi I am trying to calculate the start date of the first operation based on the start date of the second operation. Typically this is always going to be 7 days (5 work days) before. I can do this easily by just deducting 7 from the second operations start date however I have a calendar lookup...
  6. M

    Filter - Date interval

    Hello, My case is as following: I have a database of event participants with their respective participation period (start date and end date) as in below example: Name Start Date End Date Julie 11/03/2019 24/04/2019 Tom 25/03/2019 15/04/2019 Jeff...
  7. S

    Keeping the "0" as the start of a string of numbers

    Normally I use the "'" apostrophe to keep the "0" at the start of a string of numbers, but I am impurting the sheet into an excel tool which is dropping the ' and the subsequent "0". Is there another way to keep the "0" in the string. Thank you, Jerry
  8. L

    Reference from first and last values in a row

    <tbody> Start Date End Date Jan-20 Feb-20 Mar-20 Apr-20 May-20 Jun-20 Jul-20 A 212 518 623 B 891 218 563 500 C 926 777 </tbody> For the table above, I would like to return the dates corresponding to the first and last values in the row. For...
  9. V

    Formula or Code

    Hi All, Thanks in advance We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDEF 1 2 3S.No.YearBatchSams 4193193000 5232193200 6378193000,3200,80008000 7424194000 8512192000 9693193000Sams 10768198000 11894194000 12924194000 131083193000 141135195000 151256196000...
  10. F

    Copy last cell before a empty cell and paste (same column)

    hi guys i need a macro or maybe if there is a way in excel, if i have a column like below and I'm trying to fill the blank spaces with whatever value is on the cell above. Not sure where to start on this. thanks for any help Colum A 1 --- macro should put a 1 1 2 2 2 --- macro should put a 2...
  11. M

    extract-all-rows-from-a-range-that-meet-criteria-in-one-column-in-excel using vba

    Hi I have found an array formula that allows me to select a list of details from a master list in excel based on 2 criteria and referencing a specif column. This array is very slow and time consuming. I have tried googling for something similar using vba but could not find anything similar. I...
  12. S

    Partial Weeks

    I am trying to create a formula or script that will identify partial weeks. The end goal will be to yield if a month ends in the middle of the week I want to have the week start date be the same and the end of week be the last day of the month and the start of the next month be the first day of...
  13. L

    calculating progress of Time or Date

    Hi I want to calculate the progress. I have Start and End date and also Start and End time. I want to find the progress as of today and time now. So I used conditional formatting --> new --> based on cell value -->bar (please see attached excel file). for date A2= Start date: 1/1/2019 C2= End...
  14. R

    quarterly calcs from month numbers

    I've been asked to calculate quarterly dollar spread based on start and end months. I need it in this format. removed bad image Q1 calc is easy, but gets complicated (for me) on the rest. Any help would be greatful. Thank you. <tbody> start month end month total cost q1 q2 q3 q4 3 7...
  15. W

    Custom Data Validation

    Hello all, I am trying (and failing) to implement a custom data validation to prevent issues during data entry. I need to permit the following example formats: 4.1 4.2.1 I can get the '4.1' level working easily enough (as it's seen as a number with decimal), however once I start...
  16. K

    Change shape size (Rectangle) based on two cell values (Start Date) & (End Date) Excel 2013

    Hi Excel Guru's, Im trying to create a scheduler where in a shape (rectangle) will be based on two cells (Start Date) and (End Date). Both shapes and date values are on the same sheet. Can you help me? Advance thanks to you all.
  17. L

    # of months or year between start and end dates

    Hi I know how to find number of days between start and end dates by simply subtracting end-start. I also know how to find how many working days between start and end date using networkdays() function. My question, how can I find # of months between a start and end dates? and also can I find how...
  18. W

    Copy target value across based on cell value

    Good Evening All, I don't know if this is possible and am really struggling with this problem. We have a sheet which lists how many actions are needed to be done and what week they will start closing them out followed by how many weeks it will take them. This way we can give them a target...
  19. gheyman

    Select data (Row) in one table and have it load/add to abother table

    I have data in an ODBC table. What I need to do is when someone selects a record in that table, have it automatically load data from that record to another table. Not sure where to even start or what to research. Any advice/direction is appreciated
  20. Heber

    time calculation on working hours less weekend

    Hi I am Struggling to solve this! I need to calculate time between two dates, but need to be only between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, excluding weekends. I got some results, but when the start time is over 5:00 pm still add the time... example below: Start End Transmission time (h:mm) 28/09/2019...

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