1. S

    Help with automation

    Hello guys, I really need help solving this, it would save me tons of hours. I will explain what I need to do. I have about 400 txt files that look like this: I did some notes with red text: And I have to format this data so that it looks like this: Like I said I have 400 text files which I...
  2. D

    Save .txt file in UTF-8 instead of ANSI

    Hi all, a friend of mine created a marco that converts the excel entries into a tab delimited .txt file. Unfortunatley since (i guess) an update, it will always save as ANSI, which causes some e.g. kyrillic symbols to be displayed as ? instead of the actual symbols shown in the excel file...
  3. D

    Expand IP Ranges

    Can anyone help me with the following? I have a spreadsheet containing data having IP addresses in which I need to create a output text file. A sample input file would look like this owner active group address exp a 1 gray 1/1/2023 b 1 blue 1/1/2023...
  4. C

    Convert a folder of CSV files to TXT and stored them in a different folder

    Hi everyone, I would like to get some help with a VBA program that converts CSV to TXT files. Description: A bunch of CSV files is located in a folder and by pressing a button all those files are converted into TXT files and stored in a different folder that is initially empty. But the thing...
  5. E

    How to stop Excel's "Save As" function from defaulting to Text (Tab) on XLS files?

    So whenever I attempt to save a fresh excel file, it will have my default save as option as XLSX. But I frequently have to download XLS files and then edit them. Whenever I finish I go to save as, and it tries to save it as a text (tab delim) file every single time. I have checked and confirmed...
  6. S

    import part of text from txt to excel

    Hello everyone! I need may be some VBA script or something else to solve my problem) I have many txt files in one folder. Each file contain information like: some text here some text here some text here start to copy some text here some text here some text here end of copy some text here some...
  7. H

    Importing txt data into an existing excel sheet

    Hello, I just began my adventure with VBA and I need it to ease my job a lot- i have a .txt file with data divided by semicolons and an already made excel spreadsheet. Is there any way to import the data from the file directly to the excel form (not a new one)? In addition, can it add rows...
  8. R

    Create .TXT Subsets based on existing Excel data using VBA Macro

    Hello Guys, I need to create Subsets for the data which I have, which is dynamic, using Excel VBA. I have data in the form of table, whose column headings are Code, % & Transaction ID as the below table. Code % Transaction ID 1001 42.10% 455152 1001 42.10% 455153 1001...
  9. K

    Automated conversion from TXT

    I have a txt file that needs to be converted from txt to csv with excel. Process needs to be automated and I am not sure how to do this at all. Any input would be a big help. The deliminator is a | Thanks Keith
  10. J

    LEFT() for each rows in a single cell?

    The following data is in a SINGLE cell. I'm trying to get the phone number from each line and output it as just a list of phone numbers in a single cell. FROM THIS: <tbody> (734) 435-8519 < Sent TXT 14/25/09 @ 08:54 (734) 917-1416 < Sent TXT 14/25/09 @ 08:54 (734) 742-6437 < Sent TXT 14/25/09...
  11. J

    Search in TXT file and return line to Excel

    Hi there to evereybody! Im Juan and i'm writing from argentina. I have a TXT file with millons o lines (literally) like this: 22082019;01092019;30092019;20000163989;D;S;N;0,00;0,00;00;00;ETCHEVERRIGARAY JUAN CARLOS I would like to use a command button to search for the number i've marked...
  12. M

    Add Filename to the txt file

    I have a small script that logs when a user opens an excel file. Currently the username and date/time are populated in the txt file. I would like to add filename to the txt file, but not sure how. Thanks Private Sub Workbook_Open() On Error GoTo errhandler: Open "D:\Reports-Service\Old...
  13. Belair58

    Graphing from a $ delimited txt file

    Hello, I'm outputting a delimited txt file using $ as my delimiter from SQL server. This file will be output once every 5 minutes. I'm wanting to graph this data on a continuous basis. I'm trying to link it through Data / From Text/CSV, but it doesn't give me the option to choose the delimiter...
  14. D

    For each cntl trigger class module

    Hi I've dynamically created a number of textboxes on a userform. Each textbox was added to a class module with some associated attributes. I also have a number of option buttons to the side of the userform. By clicking the textbox, i can update the text in the textbox from the asociated...
  15. M

    read from .txt and extract data

    Hi All, I need to read a txt file and dump the data into a spreadsheet. each txt file with contain two different data sets always starting with DXE and ending with DXS Id like to extract the first set in to column A and second set into column B the data needs to be inserted row by row...
  16. M

    Loop through txt doc , store values for use in vba

    hi all, Just a question of possibility first of all. I have a .txt file that contains two sets of data. The sets always start with DXS and end with DXE. First of all, I would like excel to read the .txt and take only the data between DXS and DXE and dump them side by side 1 line per row in...
  17. H

    How to exclude some of the excel range from the output to text file

    The code I have is following: And the data it is extracting from is this: As you see, the amount of data there might be, varies, but the extract takes a fixed range into account, to cover everything. Now there is a problem, it extracts indeed all the data, but also creates a lot of...
  18. 1

    VBA to find next value

    Hello, I have a bigger macro that open many TXT files one by one, search for different values and copy after in a data sheet. At one point I need to find the value for "Code" which is a number. If TXT file is opened by Excel, this value is in column A and the position of row can be different...
  19. M

    VBA to trigger multiple batch files not working

    Hey everyone. I have code to trigger 6 different batch files, which then outputs a txt file, which in turn i use power query to bring the txt file list into excel. I thought it was working fine until one day I noticed the date stamp on the txt file had not changed in a week, despite running the...
  20. J

    Trouble Copying from txt file to Excel - pastes into one cell only

    Hello. I'm trying to paste from a txt file into Excel. I can successfully paste into ONE cell, but I need it to paste into multiple cells. E.g. the txt file looks like this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 With my code below (admittedly pilfered from someone else!), it pastes into A1, but it pastes ALL data into...

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