1. R

    Calculating time

    Hello, I have been racking my head on how to solve my time issue on my train sheet. I have a train time sheet to show if a train is on time or late Ex; if a train is set and ready to go at 01:30 and the crew is ordered at 03:30 i can show it to say 2:00 on time between these two times. but...
  2. L

    Resetting table based on day

    First off, I'm really not experienced at all, just downloaded a free template from a website and just edited it and added a few simple formulas to suit my needs. So, I've got a timesheet that supposedly tracks the start time, end time, project name and all those things, mind you, not a weekly...
  3. A

    Macro for identifying distinct days from time stamp doesn't work

    Hello, I run a seat time report for 30 teachers which measures the time they spent online (distinct days). <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Teacher Course Date Time (hh:mm) IP Address Allison, Robert *Home Page/eMail/Forum 10/1/2019 5:39 AM 0:00
  4. reneev

    Pivot Table vs. CountIF

    I have a rather large HR survey that I have to do quarterly which counts certain positions by Full Time/Part Time/Per Diem status. This survey counts these by: headcount, new hires, voluntary/involuntary terminations. Before I came along, it was all done manually. I eventually turned it into...
  5. H

    Countif with Criteria only visible cells

    Hello Friends, I am using this formula to count cells if they contain the word DELAY in Cell A1 =COUNTIF(A2:A10,"*"&"Delay"&"*") Here is a sample list From A2 to A10 Delay 25 Days On Time Delay 52 Days Early 12 Days On Time Delay 52 Days Early 12 Days On Time Delay 52 Days I want the...
  6. C

    Comment or Note: Auto Fill with date & time

    WITHOUT doing a VBA is there a way that a note/comment can auto fill the date and time as well as the person's name? Thank you :)
  7. M

    Chart Help

    Hello, I'm using excel 2016. Every time I try to do a bar chart, it comes up as thin lines going up and down. Modifying doesn't seem to help. Where are the bars? How can I get the lines to go away and show me the thick bars that I want? Thanks in advance.
  8. Z

    Date and Time code

    i'm looking for a vba code where i can click the command button to add the exact date and time Now() smthn like this ? any idea ?
  9. L

    time saved as text

    Hi I am reading some articles and they say importing data from database/.csv files to excel the time usually converted to text and therefore I need to use timevalue() and other functions or formula to convert the time to a value. I tried to google to find such files/examples but could not find...
  10. S

    Format and convert hours to Minutes

    Hello I have a column A1 (Time) which has the following data and since it does not have similar formatting I am finding it difficult to convert it into minutes. Any help would be appreciated. <tbody> Time Minutes 1d 3h 42m 1662 18h 38m 1118 34m 34 7h 5m 425 </tbody> Regards...
  11. R

    Array compare?

    I have a project (proprietary, can't go into details, sorry) where I read in data from a server and convert it to a user friendly graphical form. It get's repeated over time and sometimes the source data will slightly change from what was previoulsy imported. My users have asked for me to do a...
  12. L

    Assistance with a routine to be triggered based on specific days and time of the week

    Guys I developed a spreadsheet that when the file is opened it sends an e-mail after 1 minute and then it auto close the workbook. Application.OnTime Now + TimeValue("00:01:00"), "SendReport" There are certain days that I need to send the report. So I created a task scheduled on Windows to send...
  13. M

    Round up time by quarter of the hour in VBA

    Hello The macro below works well for converting military time to regular time and adjusts the one difference in timezone. I would like to round up the outputted time by quarter of the hour as I am currently doing it manually after running the macro using the MROUND function. Ex 05:20=05:30 &...
  14. K

    Over 40 hrs

    So I am doing a work sheet that will calculate pay for employees. The employees are paid from 8 to 5 during the week, and are on call for a large part of their pay period. When they are activated, their pay starts and has to be calculated until the job is complete. My problem is their pay will...
  15. L

    calculating progress of Time or Date

    Hi I want to calculate the progress. I have Start and End date and also Start and End time. I want to find the progress as of today and time now. So I used conditional formatting --> new --> based on cell value -->bar (please see attached excel file). for date A2= Start date: 1/1/2019 C2= End...
  16. D

    Let's have the ability to unhide multiple worksheets

    Microsoft is steadily improving Office 365, but a thorn in our collective side for decades has been the constraint that we can only unhide one worksheet at a time from within the Excel interface. Yes, we can use VBA to loop through and unhide all sheets, but this is a basic usability feature...
  17. W

    time calculation first time last time

    I have a spreadsheet where the columns are (A)operator (B) time of transaction (C) transaction type. The same operator can be listed up to 200 times in the spreadsheet. I need a way to calculate the operators total time (Last transaction minus first transaction). I have 50 operators within the...
  18. H

    Calculating 15 minute high and low value for stock trading

    Hello people, i'm a newbie stock market trader and i trying my hand on algo trading for a while and i thought of doing all the calculation on my excel sheets. now i'm stuck with a problem for past few days and i'm not able to solve it, so i'm need of a help from fellow members of this forum to...
  19. Y

    Find and replce takes 5-6 hours

    Like any software developer, when I make significant changes to my spreadsheet I increment the version (So Ref Stats V7 becomes Ref Stats V8. I then have to change the references in one sheet for a couple of different files. Each file takes up to 6 hours to replace the references. (There's about...
  20. M

    Pivot Table Time Values Display As 00:00:00

    I'm working on a Frequency Distribution for time values. I have separate incidents with a start date and resolved date. I used an excel formula to retrieve the time difference between the two. I'm trying to make a pivot table with Time Elapsed but it shows up as 00:00:00. Any ideas of what's...

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