1. E

    Conditional Formatting, Dates and Times

    Hey guys, ** Context ** I work in television advertising, where we have to make sure that none of our spots (ie. the times when our ads are showing) are playing on the same station (channel) within a 16 minute interval. Each week, we copy all of the spots (often tens of thousands) that we have...
  2. J

    Display start time and end time overlapping

    Hi Everybody, I'm new on the board. I have a problem with ovelapping time and impossible to find a good solution. I need to display the start hour and end hour of overlapping. Bellow a sample: The "What I need" column, is what I need ;) The row 2 is the reference time for overlapping. The...
  3. D

    Coloring of different shapes based on time

    Hi There, I am trying to solve the problem with coloring the shapes based on time and I am struggling with it for some time so hope someone can help me with this. I have 19 shapes on excel sheet and each is having the name Bankomat_ and then number from 1 to 19. The output should be that...
  4. M

    Excel sees my AM/PM times as text

    I've formatted my cells as time. When I enter 3:15 Excel converts it to 3:15 AM. That's ok. But if I input 3:15 PM Excel accepts it as text. If I type 15:15 Excel properly converts is to 3:15 PM. I have no idea why I can't type the AM or PM and have Excel accept the value as a time.
  5. A

    Two identical columns in pivot with different data

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have on my issue here: I have column ("times,") formatted as time (XX:XX:XX AM/PM) that has times in it. I have a second column ("times round,") that is referring to the first one and is ROUNDING (down) those times to 30 minutes (and formatted the same)...
  6. A

    "1/1/00," shows in list of Times in Pivot Table, but not in the original referenced column.

    Greetings All - Thank you for giving my problem a look: I have column ("times,") formatted as time (XX:XX:XX AM/PM) that has times in it. I have a second column ("times round,") that is referring to the first one and is ROUNDING (down) those times to 30 minutes (and formatted the same). I have...
  7. T

    Incrementing cell value in time format

    Hi Floks, I am writing code for the incrementing the A1 cell value till the cell A2 and display it in A3(time format). EX: I have a value of in cell A1= 2020.01 and in cell A2= 5 YEARS. A3 cell should display like. 2021.01,2022.01,2023.01,2024.01,2025.01
  8. K

    Timestamp (VBA) when a cell containing a formula changes - Error

    Hello! I have an excel file containing a collection of costs and what I would like to do is to have a timestamp updated in cell B2, whenever the total sum of cost is updated in B4. B4 contains a SUMIFS formula to add all the information entered in that sheet. Now I searched highs and lows for a...
  9. apgmin

    time calculation results with multiple if

    In cell A1 I insert the date In cell A2 I have the command =CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(A1),"SUN","MON","TUE","WED","THU","FRI","SAT") In cell A3 I insert the worker IN time and in cell A2 the out time ( in mm:ss AM/PM format ) In Cell A4 I need the following results, can anyone please help me with the...
  10. D

    Conditional formatting based on time

    I'm trying to conditionally format a row based on if the time in column R exceeds an hour. I calculated column R with formula M2-P2 but M and P are two columns with time in different formats. The calculated times in column R appear correct but aren't formatting correctly based on my conditional...
  11. A

    Calculating Time

    Hi All, can you please help me with the following question: I can’t figure out how to calculate the time in Column A to get 8hrs in Column B. Is there a formula I can use in Column B that will give me 8hrs? Thanks! Column A Column B 7am - 3pm ??
  12. ibmy

    Macro of SUMIFS Date & Time cell reference for large data

    Hi, I have a large data ranging between 200k-400k row every weekday to analyze. I need to get result for Column P, Q, R, S, T, U , V, W, X, Y from Row 2 to Row 7201 (sometimes until Row 1441 , 481 ,241 ,121 depend on what kind of analyze is). Current formula I use is "...
  13. P

    Combine subs in Excel VBA

    Good Afternoon, I want to create an Excel Spreadsheet which automatically closes after a certain time of being idle as multiple users need access to it. I have found coding for that but unfortunately for it to work Macros need to be enabled. I have found what I need which works separately but...
  14. P

    Calculate error times based on recurring text string

    Hi all, I am looking for an efficient way to calculate the error time from a sheet of data based on the name column (B). When the value of a certain error is 1, the error is started and when the value is 0, the error is solved (column C). There are a lot of different errors, which sometimes...
  15. C

    If statement to give a 'yes' or 'no' if a time fall between a range

    Hi all, I am trying to get a yes/no answer if a cell is between a time range. It is set up as a table on Office 365. I have tried IF and IFS statements with both AND and TIMEVALUE in it. I have attached a screen grab of what i'm working with at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated. Chris
  16. L

    Rounding time up to the nearest quarter hour

    I am tracking time for short projects and having trouble with rounding to the nearest quarter hour. I am not sure why, but sometimes projects that are exactly 15 minutes round up to the next quarter hour and sometimes it remains at 15. I would like projects of 15 minutes or less to bill at 15...
  17. AWM21

    Sum up active times for duplicate user entries. Isolate array and process times.

    Hello, I have a sheet of data in excel and I need to get the total minutes engaged per user. Most the users have a single row hosting their start and stop times. (Cell B1=UserName; B2=StartDateTime; B3=StopDateTime). I can get total number of minutes pretty easy from that, so no issue...
  18. K

    Splitting activity duration by hour intervals

    Hi, i hope someone can help me. I try something similar as already described here: Splitting activity duration by half an hour intervals I too have a long list of activities and their start and end times. What I need is to split the duration of each activity into hourly intervals. At "Normal"...
  19. ibmy

    Unique Value In Range Of Time

    Hi, Example of my 200k row data: ABCDE1TimeA21:00:00.0001.52:00531:30:00.0001.542:00:00.0001.252:01:00.0001.262:45:00.0001.372:50:00.0001.382:55:00.0001.592:59:00.0001.5102:59:08.0001.9112:59:59.0001.9122:59:59.0201.4133:00:00.0001.11422:00:00.0001.4A Column : Time B Column : Value D Column ...
  20. A

    VBA code takes long to excute

    Hi all, I am very new to VBA. I would like my code add a comment box to the active cell based on the text in the active cell. As the user inputs code it should add a comment. However when users move down the sheet and populate the rows it seems that the code takes longer to execute. Any help...
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