time sheet

  1. J

    Creating a time card with overtime and double time please help me i need to finish this

    Hello friends Thank you very much in advance to anyone who helps me on getting this time card ready, ive been trying and trying different methods and i just cant figure it out.. I am creating a time card for my work as i cant punch in or out in office, i have to do it at home and then email it...
  2. A

    Monthly Timesheet Tracking With Multiple Jobs a Day - Dropdown Question

    Hi Everybody! I'm trying to create a spreadsheet for tracking time information. I've gotten what I think is a good start by using this template ( https://trumpexcel.com/excel-timesheet-calculator-template/) and flowing the information to a pivot table. Right now my entry areas hold a month's...
  3. P

    Time Sheet Query

    Hi there everyone, I need some help please with this little project i decided to put together. Essentially, the idea is an excel sheet with everyday of the week represented by a tab each. I use a barcode scanner gun to scan employee names into the sheet. The sheet automatically writes a time...
  4. J

    Time In/Time Out/Time In/Time Out calculations

    I am trying to set up a spreadsheet to track daycare hours per day. The issue is that I can have up to 3 Time In/Time Out per day. <tbody> </tbody><colgroup><col span="4"><col><col></colgroup> Time In Time Out Time In Time Out Time In Time Out Total Hours 8:00am 10:00am...
  5. C

    Issues with IF function relating to time sheet/OT (XL13)

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L16ntEDMBukQT-NGXVpdwFhni4Eu4r54uEFMYgcTnuM/edit?usp=sharing Hopefully my link worked - This is a time sheet I'm creating for work that tracks daily hours on a job. Overtime is any time before 7:00am or after 3:30pm Monday-Friday and all day Saturday...
  6. R

    Problem With Excel Time Sheet Formula

    I have searched High & Low for this answer and am getting nowhere! Does anyone know the formulas for the following: in cell E4 I have 29:36 Mins (Standard Working Week Hrs) Below I have the following Formulas for automatically working out Flexi Up or Down (This is not the problem) In cell...
  7. S

    Time Sheet total hours worked per day and overall week

    Hello, I am having difficulty with sorting out a time sheet. We have 8 tabs Tab 1 - Hours Tab 2 - Sunday Tab 3 - Monday Tab 4 - Tuesday Tab 5 - Wednesday Tab 6 - Thursday Tab 7 - Friday Tab 8 - Saturday The hours tab is split down for each day and will look up all the names for each day...
  8. C

    Writing formulas for time sheets

    I am currently trying to adjust a formula for our time sheets. The current formula takes into account when a person works over 8 hours to consider that "banked" time (comp time). I now have an employee that will be working 8 hours one day a week and 6 hours the other 4 days. The current formula...
  9. G

    Merge excel sheets and Calculating total hour based on Time

    Dear Experts, Thanks for giving your valuable time. The problem is that i have to prepare a summary of time-sheet based on the working hours (hours worked is based on time i.e. 04:00 - 08:00 & 13:00 - 17:00 etc.). It is really difficult for me to explain in here without attaching the file...
  10. S

    Time sheet + wages calculation

    Hello, I have a question on how to further formulate wages calculation. I made a time sheet which calculates number of hours worked and so on. Now I would like it to calculate the wages as well. The problem is that there is a higher payment for nights. - $16 per hour on regular hours - $24 per...
  11. D

    Timesheet - Start Time add 8.5hrs

    Hi all. long time reader first time poster. I am trying to automate the calculation of my time sheet using Excel. We currently use excel and it is very labour intensive, inserting all cell data (dates, times, etc) manually. My design details are: Start time varies from day to day Time is...
  12. T


    Hi We have to start time registering for our office time (2 persons), we are a building company. I can make a time sheet my self, but this must have been sone a 1000 times before... I wonder if there is a time sheet out there where i can register pr month (or year) What we register i...
  13. T

    Semi-monthly Timesheet with OT calculating based on daily and weekly limits

    I have created a timesheet that shows overtime options. I will try to make a copy (can we upload a copy of our file?) I have created checkbox for daily and weekly overtime options. If Daily (True), OT is calculated over 12 hours, if Weekly (True, OT is also calculated over 48 hours per week)...
  14. S

    Time sheet

    Hi All, I have need to create a time sheet on excel but I'm experiencing some problems. What i need the sheet to do is below:- 1. Have start time / finish time x 2 for each day. 2. Automatically work out hours worked. 3. Should there be less than a 6 hour break between finish time and start...
  15. H

    Help with Time Statement

    Hello I'm working on creating a time stamp for work. Currently we are using a paper time sheet and I believe it would be simpler if we used excel. Below is a statement that works for the date S T A R T C O D E Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 'adds date automatically Me.txtDate.Value...
  16. M

    Shift time in 100 minutes (calculate)

    Need to calculate the time worked sometimes between 2 days, and it is military time in 100 minutes. Examples: In 5/19/09 06:00 (which is 6:00 am) Out 5/19/09 16:50 (which is 4:30 pm) In 5/19/09 18:10 (which is 6:07 pm) Out 5/20/09 06:25 (which is 6:15 am) Then I want to take out .50 (or...
  17. M

    Another Time Sheet Puzzle

    Greetings, I'm developing a work schedule and would like to use military time. My first task is to input the "in" and "out" times in military time, noting I will need to use these numbers for calculations. I am trying to avoid using the colon as the extra keystrokes, times 50+ employees...

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