1. K

    imported comma seperated data

    I have a sheet that i want to import data to (sheet1 B2) this data is seperated by a comma i want to seperate and create it listed in a single column on (sheet 2 B2, B3, B4 etc) can someone please help with a formula thanks in advance
  2. L

    Concantenate problem

    Hi All , and thankyou in advance for looking at this problem. I am adding 2 cells together for an email address , first name , last name with a . inbetween , then the email address ;EG STEVE SMITH , it should read as However only on a few occasions there appears a space in...
  3. R

    Line Manager Formula/Macro

    Hi, I need to build a report that can look down a list of line managers and determine the employees that sit under them whether directly or indirectly. For example, the CEO may have 5 direct reports and each of those reports have a further 20 reports. The formula would need to return the...
  4. L

    creating new cells based on cell value in separate sheet

    Good morning ... I'm not sure if this can be done, or even how exactly to describe it, but here goes ... I need to create a "ballot" file, which I will then refer to after generating a random number using a formula. I have a source spreadsheet with names and the # of ballots each name gets...
  5. A

    Excel List help

    Hi Guys, I am working on a piece of work where i ahve a list of names and dates next to them. What i would liek to do is excel to scan all the dates and any date less than today to return the name to the left of the date however i only want it to build a list of names that have expired and not...
  6. J

    Sort List/Group, if matches value then return a value.

    <tbody> A B C D 1 Name Number Name Number 2 Alex 15 Sarah 45 3 Eric 20 Steve 33 4 Steve 33 5 Seth 33 6 Sarah 45 7 Erica 50 </tbody> I need to be able to Search Column A, find a Match for column C. Once that Matches, I need to Fill Column D with the same number to the...
  7. N

    countif/countifs formula to count staff absence days

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and would like some guidance on some formula i am stuck on: we have a large dataset which has some info re staff absence days , and looks like the below. what i am looking to do is increment by 1 each time the staff member in question is registered as being absent...
  8. W

    Multiple signatures in email

    I am using a script from Run De Bruin to email from excel. However it pulls the signature from the default email account. How can i create multiple signatures and swap them based on a cells content? IE. if b1 - mike then the email would be mikes signature, if b1 = steve then it would use...
  9. B

    Production charting

    I have a table of production and I would like to be able to show one person how they compare to other doing they same work without showing the other names. For example: steve compare to person 1, 2 ,3 and mary person 1,2,3 without making a separate table for each person.
  10. H

    transpose data query

    i have been working on an efficient way to get this excel data to transpose in the way that appears underneath it, at the bottom of the post the way i do involves several steps and its painfully slow, and the data set can be large, and as i need to do it 3 times a week, I'm hoping for a faster...
  11. J

    Dynamic Cut and Paste VBA

    I am very new to vba and some help creating a code. I need to cut each unique Name record and paste it into it's own new sheet. I tried to find an existing code but had no luck. Can someone help me with this? <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> Name...
  12. A

    Using Min and if to produce a text response

    This is probably very straightforward but its doing my head in, can someone help I have a worksheet which has two columns one with Names the other with value, all i need is a formula in column 3 that will return for each individual "lowest" for the lowest value attributed to that person and...
  13. S

    #DIV-0! error Help with IF forrmula

    Hello, could someone please help where and how I would place the IF formula to remove the #DIV-0! error im using =(O18-H18)/ABS(H18) but there is on value in cell H18 so it returning an error Many Thanks Steve
  14. S


    Is there a formula/macro that will allow me to remove all carriage returns within a cell? I can't seem to remove them and I've tried a number of things to remove them. Can someone please help if they have a moment? Steve
  15. S

    Trouble with adding to a formula

    Hi, This is my formula: =IF(O4="","",SMALL(IF($C:$C=O4,ROW($C:$C)),COUNTIF(O$4:O4,O4))) I want to add if($b:$b=n2,ROW($b:$b). I tried putting it in the middle but it says theres an error in the formula, what am i doing wrong? Rgs Steve
  16. S

    How to put an IF & 2 VLOOKUP statements together

    Hi, This is one formula i have: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($B3,'Main Squad'!$A:$AM,MATCH(INDEX(Sheet1!C:C,ROW()),'Main Squad'!$A$17:$AM$17,0),0),"") & this is another: =IF(Table7[[#This Row],[POSITION]]="Goalkeeper",(VLOOKUP($B3,'Main Squad'!$A:$AM,MATCH(INDEX(Sheet1!$C$1:$O$1,),'Main...
  17. S

    Application StatusBar

    Morning All, The status bar looks like it is in two halves ? or am i wrong (i can see a dividing line) I can put a message in the first part by Application.StatusBar = ("Updating Sheet Data Please Wait") i am wanting to put a status of something in the second half is this possible how? Can...
  18. S

    How to put an IF & 2 VLOOKUP statements together

    Hi, This is one formula i have: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($B3,'Main Squad'!$A:$AM,MATCH(INDEX(Sheet1!C:C,ROW()),'Main Squad'!$A$17:$AM$17,0),0),"") & this is another: =IF(Table7[[#This Row],[POSITION]]="Goalkeeper",(VLOOKUP($B3,'Main Squad'!$A:$AM,MATCH(INDEX(Sheet1!$C$1:$O$1,),'Main...
  19. G

    Assistance with Excel Index's

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me, i have a list of people, and payments. for example : <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Eddie 10 Steve 12 Steve 65 Steve 12 Steve 12 Steve 35 Steve 56 James 66 James 73 James 21 James 33 James 21 James 21 James...
  20. B

    VBA code for inserting multiple rows, copying and transposing data

    Hi all, I am hoping that the following is possible to be done with vba code. I have searched but am struggling to find code to cover all of this. I have broken this down into 3 separate stages below. I have a set of data in an excel spreadsheet that runs from column A to Column K and 6000...

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