1. F

    Contact details spreadsheet...!?!

    Hi All, I have inherited a sizeable spreadsheet from a predecessor and need to clean it up to enable me to convert it to a CSV file our our CRM system. The problem is, she has entered all of the telephone numbers into one column and i need to distinguish between landlines and mobiles. Is there...
  2. I

    Apply space between numbers

    Hi, Can you advise a basic codce please to add a space between a telephone number. I have noticed that we have many telephone numbers entered like so, 01934820955 but it shoul;d be entered as 01934 820955 Also same for mobile 07899827427 should be 07899 827427 Information you may require...
  3. A

    userform - user must enter name to begin

    Hi, how do i set up a userform to make users enter their name before they can proceed? I don't want to use an inputbox before the form is called as the form is meant to help them save time while answering telephone calls. Currently, their is just a text box for them to input their name but most...
  4. R

    Auto Populate Based on Drop Down Selection.

    How would I do this? I am not using Visual Basic. <tbody> I have form and I am trying to auto populate other fields based on the selection in a combo box. I tried VLookups but they will not recognize the data in the drop down box. I have a separate tab with all of the sales peoples...
  5. A

    FIND & REPLACE rows of text in an Excel worksheet

    Here is my problem: I’m trying to create a macro to find & replace certainrows of text in an Excel worksheet. Example: <tbody> 5710 Electric in Pasture (CLAIM 100%) 0.00 Dr </tbody> Replace with: <tbody> 5710 Electric in Pasture...
  6. B

    Workbook w/Relationships

    I would like help with creating a simple database in Excel. This is for a non-profit silent auction. I need two different tables/charts that have the following information: #1 "Items" - Item #, Item Name, Winning Bid Amount, Winning Bidder Name, Winning Bidder Telephone Number, Winning...
  7. J

    Excel telephone and email click to call/email hyperlinks

    I have a spreadsheet for contact information with hyperlinks to 'click to call' and 'click to email'. The file will be emailed to another person for use on their iphone. They do not want to add this list to their telephone contacts. The links work on my desktop windows10, excel 2013. After...
  8. P


    Hi! I'm trying to enter a formula on a master sheet that would take information from 3 workbooks and summarize the data by date, and task. Here is data for 12/1/2017, and the master sheet is below. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank ;you <tbody> West 2017: Workbook 1 Date Task Time...
  9. E

    Work out numbers between two telephone ranges to use in a dropdown list.

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone may be able to help... I have a spreadsheet which stores telephone number ranges. For example: Range Start: Range End: Quantity 0800100100 0800100199 200 I am trying to think of a way where I can automatically list all of the...
  10. D

    Ensure telephone number is entered properly

    Hi Everyone, O.k. I haven't played with excel in a while, trying to remember some things here... basically I want to create a customer file. What I want is my admin to click on a button, which I created already.. and of course have the information needed in order pop up so that she can type it...
  11. J

    Column Data to row

    Hi All I have a data set of names in column A and in Column B, C, D I have telephone numbers of the names. How can get the telephone numbers all in Column B underneath each other next to the name eg. From below A B C D Jetash, 011 25522 , 523656...
  12. C

    Formatting Custom Telephone Numbers

    I want to format a list on US telephone numbers so that a character string of 80055555552265 Would display as +1.800.555.5555 Ext 2265 This works as long as the Ext is 4 characters long +1"."###"."###"."####" ""Ext"" "#### But it does not work for an Ext number of less than (or maybe even...
  13. F

    Textbox needs to format telephone and more...

    VBA noob here! I still get stuck on the simplest of things. EXPLAIN: This is a Textbox I drew on top of 2 merged cells named Telephone. 'Telephone' is also the Named Textbox as well: I searched the forum and web but only see one answer or another. I need multiple things to happen in one...
  14. R

    Phone Number Format Changes

    I have phone numbers entered in the (222) 333-4444 format and need to change them to the 222-333-4444 format. Is there a Find/Replace or other formula that can accomplish this? If so, please provide an example. Thx!

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