text box

  1. brendalpzm

    Filter a list based on a text box value

    I created a list box with the following code: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim arrdata() As Variant Dim lngIndex As Long Dim lngRow As Long arrdata = Worksheets("Current").Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Value With Me.lstHeaders .ColumnCount = 7 .ColumnWidths =...
  2. brendalpzm

    Calculate Age with vlookup to fill a text box

    I have these activeX controls fields: EmpNoBox = Employee Number (TextBox) AgeBox = Final result with age (TextBox) **These 2 are located in the "Registro" worksheet In a different worksheet called "Base_Externos" I have a data base with the employees information, employee number is located in...
  3. G

    Place the mouse cursor in a text box

    Hi I am wanting to place the mouse cursor in a text box when a particular macro is run, is this possible? It is a standard text box placed on an Excel sheet from the Developer Tab in Excel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. M

    Making cells have the same behaviour as control textbox based on dropdown list

    Hello Masters, I hope you can help me with this one. Im updating an old Excel sheet with some macros (.xls) to a newer format (.xlsm). I have very little experience with Visual Basic and Macros. The problem is that i want to create an updated sheet that works both in Mac OS and Windows , but...
  5. Z

    Change font color in a text box based on a condition

    Hi, I started recently to learn VBA and I need some help with changing the font color of a value inside a text box based on condition. I tried below macro but it changed the text box color instead of the font. Can anyone help? Sub Set_Color_TextBox()...
  6. M

    Dynamic Print Range (+ Inserting a text box)

    I'm trying to create a dynamic print range from A2, to F2, and extending to the last line with text. I've tried this code, and just can't seem to get it. Sub printFigure2() Dim ws2 As Worksheet Set ws2 = Worksheets("Figure 2-2") With ws2 .ResetAllPageBreaks With .PageSetup .PrintArea =...
  7. E

    Is it possible to prevent a text box from automatically stretching?

    Here's my situation. I have a text box in column A. In the columns to right is where my data is entered. Sometimes the data in those cells are wrapped into multiple lines, which automatically increases the row height of those cells. I have no problem with those cells adjusting their row height...
  8. J

    Internet automation 'P' Tag text field

    Hi, I'm trying to populate a text field on a webpage; it looks like this: Using Chrome's element inspector I've determined the associated code to be: <code style="font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight: inherit; white-space: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px...
  9. G

    Pop-up message if specific cells contain value

    Hi there I would like to generate a pop-up message "Warning! Please check value!" if any of the following cells A4, D5, G7 contain any character. Thank you in advance!
  10. V

    VBA insert cell value to named text box and save

    Hi, I am having a bit of trouble getting this code to work. I have broken it down simply to have a single text box in the word document 'Word.docx' and have named it "Test" using the 'plain text content control' I have clicked the design mode all on the developer tab in word and then changed...
  11. D

    List box selection to a number of tboxes

    Hello all,, please forgive me I posted a similar question a couple of days ago but did not explain very well Im trying for our local charity to write a medic logging VBA Excel,, one of the user forms is to log up eight drugs (ufmedication) the form consists of a listbox (lbdrugs) sourced from a...
  12. A

    Linking Cell value to text box per row dynamically

    Hi I have a problem I'm trying to solve for quite some time. solving it will help me a lot, saving much time. I'll try to describe it to a simple use case and if there a solution is found i'll be able to use the principle for the more complex need. Here it goes, I have a table with two...
  13. P

    VBA to copy Excel data range and paste in PowerPoint text boxes

    Hello, I do not have much knowledge in VBA programming but would like to automate a repetitive task that I am doing every week. I need to copy a range of cells (horizontal/vertical range) with its font color from Excel and then paste them into PowerPoint Text boxes. I am currently manually...
  14. A

    Form Control is Not updating range

    I have a user form that accepts user input and is supposed to put it on a worksheet. The form control has 2 textboxes, and IngredientName and Percentage. The user enters info into these boxes and clicks "Add Ingredient". This is supposed to place IngredientName in Cell G10, and Percentage in...
  15. D

    Autofill or auto suggest in textbox

    Hello everyone i have created a userform AND now the issue is i need a code TO autofill or autosuggest text in the textbox, for example if i have already entered text 'JOHN' and next time if i type J it should suggest me JOHN. is there any vba code for that pls help me as i need to submit my...
  16. A

    How to extract multiple textbox values in userform to excel sheet through VBA using a for loop

    Dear all, How I can extract multiple text box values in a userform to an excel sheet through a VBA for loop. VBA script is written below. ("tb_Model" & i portion is having error) 1. Tbl_Orders is an excel table 2. tb_Model1, tb_Model2, tb_Model3, tb_Model4 and tb_Model5 are text boxes in...
  17. N

    Overcome / exceed / overtake maximum limit of textbox in userform

    I'm using Excel as a primitive but very practical offline grid database. When needed, the Excel file is then uploaded and it populates a mySQL db. Now I added the support to images by encoding them base64 and save the string into a cell (mySQL will use the content of the cell to fill a BLOB...
  18. C

    Get text from PDF using Excel VBA

    I have a PDF file with various fields in the document. Addresses, cofirmation numbers, amounts..etc. I'm trying to open a PDF, grab this text (which changes) and put the information into excel. I'm able to open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and edit the text and images. When going into Edit...
  19. C

    Copying one Cell of text in excel and pasting it into PPT as a textbox

    I have written a code that enters information into one cell, populates an excel template I've made, then creates a PPT file and slide, pastes the template in, creates a new slide and goes onto the next data point in excel to populate the template with the new information. It is doing all of...
  20. P

    Text box information in Chart disappears when published to SharePoint

    I'm using a text box with a formula in my chart to show the current high value on the entire chart. It works fine in Excel (2013) but when I publish to SharePoint (2013) the data disappears. A text box with static data shows fine in SharePoint. My formula is a simple cell reference (='Table...

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