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Nov 4, 2016
Hi All

So after lots of hurdles getting a new report sorted based on a data dump from a translation tool (over 50,000 rows per month) I've managed to get through pretty much every hurdle but this one.

I can sum the number of words against each language, budget etc including a date range because when the translation project starts, the tool lists only the date such as "02/11/2017" (this is using British dates).

The issue is that once it gets to the stages of translation such as translation, review, proofreading it starts to include times as well such as "02/11/2017 00.00.00". To finish this report, I need to sumifs everything up, per translator (I can amend the formula for proofreaders and reviewers etc).

The columns that I believe will be affected are listed here.

Report (the dump of data):
AC - One of the types of words per file, listed as numbers.
AO - The translation user, the person I have assigned the number of words to so I can pay them.
AL - The start date including British date format and the time(dd/mm/yyyy

Invoicing (the sheet I use to total the wordcounts against each budget):
B1: The date when the entire project starts (dd/mm/yyyy)
B2: The date when the entire project ends (dd/mm/yyyy)

C - The column where the translator's username is listed that is matches with report AO.

Here are some examples of formulas I have tried in case it helps.

"=SUMIFS(Report!AC:AC,Report!AO:AO,Translators!C20,Report!AL:AL,">="&Invoicing!B1,Report!AL:AL,"<="&Invoicing!B2)" This formula will work perfectly if I remove the space and time from Report AL.

"=SUMIFS(Report!AC:AC,Report!AO:AO,Translators!C20,Report!BK:BK,">="&Invoicing!B1,Report!BK:BK,"<="&Invoicing!B2)" For this I tried to put "=LEFT(AL20,10)" into Report BK so that I would only have the date to match against but this didn't work.

"=SUMIFS(Report!AC:AC,Report!AO:AO,Translators!C20,Report!AL:AL,">=""*"&Invoicing!B1&"*",Report!AL:AL,"<=""*"&Invoicing!B2&"*")" Neither of these 2 formulas threw up issues but wouldn't return values either.

Let me know where you think I'm going wrong or my options, we can request development of the tool to do certain things but it would take a lot of time to resolve and I'm not sure now that the whole system has the time included, it's possible to remove it.

Many thanks!


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Aug 18, 2011
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"=SUMIFS(Report!AC:AC,Report!AO:AO,Translators!C20,Report!AL:AL,">="&Invoicing!B1,Report!AL:AL,"<="&Invoicing!B2)" This formula will work perfectly if I remove the space and time from Report AL.
Hi, you can try the following amendments to the above.


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