1. M

    Ribbon changing appearance when pinned/unpinned

    Hi All, this is driving me crazy... When I have my ribbons unpinned (aka show tabs) they appear like this - as they have always been, but as long as i move the cursor away they disappear Although, if I pin them (aka activate the show tabs and commands option) they are shown as below, occupying...
  2. F

    Share only specific Tab from Workspace

    Can you share specific tab's from a workspace without sharing the entire workspace?
  3. D

    Classification pop up issue when saving file

    Hello all, I would like to get some help in how to automatically assign the classification as internal document. At my company we use some classification tool in excel called Secure Islands Classification, and whenever create new file it pop ups asking to set the classification, usually...
  4. W

    Help! Formulas Disappearing After Every Save

    Hello, I have a problem that I can't find any information on online. I hope someone here can help me. I work with excel workbooks that have several spreadsheets (tabs). On some of the workbooks (no rhyme or reason I can find), any formula that is pulling data from another spreadsheet within...
  5. J

    macro is skipping tabs

    good morning, Newbie here...i have a macro for auto generating tabs into PDFs and save them. the issue i'm having is that it is randomly skipping over some of the tabs. anyone have an idea how to fix this? I checked the ones that get skipped to see if cell "A5" is the problem but it is not...
  6. A

    Workbook_SheetChange event

    I need pivot tables to refresh automatically once a user enters new source data. I have my workbook set up on monthly tabs and the users can enter data below row 12 on each of these tabs. I have set up the workbook with dashboard/display tabs at the front and the monthly data sheets at the...
  7. V

    V lookup Across Multiple Tabs and Return Multiple values if found on a tab

    hi all, Need your guidance if possible on how to amend the below array formula to do a lookup all tabs listed below? =IFERROR(INDEX('4.RANGING CONVENIENCE'!$B:$B,SMALL(IF(B$1='4.RANGING CONVENIENCE'!$A:$A,ROW('4.RANGING CONVENIENCE'!$A:$A)- MIN(ROW('4.RANGING CONVENIENCE'!$A:$A))+1,"")...
  8. J

    Summarize 3 Tabs into 1

    Hi all I have a customer order form spreadsheet with 3 existing tabs, each tab has a different product range and there are rows for each different product with columns for price, description, SKU and quantity ordered. I need some help please with what formula to use so that on a new fourth tab...
  9. L

    Automated Stock Sheet

    Hi, I’m trying to find a solution to automate a stock sheet. I have a register of various sizes based on diameter and length on one tab. On other tabs I’m trying to look at the first tab and automatically add new items or down date quantities you can see on the used / create tab, it has two...
  10. C

    Vlookup Indirect and Match function error

    Hi all, I would like the formula to find the pricing across multiple tabs and the problem is the pricing column. The pricing column is situated on a different column letter on each tab. Would it be possible to replace the 1 from the formula to a match function? like the formula below...
  11. N

    Formula to identify text in one cell and group in in a new tab?

    BLUF - I looked through the threads best I could and did not see this answer, so I am very sorry if this scenario has already been answered. What I have is a workbook with 6 tabs (one "data" tab and 5 other tabs representing the days of the week). The data tab contains a list of 22 students...
  12. D

    Excel tab menu options some greyed out?

    Hi I have a work book with many tabs, Excell 2019 the book or tabs sheets are not protected. The menu options (all except 3 of) in the tab menus are greyed out. Can anyone assist as to why this is? Note it is only this one workbook as with other workbooks it does not apply. Regards
  13. A

    VBA to sort columns

    Hi All, I have multiple tabs I need to merge. I have been able to write the code to merge the into data into one spreadsheet, but sometimes that columns aren't a match. Is there a way I can sweep some VBA code over my workbook and sort the columns depending on the title, ideally going through...
  14. C

    Automated Daily Production Report - Excel

    I am in need of a vba module that would allow me to do the following: I currently have a workbook which is Titled "Aspen DPR 10-19". The "10-19" changes based off of current month-year. This Daily Production Report has a tab titled "Monthly Report" and also has a tab for each day of the month...
  15. L

    how to code "if tab name starts with a string, then move these tabs to a new workbook"

    Hello, I have a workbook with over 60 tabs, example of their names: 111100 111100A 111100Detail 111100B 213100 213100Detail 213100A 131460 131460Detail 312504 312504Detail 312504Ele 312504Wat 312504Gas so they all start with a 6-digit code and they all have a code+Detail tab...
  16. A

    Populate cell value based on a lookup & match from two other tabs

    Hello, I am fairly novice to using excel, and have searched for my answer but am running low on time to find an answer, so figured I would just post to see if I can get a speedier answer. Below is an explanation of what I am trying to do. I have two tabs in a workbook with some of the same...
  17. B

    Hide tabs and ribbon in Excel with VBA

    Hi I wonder how to autohide the ribbon and tabs with VBA Bengt
  18. T

    Create popup menu to unhide worksheet

    Hi! I am looking for a code that will create a popup menu that appears when a user opens the workbook. The menu would have 4 choices and each choice would unhide a different set of tabs. Below are the menu names and tab combinations. I'm not even sure where to start. TIA!!! Menu Option...
  19. A

    Comparing and finding duplicates on Spreadsheet on two different tabs

    You all rocked my world last time I was faced with a difficult Excel problem, so I'm trying it again! Is there a way to compare/find duplicates on a spreadsheet on different tabs? I have a list of September names on one tab, and have an October list of names on a second tab. Eventually, I'll...
  20. E

    Using VBA, easy way to copy data from a few tabs into 1

    Hi all, So I have a few tabs with changing names, that sometimes are there and others there aren't. For example. I will always have a "Sheet1" then after that they may not be there, "Sheet1 (2)", "Sheet1 (3)", etc. I need help writing a macro that will copy the data from "Sheet1" into Cell A1...

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