1. G

    Applying style based on value

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a way to apply a style to cells based on their value/type? I have a table that I send out and each data type has a different style. I’m currently going through and applying the style to the cells as required. M wondering if there is a way to do this without me having...
  2. T

    Styles of programming in VBA

    I have come to the conclusion there appears to be two distinct styles of programming in VBA. 1. Those with no prior experience of programming. 2. Others who are already conversant with Java, C#, etc. I have seen VBA code such as: Function MyFunc (somearg As Burger) As McDonalds and then...
  3. D

    Picture Styles

    My understanding is that the preset Picture Styles (e.g., 'Bevel Perspective') is not available in VBA, but I was wondering if someone had gone to the effort of reverse engineering what values would need to be set to which settings in order to recreate an identical effect? I've tried this in the...
  4. G

    Macro to edit styles.xml file of workbook

    Hey pro-team! Our company has a problem with copying and pasting data dumps from our ERP system into workbooks over-and-over, resulting in compounding workbook styles to the point where multiple workbooks each month hit the excel style count max (~64,000), which causes workbook crashing and an...
  5. N

    VBA for Slicer Formatting

    I am trying to create a macro (button) to format all slicers to a certain style on the active worksheet. I have multiple worksheets that are nearly identical (copied from a master sheet), but the following code only works on the original sheet. How do I change the slicer name to apply to all...
  6. MrDB4Excel

    Styles and row height

    Is it possible to create an excel style to force row height? In the spreadsheet I am working on I use a row height of 8 and a specific color to separate specific data sets. When I begin to input the next data set I skip a row to input data in subsequent rows. Then I go back and adjust the height...
  7. K

    Convert cell styles (formatting) to values

    In my datasheet I have applied various styles to cells, each style (format) represents something as seen below. For example pink means press release (PR). However now I need to convert this data into a mastertable (which can be used to create pivots, or can be read into SPSS). The issue is that...
  8. D

    Hyperliinks are not standard "Hyperlink blue"

    I'm hoping someone can help. I copied and pasted a long list of hyperlinks to a new spreadsheet in Excel 2016 in my Windows 2010 OS. The hyperlinks are now a mix of colors. Some are the standard "Hyperlink blue" and others are black. I found the following on the Microsoft Office Support site...
  9. P

    Trubles with setting cell styles

    Hello, colleagues I have written a macro, which resetting the cell style to each cell (some of the style features broke in my workbook, so I have to set them again). But it returns an error 450 "Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment" on the line, which I painted in red in the...
  10. J

    Formula to highlight a number change "from" - "to"

    I am working on condition assessments which are conducted on a yearly basis. 1-5 with 5 meaning "needs replacement". So I am looking for a formula so that when I enter a 5 over a 4 (say) it will highlight the cell with a style that will designate "was 4" or 5 over a 3 (say) it will highlight...
  11. I

    My Styles dropdown has some really funky looking style names - NOT Good, Bad, Input, etc.

    for some reason it now has a really odd list of available styles, many that start with "Currency" or "Data" but don't actually appear to be styles as much as they look like formulas. oddest thing and no amount of Googling could figure it out. what gives?
  12. P

    Finding TOC reference Style in Word from Excel

    I have an Excel file that will process multiple Word files looking for comments. What I need Excel to do when it finds a comment is to search in reverse from the comment location to the first use of the style "Heading n" (could be Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc...). When it finds this...
  13. A

    Refresh the cell styles after deleting unused styles

    Hi I have created an addin to delete unused styles. This addin is working fine. It is deleting all unused styles as expected. But the problem is that the styles do not go away until I save the workbook and re-open. Is there any way I can avoid this closing and reopening the workbook an instead...
  14. S

    Styles but keeping date format as is

    Is there a way to apply styles to a specific set of cells, but keep the dates as dates? If the styles relate to formatted numbers they will change the dates to numbers as well. I am just curious if there's a way to highlight many cells (that include dates) apply the style and the style is...
  15. X

    Dynamic Banded Columns in Pivot tables

    Hello MrExcel World, I'm trying to solve a problem that has peeved me for years. I have searched everywhere for a solution with no luck. What I am trying to do is create a pivot table that bands column values when I have multiple fields as Columns. (See the image below) Right now It works...
  16. G

    Stripping Styles Programatically

    I'm trying to find out how to properly strip Excel styles out of a workbook. I am using this open source project as a starting point but I'm not sure what' s going wrong here. Whenever I process certain workbooks through it I open them and get an error...
  17. T

    Templates with styles that flow to all new sheets

    I want to set up a style template (i.e. font style, font size, 'official' color pallet, company logo & security info in the footer etc) such that if I hit the 'New Sheet' button the new sheet also has these properties. At the moment you have to copy one of the existing sheets to get the official...
  18. L

    VBA in MS Word

    Hi All, Have a simple enough question. I have created a default style setting for all my MS Word documents. I have recorded a simple macro to change the styles in an existing document into my default style. My question is how do I reference the currently opened document without needing its...
  19. M

    The hardest question in Excel History: A very smart VBA macro to combine cell with their styles?

    As title, is it possible? I think that's the hardest question in Excel history (about style). And I think no one can solve that without build Excel. <tbody> A B C D E F 1 MREXCEL Your One Stop for EXCEL Tips & Solutions </tbody> =MagicalConcat(A1 , B1 , C1 , D1 , E1 , F1)...
  20. W

    Styles list for workbook and their properties?

    This is for Excel 2010. Is there a way to generate a list of the styles used in a workbook, together with their properties? My intention is to help the user recognize what a style means by creating a styles key on a separate worksheet. For example, if Workbook A has 45 styles in use...

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