1. C

    Hide Excel Toolbars, Ribbon, etc. in a file i'm opening without messing up any other open Workbooks

    Hi guys, I'm using the following code to hide all bars and open a workbook to give an app feeling look. I'll call it my EXCEL APP STYLE FILE from now on. Code i'm using to hide all the stuff and define the width and height is the following: Sub UIHide() With Application...
  2. R

    VBE toolbars absent

    I have no toolbars in my VBE screen. So I can't right click on them. I have tried everything I can think of, including a complete reinstall. After the reinstall the exact same problem was there - so it must have picked up some settings. Please can anyone help, either with suggestions on how to...
  3. S

    Office 365 - Excel Macro - Toolbars Blink

    Hello everyone, Just updated to Office 365 from Excel 2010. Actually have both versions on my computer which is a Dell Inspiron 530 purchased back in 2009 32 bit. OK, here is my question. I opened an old Excel 2010 file .xlsm with macros enabled using Excel Office 365. So far so good. I...
  4. K

    Macros button assignments not working?

    Yesterday I changed my OS from Win7 to Win10, although not sure if that has anything to do with this issue in Excel... I have a series of macros which reside in my personal.xlsb file, that I have keys assigned to in my toolbars, that no longer work. If i hit these buttons I get the following...
  5. B

    Macros and toolbars retained with version upgrade

    When my company upgrades MS Office, I lose all my macros and QA toolbar icons in Excel. Is there a way to preserve them before an upgrade? Example, when we went from 2007 to 2010, my macros and QA toolbars reverted to default. Same thing when we went from 2010 to 2013
  6. A

    Can I recreate Excel 2003 type toolbar and menus in Excel 2016?

    Hi all, I registered just to ask this question. I considering upgrade to Excel 2016 from 2003. I'm still using Excel 2003, but considering finally making update to Office 2016. The reason I'm still using Excel 2003 is comfort with the toolbars vs. the shock I experienced when trying to...
  7. D

    Tool bar not displayed in all WB's

    I have recently moved from excel 2010 to 2013. I don't know if this is causing my problem or what the resolution is. I have a tool bar that I create programmatically with vba. The code that creates the tool bar is in my Personal wb. The toolbar is successfully created but now only shows in...
  8. J

    Excel 2011 - Change Default Formats of "Number" selections in Tool Bar

    In the toolbar there's a section titled "Number" which allows you to change cell formats with selections named General, Number, Accounting, Date, Time, etc. I want to permanently change some of their default formats. For instance, currently when I select Number the default is -4000.00. I...
  9. Erni76

    How to copy customized macros and toolbars to another PC

    Hi Team !!! I would like to copy my customized toolbars and mocros to another PC. I copied already PERSONAL.XLS file but this way only macros are transferred. 1. How to copy customized toolbars with my own pictures on buttons ? 2. The "sours machine" use Excel 2003, SP3, (Polish), the...
  10. E

    Disabling menus etc in Excel 2007

    In Excel 2003 I had a number of standard macros that diabled the standard toolbars when a workbook was opened/activated and then restored them when it was closed/deactivated. Is there an equivalent capability in Excel 2007? I have a worbook in which I have disabled the Save,SaveAs, Close...
  11. B

    Toolbar Macro Template

    I need a macro that will hide all visible toolbars with the exception of select few. I have tried everything. Nothing seems to work. Loops do not seem to work well with "Application.commandbars". I need a macro that will only display the following...
  12. T

    Macros showing up in Tools menu

    An Excel 2003 question: I am revising a couple of spreadsheets for a client. And one thing is driving me batty. When either of the files is opened, certain VBA macros appear in the tools menu. I cannot find a macro sheet with any macro that accesses any toolbars. There does not seem to be...

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