1. J

    Trendlines - ignoring zero/blank values in the range

    Hi, I’m creating graphs using exponential trendlines (=Growth formula), however sometimes in my dataset there are zero values in the range (these are formulas which return blank values so are not empty as such). This means that the trend line cannot be calculated as I get #Value errors. If I...
  2. M

    Incorrect Value From Trendline Equation (Polynomial)

    Hi everyone, I've encountered an issue while creating a series of graphs within Excel. The trendline seems correct and follows the data points I have nicely. Unfortunately, when entering the value for x into the equation manually in Table 1, the values differ greatly, percentage-wise. I have...
  3. Jyggalag

    Make a nicer trendline in bar chart in Excel

    Hi All, I currently have a setup similar to this: I want to create a trendline for the 2022 bar charts. My issue is that no matter which one I pick (exponential, linear, logarithmic etc.) it doesnt touch the top of the bar charts for 2022 and it seems to just go through them. Does anybody...
  4. R

    Modifying trendline so that is <= all points on a plot (more of a "lowest limit")

    Hello, I have a plot where I want to calculate the "lower limit" of all points. (See the red line in the attached image I would like to calculate) The trendline function easily gives me an power-function through the the plot, could I perhaps adjust this so that all points is equal or larger to...
  5. N

    VBA: Generate Charts, copy/paste multiple charts to same Sheet

    Fairly noob here. I have a list of Person names on another sheet. I want to automate building a separate monthly trend chart for each person and paste them all onto a new sheet, one right after the other. Will this code work? Worksheets("Report").Range("A4").Value = Agent Call...
  6. B

    manipulating plotted lines on a graph

    I have plotted lines for three data sets and am required to manipulate the data in a couple of ways in order to make each line start at (0,0). I have attached an image of my raw graph for reference below. Essentially I need to extend the linear portion of the line to the x-axis as shown below...
  7. S

    Change Trendline on Excel Chart

    Hey, Is there a way to change the trendline in the attached Sleep view, so that it looks a lot sharper & trend is clearer over the 30+ days. Kind of like in the attached CPU view? Thanks
  8. T

    How to Convert an Exponential Trendline Equation to a Formula

    My data is in 2 columns. Column A is my Y axis, Column B is my X axis. I have maybe 30 rows of data, and I created a line with markers graph using that data. Then I right clicked on the data line to have Excel create a Trendline using Exponential. I then clicked the option to show the...
  9. I

    How to get two Trendlines to start and stop at two different intervals on a chart

    All; I researched and trialed different options on this for awhile, I am not a charting expert but what I'm trying to do is chart two separate trendlines for two separate time intervals but only show (and have the trendline effected by the data of that interval. Below is the data and where I...
  10. W

    Trendline formula

    I added a trendline to a graph. How does excel figure out the trend?
  11. C

    Trendline equation in chart - need "m" and "b" linked to cell that updates dynamically with chart

    I've read a few dozen posts on linking trendlines to cells, but none of them seem to offer a solution to my problem so far. The trendline equation on the chart automatically updates to reflect what data in a table is visible (not filtered out). All of the formula equations I've seen use the...
  12. V

    Problem with VBA Code - Chart

    Hi Everybody, I am having a problem with Excel VBA codes. The code that i am trying to do, makes a prediction with the chart. But, i don't know why, every time that i run the code, excel just start not to responding and crash it all. (I am from Brazil, so, sorry for any english mistake); It...
  13. J

    Help with Trendline

    Hi all Tearing my heair out all afternoon with this ..... I have a table of data which I am using a chart and then I want to use the trendline equation from the chart (polynomial formula) - in other cells. I am using the INDEX / LINEST function .... but the function is giving me different...
  14. T

    Add Series Line to portion of data set

    I want to add series lines to an XY scatter plot but control which data points are connected (and not connect the whole series). I haven't found a way to do this, I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks. I know I can create separate series to resolve this, but the data categories repeat...
  15. M

    exponential trendline

    Hi, I want to add an exponential trendline to my graph - but the option is shaded out. I'm in excel 2016 - does anyone know what the issue could be? Thanks
  16. E

    How to find optimal data range to fit exponential trendline?

    Hi, Excel pros! I am looking through various datasets of Google Trends to find the most optimal data range that fits an exponential trend line. Do you know of an automated way to identify the most fitting data range in a graph (i.e. with the trend line R2 value closest to 1)? Currently, I...
  17. L


    Hi I want to know based on what excel draw the trendline? Does excel take the average of values and draw the Trendlne? I have a chart look like "V" letter but upside down. When I right click --> trendline, excel will draw a line in the middle. It seems to me excel took the average values and...
  18. G

    Calculation of Slope & Intecept of Logarithmic Trendline

    Hi, I have produced an x-y scatter chart from the following two columns of data. <tbody> åkDt hours Comp. Strength (N/mm²) </tbody> <tbody> 11.36 6.2 16.31 12.9 25.18 18.4 29.36 24.4 38.21 30.5 88.41 41.4 349.29 63.6 </tbody> The X scale is formatted to Logarithmic Base 10...
  19. K

    excel chart with trendline doesn't show the correct function

    I have a file with only four values for x & y when I make a chart and insert the trendline form +-x³ +- x²+- x +- cte the backsolving of the trendline for the values of x doesn't result in the expected value for y any help is greatly appreciated can give the file with the chart if needed...
  20. J

    Find the maximum of a polynomial trendline

    I would like a formula that automatically figures out what the maximum of poynomial trendline will be no matter what numbers i plug in there. I've seen a few explanations but they are all way above my head. My X axis is A1:A4. Y axis B1:B4 X Axis Y Axis <colgroup><col...

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