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    Recurring Tasks Calendar

    Hello you all! I've been looking for a way to automate a calendar that I use and as of today I fill it manually. It is a calendar of recurring tasks but they change through the weeks of the year. For example I have tasks that are on mondays every 3 weeks. Others that are monday, wednesday and...
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    Convert a vertical task list into a timeline (horizontal)

    Hi All, I don't know if this is easily do-able or not: I have a vertical list of tasks with sub tasks that have to be completed at a certain time before the project end date. To make it easy, I would like to convert these items to a horizontal timeline which displays the tasks and sub tasks on...
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    Conditional Formatting for Gantt Chart not working

    I am trying to create a gantt chart in excel using conditional formatting. For some reason, my formulas don't work for every event. I have two colors: dashed gray for uncompleted tasks, and red for completed tasks. The formula for the uncompleted tasks is: <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin...
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    Complicated Sum Formula

    Hi there, I have a list of tasks in column A for a number of months and in B the count of people doing these tasks. In column I - I have a listed these tasks while removing duplicates. I want to put a formula into column J where the it sums the value in column B based of the task in I. Any...
  5. B

    VBA Code Conditional Formatting in Project

    Does anyone have a string of code to highlight late tasks in MS Project?
  6. C

    Indirect - Referencing tab

    Hi i am working on on a training matrix at work, there are 8 members of staff with a tab named after them. There are 58 odd tasks they need training on and have a measurement of out of 5 on the progress, if there progress is 3 or blow they still need training on that task. i have made a...
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    Automatically populate lists from master list/ Create Teux Deux or Trello Style lists

    I have one long list of tasks in an excel sheet with columns for task, date due, project & priority etc. I have macro buttons to sort by each column and generally it works well and is simple but I would like to be able to view it in a similar way to this: https://teuxdeux.com/ or Trello ie, have...
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    Dynamic Chart Works Great until I grab data from different Sheet

    Hi All, My simple dynamic chart works great when using the original data located on the same Sheet (let's say this is Sheet1). I'm Naming my columns of data using the Name Manager along with OFFSET in the Refers to field. I have up to 13 tasks in column A, then Start and End Dates in columns...
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    Equation for Data filtering

    Hi I am after an equation either sumif or countif, whatever is best for the following two scenarios. Scenario One I have created a workbook on excel with several sheets that automatically filters names of people that have attached specific tasks they complete onto a summary sheet. The sheets...
  10. R

    Create Hyperlink in Excel to open Task imported from Outlook

    Hi All. I have some code to import all non-completed tasks from Outlook into a spreadsheet. My plan is to then put these into some kind of Eisenhower matrix to allow better organising of important vs urgent tasks etc. I want each task to be a hyperlink which will then open the task in Outlook...
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    Adjusting task due date between holidays..

    Hi Everyone, I will be great-full if someone can help me with the preferably macro or formula on this. We have tasks assigned to each department with the due date. The tasks have been distributed in the order that they need to be completed. This is done so that each department completes the...
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    Adjust holiday (Xmas) break in between the project.

    Hi Everyone, I will be great-full if someone can help me with the formula or macro on this. We have tasks assigned to each department with the due date. The tasks have been distributed in the order that they need to be completed. This is done so that each department completes the tasks in...
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    Index and Match values in a cell seperated by commas

    Hi I have a huge project sheet with dozens of projects along with tasks and the associated contacts. My source list is set up like this: <tbody> Role Proj A Proj B Proj C PM Bob Sue Dan BA Phil Mike Matt SME Ryan Jack Larry </tbody> Each tab a is project with a all of...
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    VBA Help Required

    I am completely ignorant of all things VBA and would be unbelievably grateful if someone could help me with this scenario: I, along with other colleagues, complete 6 different tasks numerous times a day and capture each completed task on the relevant spreadsheet (6 spreadsheets in total - let’s...
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    VBA to Repeat Task a Specific Number of Times

    Hi there! So I hope I can explain what i'm trying to do clearly. I have an input table where users input hours for a labor category (column) and a task (row). The user also has the ability to insert more categories (columns) and more tasks (rows). In order for the information to become useful I...
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    assuming there is a team of 3 employees named a, b and c who have to be assigned a task as shown below. They have to be assigned task in the same sequence as it comes. i.e. First task to a, second to b and third to c (the last person), when the fourth file comes it has to be assigned again to...
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    Drop down list with multiple columns

    I have a quandry. I am trying to create a drop down list or similar to show me All employees and the single task they "HAVE NOT" been trained on yet. I have 52 employees and 20 tasks they need to be trained on. I know I can create a table and add a filter to show ALL employees that have not yet...
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    Hiding Rows to Create List of Jobs based on Dropdown box and logic

    Hi, this is my first post here although I have browsed the site many times for help with formulas and know-how on many things. It is a great source of information and I appreciate the time you all put into keeping it running.5 million posts are no small task. I have searched for solutions to my...
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    Populate lists based on selections (2010)

    Hello. I'm not 100% sure if what I'm trying to achieve is possible in the way that I'm trying to do it, but any guidance on how to start would be much appreciated. Basically my goal is to create a workflow chart to standardize the tasks for specific processes. I have the column "Tasks" B:B...
  20. P

    Create report to show if tasks were completed in correct time intervals

    Morning Excellers, I have a sheets used for tracking tests done regularly at 12 centres (monthly, quarterly and yearly tests). I want to make a audit page that will check tasks have been done within allowed timeframes. Ideally this would be come automated but for now a manual approach would...

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