1. F

    Check duplicates in one column based on duplicates in another column and assign a value based on a condition.

    I have a few columns and couple thousand rows. Name Location Status Action Jake Germany out Retain Jake Ethiopia out Delete Jake Germany in Retain Jake Germany out Retain Jake Ethiopia out Delete In the above table, if Jake is "in" (3rd column) "Germany" (just an...
  2. O

    Auto Update Last Modified date when row is edited

    Hi excel wizards! I'm looking for some assistance with a sheet to track up to 200 simultaneous projects by automatically updating the date in a cell when any cell in the row to the right of the date cell is modified. I have done lots of digging online and I understand that I will need a VBA...
  3. W

    Should be simple?

    Hi, I have multiple (hundreds) of archived spreadsheets consisting of the same mix of tabs and content format (only the data is different). I want to add an extra tab (lets call it 'Tracker') to pull bits of data from the various tabs into one easy to copy n paste column. Simple. :) What I then...
  4. E

    Roulette Excel Spreadsheet Betting Tracker using IF Formula

    Hi, I'm trying to create a basic excel formula based on red/black bets on roulette. The basic layout is currently like this: <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Bet Round Red Stake Black Stake Bet Outcome Bet Profit/Loss Running Balance 2 Round 1 1 1 Black 0 0 3 Round 2 2 1 Black -1 -1 4 Round 3 4...
  5. S

    Look up Next Entry

    Hi, I have the following code which looks up the value in cell G6 in sheet "Fulfilment Tracker - Data" and pull the adjacent cell data into cell G8 of sheet "Fulfilment Tracker -Input" Set Table_Range = Workbooks("Fulfilment Tracker - Data").Sheets("All Data").Range("A2:T20000") Set...
  6. J

    Booking Tracker

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a booking tracker, for example if I input start and end date per guest/room, this days will be highlighted on calendar. One room can have different guest on different dates range. I was using if(and(vlookup, but only able to have first guest info on the...
  7. M

    Task Tracker

    Hello!! Does anyone know how to make a sort of interactive task tracker? I have a tracker that has different tabs, one for each client. Each tab has deliverables for that client and the due date. I want the "Summary tab" (main tab) to show the items that are pending, in-progress, to-do, etc but...
  8. T

    Grab data, create new sheet, rename tab, paste data

    Hi All I'm trying to speed up a process and in need to your help. I requested something similar a while back in an earlier post but can't adapt it. Here's what I do right now for each new tab. Sheet1 (Called Data) holds duplicate site names in Col A and staff names in Col B (sometimes...
  9. U

    Project Tracker - How do I add more 'Catagory'

    This may be a basic question for many here so apologies. I'm working with a Project Tracker within Excel for the first time. I have the following catagories Status Assigned to Categories Percent complete I need to add more titles within the Category bucket I've looked and researched but...
  10. S

    Send Textbox Text to a listbox as hyperlink

    Morning all I am trying to populate listboxes with hyperlinks. I have 2 Userforms "Project Tracker" and "Add Links". When "Project Tracker" is in use I want to be able to add links into different ListBoxes via an additional "Add Links" Userform when the command button "Add" is pressed from my...
  11. S

    Excel - vbscript/Macro

    Hi, Can someone please provide me a VBScript code for my below requirement. I have a master tracking document that I use to record project information. My client sends me an updated schedule each week which may (or may not) have additional stores on it and some of the details of the stores may...
  12. S

    Excel - updating records by comparision - VBScript/Macros

    Hi, Can someone please provide me a VBScript code for my below requirement. I have a master tracking document that I use to record project information. My client sends me an updated schedule each week which may (or may not) have additional stores on it and some of the details of the stores may...
  13. T

    Stop ranges within formula from moving when a new row is added

    My array formula below works BUT, I think I need to apply maybe an INDIRECT function to stop the ranges from moving when I add a new row to my data set. Can anyone help? {=IFERROR(INDEX('EIRF Tracker '!$N$9:$N$2000,MODE(IF('EIRF Tracker '!$G$9:$G$2000="Injury",IF('EIRF Tracker...
  14. T


    Please help I am trying to correct the below formula as I would like to use INDEX MODE MATCH with INDIRECT in a array. The below works, but if I enter a new line at the top of my data set (EIRF Tracker Row 9-2150) the MODE and MATCH arguments change to read from row 10-2151 still...
  15. H

    Comparing Timestamps

    We have a system that we are using to generate login and logout times throughout the day (that you can export to excel), and we also have a manual excel tracker that we use to input the time we logged out and logged back in and the reason we logged out at that time. Now, the official report is...
  16. S

    Compare tracker with actuals formula?

    Hi, I'm trying to see if there is a way a formula can tell me if the data I have in my tracker matches the data of another table of data (actuals) when I do a pull every month. I cant find a way to paste my example so I apologize for the example below but basically i would want the check column...
  17. T

    Auto populate holiday tracker from year planner

    Hi, I have a sheet "Planner" where I can input the holidays taken by employees. All these sheets currently work fine as they are if I were to input data manually. What I am looking to do is auto populate sheet "Holiday Overview" cells C4:N28 with the hours holiday taken which is based on the...
  18. S

    Remove rows from another list using excel VBA - Help!!!

    Hi all, I am trying to use VBA to automatically delete rows of data in my 'ZTDA Tracker' column B from a list of data in the 'Mids' tab in column D. There are 1116 rows of data in column D of the 'Mids' tab. I am looking for some VBA code to search through column B of 'ZTDA Tracker' and delete...
  19. B

    tracking in an Excel file

    I know that you can use a tracker in Excel to see who has opened and changed a cell. Is it possible to see tracking information prior to using the tracker to interrogate a file historically, maybe by using another piece of software? I am using Excel 365
  20. L

    i need a employee training tracker tool created in excel with all possible reports

    i am developing a employee training tracker tool in vba. In a vba form,i am trying to create a training requisition of the departments. it has fields deptname,trainingname,list of employees ,requireddate,headname. how to display employee id and name in a list box and mulitple select it. how...

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