1. S

    Combining Nested IF functions

    I have a spreadsheet that allows the user to input different employee/bonus combinations and based on the combination, I have assigned a number 1-4. For instance: A = 1 A+B = 2 A+C = 3 A*B = 4 I created a large nested IF statement to account for every combination, but I have two combinations...
  2. T

    2 If then statements

    I want to create 2 if-then statements and if the 4 cells match it returns a value of Yes, if not then No what am I doing wrong =IF(AND(F4=Q4),IF(AND(H4=S4),YES)) Thanks,
  3. bobkap

    "Call" to run other macros

    Is there a limit to how many "Call" statements you can make in a macro? I have a "Master" macro that holds the following 4 statements: Call HST_create_sheet Call HST_move_columns Call HST_Mo_Bill_Format Call Format2 When I run the Master macro only the first two of these run. If I do a...
  4. sobieskitech

    Help with building double if statement

    Hello all, I've looked for solutions to this is the Forum and have probably just missed it. With the example below I would like to do the following: 1. Look in column D and if the first 3 characters of the cell is BAL then, 2. Look in column C and determine if the character preceding the dash...
  5. D

    Help combining multiple "if" statements

    I need help combining the following 2 IF statements:=IF(D3="Y","Y",IF(D3="N","N","")) and =(IF(F3="pos","Y",IF(F3="neg","N",""))). I have tried multiple ways and it keeps erring out on me.
  6. moe10134

    IF function to give multiple results for TRUE

    I'm not sure how to explain this so I will do my best. Question:Can you apply AND & OR statements to an IF statement? I am looking for a formula that will give me multiple answers. I am looking for the result of a SUM. IF the sum is less than 9, enter SUM. If the SUM = 10, replace that with a...
  7. Q

    Conditional Formatting and IF Statements

    Hey Folks: 2 questions: Multiple IF Statements Background: Calculating flowthrough, returning a score (0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) based on whether sales (F5) are positive or negative) End Goal If Cell F5 is > 100%, perform these statements...
  8. G

    Find Max value based on criteria in Excel 2010

    I am trying to find the max value from column B based on a value in column A. Both columns values are numbers. A B 100 5 100 5.5 100 6 100 7 110 5 110 6 110...
  9. R

    Formula Help!

    Hi All, Hope someone can help with this... I have 8 statements that can all have an answer between 0 and 4, if the statements total a value between two numbers this produces a pre-defined outcome, however what I have been asked to do is if all statements have an answer of 3 or 4 and only one...
  10. C

    Help with IF statements and updating multiple cells.

    Hi, I am creating a spreadsheet in which I need to have the user basically book seats and have excel update those results on another sheet within the workbook. On Sheet 1 I have the list of destinations they chose from and the seat class they would like. On sheet two I have a tracker which...
  11. N

    VBA: Random selection from list, no duplicates

    I am using the below code (provided by Tigeravitar) to randomly select statements to be audited and it is working perfectly with one exception: There is nothing in the code to keep from selecting the same statement twice. I need to randomly select X number of statements without any duplicates...
  12. C

    Multiple nested IF statements

    Hi, I'm trying to change the IF statements in cells H5 through H10 as well as the same formulas (targeting the different name) in column J by using IF and then COUNTIF. The IF statements need to account for all changes in the dropdowns in E6, E7 and E8. For example, if I wanted to see how a...
  13. D

    Instead of nested IF statements - Simple question

    Hello! I want to return data from a certain column based on an IF statement. It is very simple but I have 200+ columns of data so I can not use multiple IF statements. See the attached picture for the best explanation. Picture: How can I solve this? Thanks for...
  14. B

    Filter out all zero value for an ALL measure.

    Hi, Fairly new to DAX, but will try to explain my issue the best I can. I have a "total sales" measure, and another "total sales ALL" measure with a few ALL statements. I did this so I can compare sales location results vs all store locations. My pivot also includes category and brand. These...
  15. G

    Excel VBA - Use Consecutive IF Statements or Use If/ElseIf

    Hello, I'm trying to create code so that when a user enters an ID in A2, the city will autopopulate in B2, and the person's name associated with that ID will autopopulate in C2. <tbody> ID (A2) City (B2) Person (C2) N11111 Airville John Doe </tbody> ?? Does it matter whether I list...
  16. K

    Nest two IF statements

    I have the following IF statements in a spreadsheet for tracking observations. Cell C11 is the date of the observation. The nested IF statement is intended to go in a "next observation due" column. =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("walkthrough",D11)),WORKDAY(C11,10),WORKDAY(C11,40))...
  17. N

    Help with IF Statements...

    Hi All, Please could you help - I have got myself in a muddle with my IF statements. In cell A1 I have an end date. If the date in A1 is more than 21 days ago from today then I was B1 to return "Archive". If A1 is blank I want it to leave cell B1 blank. Eg: A1 17/11/2017 B1 "blank"...
  18. H

    If Statement

    Need help with if statements. See attached for the spreadsheet. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col span="2"><col></colgroup><tbody> What I am trying to do all within Column G is; 1) IF Column F is empty take date from Column E - see formula above 2) If column B says "No", column G...
  19. T

    Only Show Dates between a defined start date and End Date

    HI there, Can someone help, i have a problem where i have the 4 columns consisting of an Estimated Start Date (C19) and End date(D19) and Actual Start Date(F19) and End date(G19) for different project functions. I am sorted for the the start of point here i have in Cell J16 =DAY(F19+1) which i...
  20. X

    Copy column based on header value then paste in different workbook with corresponding header

    I am having an issue with getting this to work. I have tried multiple functions that do various things, match seems to be the best option. I do apologize for my code as it is very sloppy while I work, I tend to go back and clean it up once it is all working. I have noted in the code what it does...

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