1. M

    If statement....

    So I have a list if things in a sheet. In the A column there are names, B column has a date, C column has a number and the D column has another date which is 5 days from the date in column B. I want to be able to come up with something that when someone's name is written into column A and if the...
  2. P

    More than, less than, equal to, cell checking formula question

    I’m trying to query a value in a row/column and depending on the value provide an answer in another row/column. The data I’m checking against is a number sequence which needs to be queried to see if it’s between a series of more than/less than/equal to statements. Ive done these before for...
  3. N

    Userforms with multiple case

    I have a userform with several text boxes. Two are tied to select case statements. What I'm after is if the defect is "sheet metal (bent)" and the reason is "bent to long" I need it to put 01001 into a cell. That part is simple enough. The problem I have is that with each defect there are...
  4. A

    Macro 32bit vs 64 bit

    Hello. I'm unable to use a macro in a 64 bit version of excel that works in the 32 bit version of Excel. MS's documentation says the following. Can someone provide the known declarations that need to be changed or point me to documentation that say which declaration statements need to be...
  5. T

    Writing multiple for loops together

    Hi, I am writing a program in excel VBA where I want to write two for loops together. For example, For x = 1 to 10 and For y = 1 to 10 do something ... Next But if I write "and" between two for statements the program shows error. If I put : between the for statements or write them...
  6. S

    Combining IF(OR & IF(AND Statements

    I have the following statements that ascertain whether a 1 or 0 is shown in a destination cell. I have been trying to combine both statements with no luck. =IF(OR(T29="W"),1,ROUNDDOWN(COUNTIF(T29:T33,"W")/2,0)) =IF(AND(T29="W"),ROUNDDOWN(COUNTIF(AR29:AR33,"W"=2),0)) Is it possible to combine...
  7. tlc53

    IF Statement - need to reduce size drastically

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet which I have created large IF Statements in. It was all good until I tried to open it again and it took 10 minutes to open! I then realised the size has increased to 10k KB! Here is one of my multiple IF Statements (one of the smaller ones). In column B are 3 digit...
  8. D

    need help with 3 if statements

    =if(h15>o15,"over",if(h15<o15,"under",if(h15=o15,"np"))) in colunm n15-n29 is where the formula is ,i can display over and under but if h15 is equal to o15 it won't display "np" just a over and under. Thanks for the help
  9. A

    Joining two IF/ AND statements

    I am trying to join two statements but keep getting errors. Please could someone help me and explain how to join them into one statement? Both Statements work correctly on their own =IF(AND(A12>=$K$3,A12<=$L$3),"Sunday",(TEXT(A12,"dddd")))...
  10. Jym396

    Entering numbers is very slow

    Workbook with 3 sheets: Timesheet, Charts, Data. ONLY the Timesheet when I enter a number or time, calculation is slow (~5-6 secs). It does not happen with alpha characters. Dimension for Timesheet is A1:AG566 A few vlookups and many if statements. The thing that puzzles me is this happened...
  11. T

    Nesting IF Statement Problem

    I created a series of IF statements in Excel 365 that include VLOOKUP statements. In the Excel 365 version I nested 10 IF statements together and the formula works. When I tried to save the file as an Excel 97-2003 version the formula was erased. In this older version, I think the maximum IF...
  12. A

    Nested IF(nested if statements) and if(nested if statements) logic

    I think I read all of the "nested if statements" in the forum but I couldn't find my solution - so sorry for starting another one! Here is my situation: Field AM5 possible values: F, FA, LTI, RMTC, OI, OILWL, [blank] Field AN5 possible values: E, DC TP IF AM5 contains: F, LTI, RMTC, OI...
  13. L

    IF statements using multiple conditions

    <tbody> E F G Target Status (Days) Actual 3/15/2019 33 4/17/2019 4/1/2019 FALSE 3/22/2019 4/18/2019 </tbody> I'm trying to calculate a field using IF statements, but I have 3 or 4 separate situations that I need calculations for. Here is the function I'm using...
  14. D

    Possible VLOOKUP with IF Statements

    Hi, I'm looking to be able to build a report table based off of data from another table. Basically, I'm looking to get the serial # for a certain piece of equipment if all my conditions are met in one cell, and calculate the age of the equipment based of the respective values for that same...
  15. I

    Multiple If statements

    Hello everyone - getting confused on some nested IF statements. Any help on writing the following formula would be awesome. If a number is between 0 and 6, return the number (i.e. could be 1,2,3,4,5,6) If a number is greater than 6, then return the number 12. Thanks in advance
  16. N

    Multiple Embedded IF/AND Statements

    This below formula is only returning the first IF Statements Value if True value and everything else is just 0. Does anyone know why this is happening...
  17. K

    Efficiency of macro Execution

    In a spreadsheet, I have 5 columns of data (numbers or text) that I wish to copy to 5 other columns by using a macro. There are at least 2 ways to do this: 1. use a loop, changing the column names/numbers by using a variable to identify the columns. Then carry out the copy/paste functions...
  18. E

    Complex Solution Please!

    Hello, I'm working on my finances and have downloaded my statements for the past 12 months. I want to categorise my spending into various categories such as Car Expenses, Utilities, Loans and so on. What I am looking to do in Excel is after I have my statements imported I want to be able to...
  19. C

    How To Combine 2 AND Statements

    I’m trying to combine 2 AND statements and can figure it out. By their selves both return TRUE... =AND($H2>=$C$2,$H2<=$D&2) =AND(K$1>=$B$3,K$1<=$B$3) Thanks for looking and for your help in advance. Charlie
  20. M

    Combine If statements

    Happy New Year and thank you in advance. I have 3 if statements which work individually but I don't do semi complex formula writing often enough to know how to do this properly. If A1 is blank then concatenate this way, concatenate that way If A1 is not blank and B1 is blank, then concatenate...

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