table format

  1. R

    Is it possible to keep cell formatting (bold/italic/etc) from a regular table to a power query table?

    Basically the title. I'm trying to preserve the cell formatting from a regular Excel table into a Power Query table. For example, cell A1 has the words "The Quick Brown Fox" and the only word "Brown" has been bolded. I would like to have that same word bolded in the Power Query table. I know...
  2. U

    Change Cell Color if more than one has a value, or if another has no value.

    Good morning, I have a table with 4 columns where columns A, B, and C can have an amount of money, and D a text string. It's intended that the the user will put in an amount of money into one of A, B, or C, and they will enter a value into column D for any rows that have anything in the previous...
  3. M

    Reformatting Table in Excel

    Hello :) I have a database as: ID Start date End date Division 100 15/01/96 17/03/09 1 100 18/03/09 22/05/11 1 100 25/05/11 2/05/18 2 100 3/05/18 7/06/20 2 100 7/06/20 20/12/20 1 101 ... ... ... I would like to reformat the table so that for each ID there is only row with the...
  4. M

    Paste data into new file works, but not if formatted as table

    Hi everyone! So I have this database, wich I got from and =IFERROR (INDEX formula. I have 50 rows, and some of them have results, others not. When I copy this to another sheet and paste it as value, Excel sees the cells without result still as NOTBLANK. This changes when I double click on...
  5. P

    Table height to match PivotTable

    Hi, I've tried in vain to work this out myself and cannot find a thread that seems to match my query, so here goes: I have a PivotTable that contains product codes and monthly sales, I then have a table to the right of that (no column gap) that contains various formulas. My questions is: is...
  6. A

    Excel table formatting in A4 printable format

    Hello Folks, I am trying to create a table format where i have setup the page layout to A4 size. I populate the table with data that is received from the server and that is only single column,everything works fine. What i want is when the data is inserted into Col A i want the data to fill the...
  7. E

    How do I format an individual column in a table ?

    I have a table with a large amount of data. I am wanting to change the format of individual columns so that they have their own unique style from the rest of the information in the table. Most of my table is format in an orange color. Darker for header and then the rows with an alternating a...
  8. J

    VBA to build table based on 2 spreadsheets

    Hi Guys & Gals - I really need some with VBA. I have two spreadsheets and i need to build a table out of them. First spreadsheet tells me which builds are against which equipment numbers (the builds are the A numbers across the top) <tbody> Eq No. A465 A506 A507 A508 A510 A511 A514 A525 A561...
  9. A

    Autofilling a Table that has a Changing Position

    Hello all again, I have two tables in one sheet that both change their amount of rows based on a certain user input. The first table changes rows based on a person's input by an input box, and the second table changes rows based on a certain value from the first table. The second table then...
  10. E

    using macro to format arrays of varying sizes

    Hi, I am new to VBA and I am just trying to save some time while formatting the tables I am constantly doing (I don't like the pre-formatted excel tables). So I recorded the following code. The problem is that it only fits a specific dimension table (19R X 8C). I need it to fit a selected range...
  11. H

    How do I set a table's range to automatically adjust to source data?

    I cant figure out how or if it is even possible to have a table automatically adjust its range or the number or rows it has based on another table I have two tables: Table1 is raw data that is added two daily Table2 has formulas with column header references to Table1 that processes the...
  12. S

    Stacking tables using vba

    I have 3 tables all in one worksheet that are linked to source data which is refreshed daily. Each table has the same column labels and I would like to stack them into a single table using vba. I currently have 2 problems: I would like to copy from the second row down in each table to the last...
  13. T

    Word 2007 VBA AutoFormat Types

    Morning all! So this is a Word 2007 VBA question, but I haven't found a forum like this for Word, yet. If you have any suggestions as to one, I'm all ears. I'm creating a table in my document that I want to format to look good. Word, apparently, has certain predefined formats. Word's VBA Help...
  14. U

    Extending A Table Range

    This should be so simple that I am embarrassed to ask for help. I imported my data and I have a macro that updates the data. Nothing new until new items were added, creating new rows at the bottom and now the Table Format does not include these rows. There are so many formats available that I...
  15. P

    Table Format and Data Validation

    my data in Table Format... Column A = List of Countries Coulmn B = List of Provinces/States Column C = List of Towns On my report table, I want to use or apply validation such that when I choose a country, only the list of provinces from that particular country appears on the dropdown list...
  16. E

    Excel 2007 not picking up Calculations as part of table

    Hi, I have a question that is tough to explain, but I'll try my best. I have a sheet called "Data" & this is a SQL query that I pull using VBA (Rows A:J). I then do some calculations in VBA in Row K (Change from € to $). When I run this macro, my Excel 2007 doesn't show column K as part of...
  17. eschiesser

    Slight Table Formatting Issue

    I want the first column to be formatted like the column headers. Despite my best efforts, i cannot make a custom table format that will do this for me! I can obviously just fill those cells, but I have a lot of these tables, and that would be such a pain in the butt! I know this is a tiny...

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