unique entries

  1. S

    2 TEXTJOIN problems - remove duplicate/only unique output, and remove '0' from conditional IF results

    I have a few tables of data and I am trying to pull some information in Column F, based on the contents of Column A, into a cell on a different tab with TEXTJOIN. I need it in 2 different formats for different things. I made a sharable sheet with no company info and reduced the dataset for...
  2. Z

    Find Unique Entries in a Column and Count how many times they occur

    Hi All, I am trying to create a VBA script to look through an automatic generated report on one of the tabs called "All". What I need it to do is look through Column "A" and find the unique Entries and how many times these unique entries appear. Then put the results in a new tab called...
  3. S

    Formula for listing unique values

    Hi All, I have two columns with data. Column A has names of sectors and column B has names of accounts within those sectors. The accounts will be repeated over several rows. What I need is a formula which will stack up the unique accounts per sector in different columns. It would be great if...
  4. Y

    count unique values based on multiple criteria

    Hello everyone. Really struggling with something - I know this has been posted in other places, but I'm having a hard time understanding the solutions. I'm trying to create a function (not in vba) that will count the unique IDs where it fits the criteria: Date>8/2, Date<=8/7, Hours>0...
  5. J

    Creating a list of unique items, which fit multiple criteria

    Hello, This is my first post looking for assistance. I have found the majority of what I need by searching forums and running Google searches, but I have gotten stuck on a project, and I hope you can help. In general, I want a drop down menu of unique item names which fit multiple criteria...
  6. D

    VBA to add new Sheets

    Good evening all I have some code which i have borrowed to add some new sheets to a workbook based on the contents of column a. The code is Sub AddSheets() Dim cell As Excel.Range Dim wsWithSheetNames As Excel.Worksheet Dim wbToAddSheetsTo As Excel.Workbook Set wsWithSheetNames = ActiveSheet...
  7. F

    Uniq values

    Hi, I have function to count how many many times name from column C (sheet M1) appear in range (sheet CSTG, column B): =COUNTIFS(CSTG!$B:$B,'M1'!C7) <tbody> Column C Column D - only count Audi 5 BMW 7 VW 10 Fiat 3 </tbody> Now in column Q (sheet CSTG) I have different values, like...
  8. S

    Data Validation, allow UNIQUE values only

    I want a column to allow unique values only. Source data is from third parties and is an identifier. List is long and prefer to use Form for data entry but don't wish to have to do search to avoid duplicates before entering or use find duplicates after (both band-aids.) I should be able to use...
  9. C

    Serial Number

    Hi there, I want to track an individual across a number of years. I have their name eg: Smith, John and I want to track this across different years databases and find how this person's qualifications changed across years. I was thinking of assigning a serial number to an individual but need...
  10. B

    forumula for unique values and countif combined

    Hello, Please advise me as I am just learning how to use these functions. I am trying to use a formula that counts unique text values from this range:(Patient_level!C6:C15000) while meeting certain criteria ('yes') in this range: Patient_level!I6:I1048576. I have working formulas for both...
  11. H

    Unique Strings while selecting multiple Items from a Drop down in a Cell

    Hi. I was trying to create a drop down list, where the user could select multiple options from the list, but still the options selected must be unique within a Cell. For Instance: if a Dropdown has A, B, C as values, selecting A and C is a valid selection, but selecting A, C and A is not. I...
  12. A

    Function to count unique values where condition is

    Hi there, im new here. i found here many aswers but now i have problem where i cant find way out :/ I have data: <tbody> Day ID (Number) Mon. 111 Mon. 111 Mon. 222 Mon. 333 Mon. 111 Tue. 222 Tue. 111 Tue. 555 Tue. 666 Tue. 777 Tue. 333 Tue. 222 Tue. 999 Tue. 888...
  13. J

    combining unique values

    Part 1 I would like to take info in a column and get a list of unique values eg: tom dave bob dave dave tom tom dave tom bob WOULD BECOME: tom dave bob NOTE: the data is contained on SHEET1 and i will have the formula on SHEET2 PART 2 I would like to sum up the values in column B for...
  14. G

    How to Remove Duplicates of a Given Row using Formula?

    Here is a sample (simplified) scenario that I am trying to resolve. Given... <COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 54pt" span=5 width=72><TBODY>   Tom Peter Sam Susan Combo1 1 2 1 3 Combo2 A A B A Combo3 ! @ # $ Combo4 a b b c </TBODY> Trying to make it into this by removing all the...
  15. C

    count the unique values with conditions

    Hi, i'm having trouble trying to count the unique values/entries on column B (name) that has the ff conditions the date should be from july 1-5 for week one, week two ..etc, and team (red, etc..) as seen below. if i need the count of unique names for the first week on red team it should return...
  16. G

    Getting Unique Ids and from a column and adding corresponding cells

    Hello! Thank you for this amazing Forum! Im having some sort of trouble in excel Here's the situation I ve got a really long column (3000 entries) with product codes and corresponding quantities.Since each product can be found in different locations there are multiple entries of the same...
  17. C

    Unique List

    I have a list of names on one tab which is constantly updated; I need to extract the unique values and paste them into a seperate tab. I know I could use an advanced filter and paste into the relevant sheet but as the spreadsheet gets updated several times a day, it would be much easier if...
  18. M

    Pivot Table: Counting Unique Values in a row, and grouping start and end dates

    Hello All, I hope I have posted this in the correct section. I am not Excel savvy, i can do the basic formula but I am struggling with a pivot table. I am using Excel 2007 and the main table is the following: Customer/Project ID / Engineer ID / Start date / End date / Hours / Average hours...
  19. A

    function for Unique values in an array

    Hi, I have an array called "Universe", which have duplicated values. I am trying to write a code that gives me an array which have only unique values. Can anyone help?
  20. 0

    Data Validation list with unique values (drop down menu)

    I have a column of numbers which contains numerous repeated entries and blank cells. The list is free to expand as people can continually add to the list. The list can only expand to a finite number of rows, say 150. Is it possible to use a bit of VB code to extract only unique entries and...

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