1. E

    Office 2019 worth it?

    I'm thinking of upgrading from Office 2010 to 2019. I need to know if I'll still be able to read and edit docx / docm and xlsx / xlsm files created with Office 2010 read/edit in Office 2019 and files created in Office 2019 (Except new funcitons, of course) read/edit in Office 2010, without any...
  2. G

    Code to translate all workbook based on translation table

    Hi all, I have a Workbook with one sheet called "Translation" with a translation table. There are 1.300 rows in this table, with words translated from English to Spanish, starting in cell "A1" <tbody> English Spanish Assets Activo Liabilities Pasivo </tbody> What I need is a code that...
  3. M

    VBA String color built based on value

    Hi, I am working on a translation of part numbers from provider's to my company's standards. Provider's part numbers contain several words/numbers divided with spaces (all in one cell) - and my code translate them word by word by using vlookups from other sheet. So, the part number (product...
  4. N

    Spanish Translation

    Hi there - could someone please tell me whether it is possible in Excel 2016 to have English words in say column A and a Spanish translation row by row in column B? I presume it probably isn't possible as I can't see anything about it in help.
  5. T

    Sumifs based on data range and time

    Hi All So after lots of hurdles getting a new report sorted based on a data dump from a translation tool (over 50,000 rows per month) I've managed to get through pretty much every hurdle but this one. I can sum the number of words against each language, budget etc including a date range...
  6. K

    Translation reserve - balance sheet

    Hi my problem is Translation reserve in balance sheet and how to put it in powerpivot. I am consolidating a group of 10 subsidiaries and some have different functional currencies. I need to translate the balance sheet accounts to FX rate at the last day of the month and the P&L accounts to...
  7. M

    Advanced VBA macro tools

    Hi everyone, I am a translator dealing on daily basis with several excel files which share almost the same structure and I am trying to come up with a series of advanced macros that can automatize multiple and redundant tasks I have to perform in each of them. Unfortunately, my knowledge of...
  8. T

    Help: extract online dictionary to excel

    Hi I am wondering if there is a way with VBA to extract words from online web dictionary in two languages the word and its meaning with all of the pages into microsoft excel , Is there a code or can someone make it please :( Example of site :
  9. A

    Sentence translator in Excel

    Hi Folks, Here is a macro for word to word translation. Sub macc() Dim d() As String Dim myValue As Variant myValue = InputBox("Input Cell ID") d = Split(Worksheets("Titles").Range(myValue).Value, " ") For Each i In d a = Application.WorksheetFunction.VLookup(i...
  10. D


    Hi, I am new in this forum, but have monitored long time and have become a big fans of it. This forum had helped me a lot in vba excel problems. However this time I couldn't find any answer for my new issue to use I have function which work perfectly with google...
  11. H

    HELP!!??? Language Translations built into Excel

    Hi there, I am COMPLETELY new to this board, and still a noob on most features in excel.. I came across this document: EASC_audit_Questionnaire.xls and would like to know if anyone can help me with understanding the "LANGUAGE" macro function in it. You will see there is a language selection...
  12. P

    VBA Macro to help clean up report

    I am trying to rearrange a report so it can be used in a differnt department. They only need certain information, and one column of info contains a five digit code that needs to be translated into an address. I would like to create a macro that will delete all unwanted columns, Then insert a...
  13. I

    Excel 2007 function name translations

    Hi, for people using their Excel in other languages than English - Excel 2007 functions and their descriptions in 14 languages: Why? I needed an updated look-up table because at home I'm using my Excel 2007 in Finnish and I don't have a...

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