unique entries

  1. A

    Populating UserForm TextBoxes from ListBox results

    Hello all, Ok, so I have this userform: Ignoring the top section which is in good working order: The listbox you can see in the Custom Summary Filter section of the image is populated from a list of dates on sheet2 ("Data" - range G3-G34). This list was in-turn extracted from sheet3...
  2. R

    Dynamic array generated by a formula, and constrained by selections (no VBA)

    Guys, I don't know how to do it without VBA - hopefully you know better. Situation: I need two kind of inputs from user. First - to indicate number of unique VAT rates that are on the invoice. Any integer between 0 and 4 is allowed. Let's assume that user selected 3. Now Excel knows that there...
  3. M

    Need to remove multiple unique groups of numbers

    I am looking for an if then formula that will help me remove groups of data from sheet 1. I added sheet 2 which only has 1 column of unique id's that I want removed from sheet 1. In sheet 1 there could be multple rows that have the id that was found on sheet 2. Does anyone have a formula that...
  4. Y

    How to deal with multiple-similar cells when I need a unique count in a pivot table?

    Hi, I am relatively new to the more complex side of excel. I hope my questions are not too simple. I am using excel 2007 on a winXP machine. OK, I have a large table holding information about products. For each product there are many columns: country, stage of development, company developing...
  5. S

    Generating dynamic dropdown list in Excel

    Background information: I am using Excel 2003 on Windows XP. I am trying to get a unique list to create a drop down list. I have a sales report where Col A=Product Name, Col B=Month, Col C=Year, Col D=Total Sale Value. I am using "Conditional Sum" to get the Total Sale amount from Col D...
  6. H

    worksheet merge /append 911

    Good afternoon! Long time listener, first time caller...or something like that. I have exported 2 CSV files from an oddball custom database, and cleaned up the data. There is a uniqueID (part#) between the 2 and aside from that all is different. What i'd like to do is find an easy way to create...
  7. W

    Select unique concatenated valued based on a crititerion

    I have data in excel that looks like the below…there are additional columns but for this question I will use the abbreviate one below <TABLE style="MARGIN: auto auto auto 4.65pt; WIDTH: 345.15pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse; mso-yfti-tbllook: 1184; mso-padding-alt: 0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt"...
  8. ClimoC

    unique identifiers needed urgently!!! please help!

    Hey everyone - This one's rattling my brain knackered - so I thought I'd repost this in clearer english to try and bring about an answer... What I need is for column X in Sheet2! to have a number plopped in it everytime this macro is run. The hard part has been done - it already identifies the...

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