1. D

    Create History List

    I've been looking for a set of macros I could use to put together to keep track of items I order. I want to take the data from one worksheet and mesh it together into a history worksheet on another. Basically to keep track of how many of an item I buy by date and add new part numbers as...
  2. sharky12345

    Track changes to single cells

    I have this which I am using to track changes to a range; Dim xrng As Range Set xrng = Range("A2:N16") If Not Application.Intersect(xrng, Range(Target.Address)) _ Is Nothing Then Set ws = Sheet1 iRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row...
  3. M

    keep a record?

    hello i wonder if any of you could help me i need a formula in a cell that can "remember" or "keep a record" and sum the values that changes in other cell example <tbody> 1 1 </tbody> then <tbody> 2 3 </tbody> then <tbody> 0 3...
  4. J

    increment and return to "0"

    Hey all, I'm trying to use this to increment a number if certain cells equal other cells and then if the range F13:T21 <> the criteria, reset to "0". Am I on the right track? I know it's not working the way it is now. TIA =MOD(COUNTA(F13:T21,N2:Q2,+COUNTIFS(F13:T21,I2:K2))
  5. G

    Need help creating a formula

    First off, I'm an Excel novice! I'm rebuilding a spreadsheet to track training that was built by a previous employee who is no longer here. And now I need to add a sheet to track hours, and I'm utterly confused on how to do it. I can't post a picture, so hopefully I can adequately explain...
  6. J

    Track Cell Changes

    Hello, So I am looking for the most efficient way using VBA worksheet_change to track cell changes and populate into a column. So say I have cells A1 and A2, when either of them change I want to populate it into another column, say C and D. I will have quite a few of these so looking for the...
  7. T

    Want help making my file tracker sheet

    Hello all, I need your help in making of my file tracker sheet. My sheet is looks like below: ******** width="450" height="270" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"...
  8. T

    What can serve me best Excel or Access

    Hi all I am trying to build something to use for my local darts and dominoes league and are unsure which one is best for what I need and am looking for help. I have downloaded some football spreadsheets from internet where you enter the score and it updates the league but our league is based...
  9. B

    Packlock Combination

    I have a 4 digit padlock like this one that I have forgotten the number to. I can buy a new lock for ~$15 but I'd rather try & unlock the one I have. I'd like to create an excel sheet that contains all the different possible combinations (10,000 of them). That way, I can keep track of the...
  10. J

    VBA needed please

    So we will eventually have three spreadsheets, but for now we're getting the ball rolling with two. The first sheet is for individual employees to keep track of issues that arise. Various columns to track the aspects of each issue. I wanted to have the data automatically written from the...
  11. F

    Change Log Tracking

    Hi all. Thank you, in advance, for your help. I found this code to track any changes made to each tab. I have a table in columns A-AV (different rows for each tab, depending on the data). Is there anyway to update this code to not track when rows are inserted? Additionally, how would I write...
  12. H


    Good morning! My line of work includes bidding projects throughout each month. My estimator does not keep track of the jobs very well so I find he piles up so many jobs on a single day that this is all I can get done. I would like to smooth it out so I am doing about 5 jobs per day on every...
  13. U

    Hours/minutes between // networkdays.intl // different start/stop times in same week

    Hi there - here's the issue I'm having: I measure how long it takes our people to contact a lead that comes into our system. Currently, we track this Monday through Saturday, 9am to 9pm (Sundays are not counted). Here's the formula I'm working with...
  14. M

    Excel Powerpivot vs. Access

    I’m not an advanced excel user and my Access skills are non-existent, so I am looking for a simple approach. I need a project management solution for a large team of consultants to track i) client meetings and activity, ii) assignments and progress, iii) new prospects & contacts that they have...
  15. T

    Excel Question - Last Updated

    I am looking for a way to track the last updated version of pdf Files in another folder that I have linked to a power pivot. I saw threads about tracking last updates on sheets themselves but wasn't sure if there was anyway to track back updates/edits made on files in a different folder? Thanks...
  16. D

    Is it possible to have a User Word Form to Populate Time Stamped Live Data in Excel?

    At my company we currently use an google sheet to track the progress of installations in progress, Installers have access and enter times manually. We have also recently created a Word Form that is essentially checklist of these same points for installers to follow and keep them on track. I was...
  17. B

    Issue related to VBA Track Changes Control

    Dear all, I am trying to use th VBA to control the function of Track Changes and i would like to know about the code.Please share to me. First of all, i would like to use VBA to : 1.trigger the Track Changes function 2.tick the box of Track changes while editing.This also shares your...
  18. L

    "protect shared workbook"

    Hi I am learning how to share a workbook and track changes. Under Review there is a option called: "Protect Shared Workbook". I did not find that option is needed in anything. I can track changes without clicking on that option! not sure why is there. Thank you.
  19. L

    track changes - changing colors

    Hi I am experimenting Track changes option. I noticed that If I highlight cells and change the color (background color), Excel would not consider that as a change. Why is that? Thanks .
  20. A

    Can you use vlookup for this and if so how

    I have one spreadsheet that looks something like this <tbody> date track race n1 n2 n3 n4 n5 n6 1/11/2017 doomben 1 4.5 2.3 18 8 6 1/11/2017 dubbo 5 2.3 4.5 8 20 2/11/2017 flemington 4 2 5 7 </tbody> now i want to get the correct n value for the correct...

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