1. C

    Concatenate Date and Time Fields

    I have date and time columns (start date/start time and end date/end time) that I am manually concatenating (typing) so that I can calculate a duration. I would like to be able to have a formula do this for me, but a standard concatenate doesn't work. How can I achieve this? START DATE START...
  2. J

    Finding instances between time ranges that cross midnight

    Hello all, I feel like the answer lies here somewhere, but I'm having difficulty combining the possible answers into one, elegant solution. I'm trying to find the number of instances that a customer comes in to when they leave. I am trying to find out how many customers are present during...
  3. M

    Finding Time overlaps with Multiple Criteria

    I complete a daily and weekly time sheets for each of my 30 employees. the time is uploaded systemically through our ticketing software by each employee throughout their day. I run the report daily and the time is then sorted by Start Time - smallest to largest, Date - Oldest to Newest and...
  4. A

    Working out Time difference

    I have the below that I am trying to work out. People have 15:00 minute breaks at present. I have data of how long people have taken. So want to know the difference in time against 15 minutes. Person 1 - 9:53 Person 2 - 20:24 Person 3 - 15:00 Person 4 - 12:30 And so on. At present I get...
  5. U

    Counting time from 2 cells if it is between a range

    Hi, i'm a newbie in need of urgent help. I have a data set that records meeting occurrences. The start time and end time of the meeting are in a cell each (Rows I and J in the attached image). I am trying to count meeting occurrences looking at half hour intervals. For example if a meeting...
  6. TAPS_MikeDion

    Google Sheets (Excel) - Always highlighted sheet?

    Would anyone happen to know why every time I go to one specific sheet in the Google Sheets/Excel workbook I'm working on, that particular sheet has all of its cells highlighted? I'm guessing it's something simple I'm missing. Every time I go to that one sheet, even if I click a cell to remove...
  7. B

    How to convert Now() to Eastern Standard Time

    Hi, I have multiple users across the US using my application and I utilized the now() function. So is there way to convert all of these now() to eastern standard time because these time stamps are saved in my access database. Thanks
  8. E

    VBA Target.Address for multiple cells

    Hello, I have the below code that works perfectly if you enter/copy data one cell at a time. But I copy/paste multiple cells all the time, at which point the code below gives me an error. Is there a way to adapt the below code to work with multiple cells changing at the same time? Private Sub...
  9. D

    Subtracting times, negative result

    Hi, I'm sure this is quite simple but I'm not getting it. I want to subtract to time values where the result (in this case) will be negative: Time A is entered manually as e.g. 13:30 Time B is a result of a calculation and shows as 16:00 The result should be -2:30?? I've tried different ways but...
  10. S

    Networkdays with start and end times on different days due to multi country shifts

    Hi, I am faced with this scenario where I need to calculate the number of minutes between two date & time stamps with the Start and End time in different hours . My scenario is as below Excluding Hours between 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST all other time, excluding Saturday and Sunday and...
  11. W

    Calculating time differences

    I have a Start Time and Stop Time column in my Excel spreadsheet that is feeding the Power BI reports. Time is entered in military time, however I cannot make Power BI Calculate the difference properly when the Start Time is one evening and the Stop Time is the following days morning (i.e...
  12. B

    Transfer Data from 1 sheet to another given conditions.

    Sheet 1 and 2 are a Timesheet setup in a table. Table1 Sheet1 and Table2 Sheet2. Sheet 1 is the 1st 2 weeks of the pay period, Sheet 2 is the second 2 weeks. Formulas in the Table autofill in case a new row needs to be added based on spit days. What I need to do is copy data from 1 of...
  13. P

    Time calculation run hours per day

    I need help to get a calculation of run hours per day for 3 units, based on generator breaker shut/open times. We currently use an integration over time to count the time for the breakers closed, but this gets messed up when the computer is rebooted or updated. I need to calculate the decimal...
  14. R

    Using the rank function PLEASE HELP!

    Hello All, I have multiple vehicles at work and we make multiple drops during a day. I am currently downloading a days’ worth of information for the entire fleet and would like to rank the individual vehicles by the first job completed and then ascending all by the time it was completed (I...
  15. T

    Maybe a loop?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there was a way that i would be able to add up some numbers based on whether or not there was a letter in the cell below the cell i want to include. Currently i have a range of numbers but i need to be able to mark them in some way if they are above or below the...
  16. H

    Time used in-cell bar - today's date compared to due date

    Hi. I have a spreadsheet with the following layout: <tbody> H I J Due date Today 5 15/11/2019 =TODAY()<strike></strike> Progress bar needed 6 24/12/2019 =TODAY()<strike></strike> Progress bar needed <strike></strike> </tbody> <strike></strike> 1. What formula do I need in J5...
  17. C

    VBA - Prioritize, Generate and Fill Numbers with multiple criterias

    This is my first post and was hoping someone could help with my dilemma. I stumbled upon the Solver function in my search but I am not familiar with it and have no idea how to implement it. I will try to be as clear as possible. My client wants my company to use a particular time sheet. I...
  18. C

    Using more than one formula in a cell

    I have the following in which i want to populate a notice using more than one formula, sorry my knowledge does not stretch to more than one formula :( I hope I have explained easy enough as below Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O Date...
  19. leopardhawk

    Get External Data (long shot question!)

    This is likely a long shot but I am wondering if it is at all possible for Excel to somehow 'change' the contents of a URL that is being linked to by 'Get External Data' every year on January 1 at 00:01 local time? The following URL is currently in use on a worksheet within my workbook...
  20. D

    Min and Max in sequence

    Good day, I have two columns of data, 1st is time and the second are values, The time column is from 4.00am to 4.00am the next day increasing by 1hour intervals, the values increase to a max and then decline in a series of highs and lows. I want to calculate the change in value meaning the...

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