1. R

    Searching an array for a match

    I have a array that looks like this: UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price ... UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC, Date,Price UPC can have duplicates (tracking prices over time) The list could be quite long (a few thousand lines?), I'm looking for the fastest way to search the array...
  2. B


    Hi Everyone, I have a workbook with 2 sheets(Import & Total Sales). In the Total Sales sheet, Cell B2 there is a UPC (028200004222/003). I want to lookup that UPC in the Import Sheet, Column B and return the number sold from Column D to the Total Sales sheet, cell C2 . In this case there are a...
  3. H

    vlookup alternative for array of data?

    I am trying to get a total of units sold for a particular UPC. The units are not summed up before they reach me, so vlookup does not work here--first I need to get the total of the units, and then I need to input that total. I usually use a pivot table for this, but recently I've run into issues...
  4. B

    In Need of a Custom Search Box

    Hi Everyone, What would be the best way to use a cell in a worksheet as a search box to search column E:F for a UPC? I would want to have that search box in Row 1 and freeze that row so its always visible. The search box would be populated by a scan of a UPC. Once the UPC is found in E:F, I...
  5. D

    Selective Search and Transfer

    I have two sheets, one the master with a UPC number column and a Product ID column. The other has only the UPC and inventory information. Not all rows have a product ID in the first sheet. I would like to have a script or macro go down the 2nd sheet at each UPC and see in a product ID is in the...
  6. J

    Calculate UPC Check Digit in Excel

    I tried all of these formulas and none work for our example from this page: https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/310146-calculating-upc-barcode-check-digits-3.html I am using the GS1 as a guide, as they are the rules of barcodes :) Formula Name Product Name Partial UPC...
  7. C

    UPC Label Generation

    Good afternoon, I was curious if someone could help me figure out how to find a font for a UPC Code in Excel; I already have the list of numbers, I just need the font to appear and I need to be able to print it.. Thank you for your assistance!
  8. G

    Return value from cell when lookup data is in an array

    I have a lot of UPC codes that are listed in an array A1:H300. In Column J is a product's brand name associated with the UPC codes from that row. I am trying to return the brand name in another workbook by looking up the UPC from the array. I just can not figure out how to do it and I...
  9. J

    Store Number as Text

    I'm using an excel file to generate a list of UPC codes to send to a printer. The UPC code needs to be 12 digits. In the source excel file the UPC codes are stored as text with a leading zero. Using the code below, they are populating the new list as numbers without the leading zero. Formatting...
  10. P

    merging duplicate data into one cell

    So, I have a project. don't we all. I need to combine all known UPC codes for a specific part number into a single cell with a semi colon between each UPC code. The data I have is available like this: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 1X3 BN 102141 1X3 BN 94913880897 1X3 BN...
  11. C

    Need to convert large table from horizontal to vertical data

    Good Morning, I have been trying to write a VBA code all morning to get this table so that there is only one UPC column and one UPC check digit column for each row of data. I need to have the data in columns A-I for each row of a different UPC. There are some rows that have up to 10 different...
  12. S

    VBA: Reformat Column IF Header Equals....

    Hello, I am curious about something. Is there a way that I can reformat columns based off of their headers? So for example, can I create a MACRO that says, If Header Equals UPC (That is, "UPC", "Upc", or "upc") than reformat the entire column so it is formatted as a "number" format as...
  13. M

    Match Two Columns, Find Cell on Other Sheet, Paste Multiple Cells

    Hi forum members, I hit a road block a few days ago with some code I have been writing. I have two sets of data that I am trying to combine, and I can combine them by using a unique identifier that I have in both lists. On my Result sheet, the unique identifier is a UPC (column D), and within...
  14. O

    Consolidate different reports from retailers

    Hey there, I'm kinda looking for ideas of how to tackle this problem. I wish to deal with some sales analysis, but first I have to fix the way data reaches us. (1) We have quite a few different SKU's, about 600. Some quite similar to one another (e.g. XXXX deluxe edition / XXXX limited...
  15. J

    VLOOKUP Not Working; Please Help

    Hello, I am using VLOOKup to search for a table that has UPC codes and titles for the corresponding upc code. I have 25000 rows for the table, but I took it down to just 3 and searched only for one value that I know is within the 3, however I keep getting the n/a as a return value. See the two...
  16. N

    Macro help - to retrieve rows based on specific cell values in a column

    Hello: I need some assistance. I am trying to retrieve rows of data based on specific values of a column (field 15). I wrote a macro (see below - I only copied a few UPC items) by using Filter and then I was going to input the remaining UPC item values, but it's over 100 and I ran out of room...
  17. S

    Match cells from one tab to another tab and delete

    Hello, I am in need of help of making an accurate inventory sheet. So far I am needing a way to delete rows from one tab of the work sheet when it matches another tab. I have a running list of inventory that is assigned to tote, for example: <tbody> 7/26/17 UPC Tote Tote Location...
  18. L

    UPC Look up for Media Organization

    Hello, I cam across this example of to look up basic information regarding books. Book list - getting book details from amazon using Excel VBA barcode lookups - Stack Overflow I am trying to understand how can I make it so instead of using WorldCat Web service: xISBN [OCLC - WorldCat...
  19. D

    UPC data format conversion

    Hello, I'm having an issue with converting different UPC string lengths to one common length. Basically the data teams in our company do not have a firm standard on UPC or UPC equivalent (for internal product identification) nor do our different software have the same database structure. What I...
  20. J

    For Inventory purposes, limiting barcodes to 25 characters, wondering if

    For Inventory purposes, an outside Inventory counting service is limiting manufacture existing barcodes to 25 characters, wondering if any amount of numbers could be left off for the sake of the inventory counting companies equipment. I understand that all UPC are unique to themselves, just...

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