1. S

    Shared workbook freezing when saving, but only for some.

    Hi all We have a shared Excel file in a Teams channel. Everyone has the channel set as a Onedrive shortcut too, so it creates a daily backup of itself on the first opening each day using a Workbook_Open script. This script also sets a temporary view so people don't mess up what each other is...
  2. M

    Excel Co-authoring Upload Failed, Upload Blocked Errors

    From personal experience and reviewing this forum and even, it seems that the co-authoring feature has some problems. I have two workbooks I share from Teams, both have macros and tables and one uses userforms for data entry. One, however, will experience random Upload...
  3. M

    Excel Co-Authoring on Teams

    I have a rather complex Excel workbook with many complicated array formulas, pivot tables and charts, and macros that I share on Teams using the Excel co-authoring capability. Of course, since the workbook contains macros, my concurrent users are opening it in the desktop app. The workbook...
  4. M

    Monitor Teams status in Excel

    I am using both Excel 365 web and App. Is there are way for a spreadsheet to monitor the status in teams?
  5. E

    Not allowing others to see sheet when someone else is using on shared workbook

    Hi There, I have a workbook that includes a separate sheet for each employee where they can record their working from home hours. When the workbook opens they get a login page so they can login in and only view/edit their page. The workbook is shared from my sharepoint in a Teams group with...
  6. S

    How to use a hyperlink to a webbrowser which includes ampersand (&) in its name?

    I am currently in the midst of making a small library of links in Microsoft Team Excel. Where I have met a wall, where I cannot use the link, as they are redirected due to the including ampersand in the title. Example: Which is translated to...
  7. S

    Sharing Excel Spreadsheets with Macros via Microsoft Teams

    Is there any information available on if it is possible to create an Excel Macro enabled workbook via Teams to allow for multi-user collaboration and updating? I attempted to create this using O365 Forms however with the standard version, there are limits for things like drop down lists and...
  8. T

    Open Excel file (stored on teams) update links and Close

    I have an excel file that I use to update daily schedules. The code is fairly simple yet has intermittent faults due to an unknown reason. The code below opens a file( on teams), updates links and then closes the file, the fault is, sometimes the file will open and close but not update the...
  9. L

    Tough Golf Tracker

    Hi guys, I could really appreciate some help tracking some golf matchplay results between me and 3 friends. Each month we play a team competition 2vs2, randomly picked teams, with the lowest score from the team being used. Whichever team has the lowest score wins the hole, if they're the same...
  10. M

    Best approach for top sales deals?

    Hi - Thank you in advance for the help. I'm working on a sales runbook that combines actual and pipeline data to get to a forecast for the quarter. The sales leaders need to be able to determine, at a specific opportunity level, if an opportunity is going to close this quarter or not. If it...
  11. C

    Teams, share point and excel

    I have a workbook that is accessed by my users in Teams, this workbook is saved on a Sharepoint drive and accessible all the time. I want to be able to pull the data from a row when user requests it and paste it into another workbook... to put in into perspective when the price request becomes...
  12. T

    Open file in MS Teams for editing ?

    Hi I want to open a sort of Back-End-file (.xlsm-file) stored in MS Teams, edit some data and close the file with av macro from a Excel “master file”. But I can’t find out how to do it. Everything I do will open the BE-file as “read only”. Please help! I think it is the same if stored in...
  13. I

    Is it possible to link Excel UserForm to OneNote?

    Hello, I've created a UserForm in excel and I'd like the userform to appear on my teams OneNote notebook. Does anyone know how to do this? Or if it's even possible? Thanks,
  14. N

    Excel worksheet in Teams

    Hi all, My workplace has recently moved across to O365 and use Teams. Within our Sharepoint file structure/Teams, we have a workbook that is manually updated each week. In the workbook, I have a sheet, called 'Dashboard'. On it there are a series of view only charts. Does anyone know how I can...
  15. B

    Practice Schedule Help

    Hello all, I need some help I have 10 teams that need to be scheduled for practices for a season. I have a spreadsheet of he time slots that are already predetermined. Is there way to distribute the teams across the time slots to reach their required practice counts? For example, tier teams...
  16. P

    Countif issues

    i have this scenario where i wanted to count the number of days an agent was present on the summary field with two criteria <tbody> Teams Emloyee 1Aug 2nd Aug A mark P A B zack P P </tbody> There are two validation field somewhere on the sheet itself with the list having the...
  17. S

    Sum non adjacent cells with criteria

    Hello I have data to analyse game result as follows. Every team has to play twice with the same opponent yielding Score1 and Score2. I have to add total score of each player on a table 2 shown below. The main problem is the number of team will be changing. If a team is added then every team...
  18. S

    Copy then paste to specific cells where criteria matches

    Hello everyone! I have an excel file where some data is provided by other teams (call this the "Source"). I need to take this information and copy it to specific columns in another excel workbook (not worksheet) (call this the Destination) where the Province matches in both worksheets. I am...
  19. M

    Allocation Tool

    Hi. I'm a an excel novice so apologies in advance. I need to create an allocation tool which distributes work evenly amongst teams. We receive a different amount of queries to get through everyday so would need to amend the daily allocation. Each of the teams have different targets which vary...
  20. J

    Data Dictionary Best Practices

    This is probably something simple but I just wanted to know all my available options. I own and maintain a data dictionary that I keep on Excel. There are around 12 columns, all with headers. The columns are meant to identify all the attributes of a particular data element. Each row is a...

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