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    Objects Disappear and Reappear

    Windows 10, Excel 2016 We have some workbooks with command buttons and text boxes on the opening worksheet. When the workbook is opened, sometimes the buttons and/or text box fail to appear. If you were to tab to another worksheet and then back again, they appear. This is not a critical...
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    dynamic selection value in textbox!!!

    i have a userform.. when a form loads i want to select the range from active sheet and after i select a range i want to display the selected cell address in textbox.. i want to do this automatically without using inputbox or clicking any button... i want to select the range and its address...
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    I need help writing code for a search and replace text box.

    I would like someone to help with writing a code to be able to enter a number in one text box and have the program use that number to search find it in column A and then display the correlating column B data in another text box. If this is not possible please let me know. Ian
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    Creating an array from userform textboxes and applying to cell range

    I am working on code to take inputted data from a userform and then paste it on a worksheet. I have a loop created to populate fields into the text boxes based on data existing in the sheet. I want to allow the user to update or add data to the text boxes and then fill back into the sheet. I...
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    Excel VBA - IE Automation Form Trouble

    I'm using Excel VBA to control IE - more specifically a javascript multi-page form with several text boxes and other elements such as drop down boxes. The drop-down boxes and multi-select boxes have an "onchange" event that I am successfully firing. And I am able to fill the text boxes out...
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    VBA Code to create a 'missing parts' list

    Good day to all, I am in need of a VBA code that can identify the missing part numbers from a list (via vlookup function I guess) and list all those part numbers in a textbox so the user can choose to upload the parts in the database or ignore Thank you in advance for your help!
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    UserForm to Add Text Box on Sheet

    Hello and thank you in advance if anyone can help me. I am trying to create a Button Click to open up a Text Box that can be Edited. And then I would like that Text Box to be placed on the active sheet. Nothing fancy. The goal is to have a place where employees that are viewing the page can see...
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    How to Apply a Value to a Text Box (ActiveX Control)

    Hello, I have several Text Boxes (ActiveX Control) on my worksheet. On a separate worksheet (same workbook) I have a single column of cells that have number values that change. I don't think it's relevant to explain how or why they change, but it's because of a VBA macro where a user selects...
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    How to display the values in listbox (input by textbox)

    Hi, I have form which will ask the product ID's. Whatever the user entering via text box should get displayed in list box. Example: Form with label "Enter the Product ID" and followed by a text box to get the input and three buttons "Add to the List" and "Delete from the List" and "Close". I...
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    Map of USA text box font color - Andy Pope script amend

    Team, Andy Pope created a fantastic USA Interactive Map application (AJP Excel Information) which will allow users to color the states (each state resembled with an object) according to a data value in the range 0 to 9. Based on Andy's map, I am building a dashboard to show revenues by state...
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    Textbox Input Validation

    Hi, I have a text box which will get the product code of each product. All the product will have 10 digit and first 3 digit will be letters. I want to know how to validate the input entered in the text box is matching the above parameter. For Example, the product code will be ABC1234567. If i...
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    Is there a limit to the amount of text boxes on a form

    with help I have created a form that updates adds scrolls through data on a spread sheet there are more than 40 textboxes and a couple of combo boxes only 11 of the text boxes show information and the first one updates to the date (todays) every time I update the information (the first text box...
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    Userform Textbox to Search and open worksheet in excel

    All, I have a workbook with an absurd number of worksheets... Is there any way I can use a text box in a userform to search and open a worksheet?? I already have a userform with a textbox and command button... I'd like it so that after you enter text into the box and click the button, one of...
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    change a form from input new data to edit existing data

    can any body help to change this form which works perfectly for inputting new data into a spread sheet to being able to edit the existing data in the spread sheet,scroll through the spread sheet to check existing data and still be able to add new data. Many thanks in advance. Private Sub...
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    Linking Cell value to the value in a text Box

    Hi, does anyone know how to link a cell value to what is typed in to a text box? what I need is to be able to type into a text box, and then have the cell value update automatically. thanks
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    VBA to save most recent users name

    Hi all, I am looking for a VBA that, when the excel doc is opened, will ask the user to input their name into a textbox before they are allowed access to the spreadsheet. When the spreadsheet is then saved it will save that users name and the time the saved it in a cell. Doesn't matter which...
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    ActiveX TextBox input for VBA search/filter

    I'm looking to create a VBA to filter the entries in a column (either strings or numbers) based on the input in a text box. Currently I was looking at using the ActiveX TextBox to hold the input. Ideally the function would search for partial matches as well as exact. An example would be that...
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    Help with text box background colour

    Firstly I'm new to VBA, but trying to learn to make Excel more useful in work. My company is using Excel 2003(!) and I'm trying to create custom buttons which add text boxes to selected cells - I want to create a series of buttons to create different coloured text boxes. Through lots of...
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    Conditional formatting of a group of text boxes.

    Hi, I am using around 200 individual text boxes in a single worksheet that each contain a formula pointing to the value of a unique cell in another worksheet in the same workbook. Each cell being referenced contains a numeric value. I wish to apply conditional formatting to the value in the...
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    Macro copying from cells in Excel to text field in IE

    I am trying to form a macro that copies a range of cells from an excel worksheet to a text field in internet explorer. I am able to get the macro to navigate to the text field that I want my cells to be copied to and I am even able to get something to copy to the text field. However, the result...

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