1. L

    Why is my code so inefficient?

    The following code takes an age! It does work but takes a very long time. :mad: Any help please :) Sub Copy_Paste_Filtered_Selections()' ' Macro3 Macro ' ' Sheets("Selections").Select Range("A26:AO124").Copy Sheets("Filtered Selections").Range("A10000").End(xlUp).Offset(2, 0)...
  2. B

    Replace Cell Contents with other cell contents with "If"

    Hiya all, I would like to do the following if possible :- 1. When my staff enter a value in 3 Columns ( I, J, K ), a hard copy is pasted as a reference point in for example ( AA,AB,AC ). This is a fixing point. Then as changes are made in for example column X, eg a qty is entered. The...

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