1. E

    Searching for a formula to display highest score and last date student tested

    I have a database containing hundreds of students. That database has student ID numbers (column A), student last name (column B), students first name (column C), test scores (column D) , and test date (column E) as shown below. I want column F to display the student's ID number, column G, the...
  2. M

    Ignoring Empty Cells in Multiple Formulae

    All Each month I get a report of majors studying in my department. As we have two "concentrations" (and old and new designations for each concentration) the report is a bit complex. Further, newly admitted students who have declared their majors are shown, even though they have not yet earned...
  3. R

    COUNTIFS help

    Hi Everyone, I'm using the following formula for working out Students who are above target and it works great. =COUNTIFS($T:$T,">0",G:G,"RE Class 1")/D13 I want to also add to that formula (but I can't get it to work) to only include students "column H:H" with an attendance greater than "95%"...
  4. G

    Filtering with multiple criteria

    Hi All, I have to extract some data's from large number of Dump data with multiple filtering.Which should to shown in summary sheet while updating the dump data for next frequency.Here below a sample data. Summary sheet : -------------------- July Aug Total Marks by 1...
  5. E

    Wondering whether a formula could assist or is even possible ...

    Hi all I work for an education facility and a number of times throughout the year I have to manually check student grades for accuracy. I can have up to 40 spreadsheets with up to 300 students per sheet so it is quite a time consuming process. I am wondering whether a formula might help...
  6. S

    Want to find sum of Top 70% students' marks

    Hi All, I have an unusual yet important question. My question is: I obtained the marks of about 150 students, in 4 different subjects. I have them in the list with 3 columns; first column is "Subject", 2nd is Student ID and 3rd is respective marks in the particular subject. Issue here is I...
  7. R

    Pivot table/graph - mass printing

    Hi all, I have a graph that links to a pivot table. The graph shows data from students. We have 225 students. Is there a way of printing the individual graphs for each student automatically without having to change the filter each time and pressing print 225 times? Many thanks in advance! Russ
  8. M

    Copying Data from one sheet to another based on certain cell data

    Hi everyone, I have a query about copying data from one sheet to another based on a range of data in a certain column. I have created an assessment grades workbook which contains a number of sheets. Each sheet represents a module on the course, and also contains a stats sheet and a cohort...
  9. M

    Matching students to teachers based on set crteria

    I am looking to match students from the students table to teachers in the Teacher Table. The criteria is the following: A teach can only have one student Student should be matched with a teacher based on the following : Their preferred area in Column N with the Teacher Area in Column C...
  10. B

    Mail Merge Question and Confusion

    Hello all. I have been using mail merge for some time now. However, I think I have been doing something wrong. You can see this simple table below. So when I do a mail merge, it take the information horizontally which is perfect. Here is the issue. The last column is students. I have a...
  11. T

    Pivot Table count records for a day

    I have a table which has one row for every school student who is absent for a day. It shows the date, what school year they are in and their gender. I have also on each row, the "number of students" for that school year and gender. In the pivot table I need to show the absent %. I can easily...
  12. G

    Too few arguments

    Hi, I'm getting the error too few arguments for this function with the below formula, any tips on where I am going wrong? I have simplified my table below but, basically, have multiple trusts donating to different charities and want to know the distinct count of beneficiaries for each charity...
  13. L

    Can computers handle 1000 sheets in Excel?

    Hey everyone! New here! I'm working on a student mental health dashboard project in excel and have a high-level question about adding new 'students' that the school wants to help. Schools can have up to 1000 students, so I don't know if it's reasonable to write VBA code to create a new sheet...
  14. L

    How can I open a specific worksheet using VBA code on a command button macro?

    Hi, I was wondering how can I open a specific worksheet using VBA code on a command button macro? When then user accesses my "Welcome Sheet" worksheet and clicks on the command button "Students" this should bring them to the "Students" worksheet. I tried the following code but I got an...
  15. G

    Course Databse Add multiple Students on One Form

    I have a database that we are tracking student enrollments and graduation certificates. I am trying to update the database to where we can input all the students for a course on one form. Generally students will arrive all at once and then we in-process them so being able to input all students...
  16. Q

    Teacher in need of help with Analytics

    Hello All, I'm a high school finance teacher and my students have been working towards the MOS Excel Specialist and hopefully Expert certification. Next semester our class is starting to get more involved in exploring analytics. We've been approached about doing a meaningful project where we...
  17. T

    Automating Printing Process

    I have taken over a position for a colleague who used to do the following: One sheet has a list of examinations a student is signed up to take. Student A might have three rows for three different tests, Student B might have two rows for two different tests, Student C might have six rows for...
  18. M

    Database for checking students into and out of the dorms with a scanner

    Hello all, I am working on building an excel file that canbe used by our administrators to check students in and out of their dorms tolocal venues. I am using Excel 2013 for this doc. I have the skeleton built andI’m working with three worksheets. The first is the “Logging Procedures” sheet...
  19. J

    Help creating complex formula using ISNUMBER

    Hi, I'm trying to create a grade sheet to track my students' progress. I've been searching all over and can't figure this out. I would like to be able to see each students' grade-in-progress, according to current assignments/exams. Here's a link to what the spreadsheet looks like...
  20. I

    I need to test if a formula returns the correct result if given the correct input values.

    I am a college professor who has students complete applied exams in Excel. I have created a "scorecard" that compares the output of formula in a cell to what I know to be the correct output, and if they're equal, assigns them points. For example, imagine the following simplified example...

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