1. E

    Calculating the Probability of a Type II Error

    I am having trouble calculating the probability of a Type II error using Excel. Here are the hypotheses tests I need help with: 1) z-tests (left-tailed, two-tailed, and right-tailed) 2) t-tests (left-tailed, two-tailed, and right-tailed) 3) F-tests (Equality of Variance tests and One-Way ANOVA)...
  2. E

    Shortcutting equations on larger datasets

    I am currently working through middle size data sets, around 1000 recordings, and want to be able to work through them quicker. My main problem is that if I have a column marked "test" with results from the tests in a different column marked "results" with the values, is there a shortcut to lets...
  3. Z

    Nested If....Then...Else statement

    Hi, I'm getting an error (else without an if) on the following if then else statement: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Dim Ans As Long If target.Value = "" Then If target.Offset(0, -3) = "" Then usf_Main.Show Else: Ans...
  4. N

    COUNTIFS that tests if one cell minus another cell (in a different column) is <0

    Hopefully Im explaining this clear enough, I apologize if not. Im trying to count the number of times "Patrick Corbin" appears in a column (on sheet 'Games') AND the result of cells BK minus BR are less than 0 (BK-BR<0). Heres the formula I tried but getting a value error result...
  5. N

    Appending Data in Excel

    Hey, So I am working on a project and the powers that be would like to be able to type one row of data into an excel sheet, we'll call it Main, and have any new lines appended to other sheets based on whether the field is empty, department specific. Originally I was grouping all the sheets...
  6. S

    I Didn't Do Well in Excel Interview Tests - Need Help

    In the past I've gone to financial interviews where my know-how of excel was tested. They asked about SUMIFS, IF statements, vlookup, hlookup. I know the basics behind these. I thought I knew enough of excel. But the test results differ. I'm an intermediate. I want to know how to prepare for...
  7. M

    VBA - Autofill table based on multiple cell entries

    I hope that someone can assist me with some VBA code to cover a little problem I am having? I work for a company that engineers visiting sites on a daily basis to conduct air tests, sound tests, vent tests etc. and we are looking to map their jobs cumulatively month by month. Importing the...
  8. Z

    Statistical Tests

    Hello. Do you guys have an idea how to do the following tests in MS Excel? 1. Pearson Correlation 2. t-test 3. F-test Thank you in advance.
  9. D

    Reverse Index Match to find row?

    Hi all, I have a grid with grades as the row headers and a series of different tests as the column headers, with the data in the grid as the % boundaries for the tests. I would like to have a lookup for the grade achieved based on the test name and % scored. I've had a look at a few different...
  10. D

    Summarise table based on value

    Hi, I have a table, names of people in column (A) and names of tests in columns B to Y. Each person can only do specific tests which is marked by the name of the test under the heading. If the person cannot do the test this cell is left blank. Is there a way I can select a specific person's name...
  11. I

    Help -- Countifs?

    Hello, I have a large file looking to tell the user how many tests there are, how many tests were executed, how many passed and failed. I am stuck on the second part because it needs multiple arguments to look for. For example below: <tbody> Test Category Test Name Date Tested Pass/Fail Test...
  12. R

    Multiple column/row data lookup-countif

    Hello everyone, My target is to generate the data filled in yellow. Basically: there are certain tests to be performed at certain dates (Table 2), and there are features that will take the results of the tests only at specified dates (Table 3), and a table saying which test is relevant to what...
  13. T

    Automating Printing Process

    I have taken over a position for a colleague who used to do the following: One sheet has a list of examinations a student is signed up to take. Student A might have three rows for three different tests, Student B might have two rows for two different tests, Student C might have six rows for...
  14. S

    Count Unique for children who have not taken a test

    Good morning, I have some data that has a number of tests on it that kids are allowed to take. The first problem is that kids can take any number of tests. The second problem is that the for each test that the kid is enrolled in, it will show a 1 for test taken and a 0 for test not taken. As...
  15. skinnea

    Summarize on a single sheet details from all other sheets including the sheet names

    Hoping someone can help - I'm sure this is simple and I'm just dim! I have a spreadsheet that records candidates (one per sheet) and the scores they achieve on 3 tests, each test consisting of multiple elements. Each sheet will sum that candidates scores across the elements and give a total...
  16. D

    Data On Multiple Sheets Presented In Table

    I have no idea if I am dreaming with this but I have a series of spreadsheets (30) that output data that looks like the attached at the bottom of each sheet (one for each player). https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiBk9WsyEESSgpVxt_0_XjHt6lYRbA Now if I had to I could manually paste all these into one...
  17. E

    Fill Template with student Grades

    Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to fill a template that I have with individual student grades. I have the template that gets hand written but is it possible to enter a students last name and the grades auto fill into the template one at a time for review? also is it possible to input...
  18. X

    dates formula

    Hello I have a spreadsheet showing many dates approx 20,000 that show number of tests taken. I would like to find out the number of tests taken in column A (dates) match that of all the dates in column B (dates) or were held 1 day later. Example Below dates would show as 2 dates matching, is...
  19. M

    Formula to get totals from pivot table

    Hi All I have a table that is set up like this etc 2017 2018 Jan Feb Mar Jan Feb Mar Test1 5 Test2 10 Test3 20 This table has data stored every month with the amount of tests done I have a pivot table that just filters to give me which months...
  20. O

    Use Excel as a database: how to display query results

    Hi Everyone! I am building an Excel file for a friend who is conducting a clinical study, to store and analyze the data. To simplify, let's say I have two tabs. On the first tab there is a table "Patient" with characteristics of each patient (Unique ID, age, gender etc) On the second tab I have...

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