1. J

    Automatically update a summary page from different pivot tables

    Hello, I have a few sheets in an Excel workbook. Each sheet contains a pivot table. I then have a summary sheet that contains columns from each of these pivot tables. An example of the original data looks like this: Time Desc Temp Prg_Freq Meas_Freq Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 1/0/1900 0:00...
  2. R

    Automatically Update Code

    I have a code that changes the range of data for a chart as more values are entered. I want the user to enter their values and the chart to automatically update but am unsure how to do this. The code works fine when i manually run it, so the only challenge is making it run by itself. Any help...
  3. M

    Vlook up between two workbook and display message

    Workbook A,sheet 1 Supplier Amount Owner status Date AVT 500 John 4/22/2020 ABC 1000 Peter 4/21/2020 NAC 600 John 4/22/2020 BAT 10001 Andrea 4/23/2020 Workbook B, sheet 1 Condition should match Supplier, Amount, Date, If all matches in sheet 1 of workbook B with Workbook A...
  4. M

    Transfer and update data from various workbooks into one

    Hey everyone, I have 3 IDENTICAL workbooks (say WB-A,WB-B,WB-C) with 4 sheets in each workbook (say WB-A1,WB-A2,WB-A3,WB-A4 / WB-B1,WB-B2,WB-B3,WB-B4 / WB-C1,WB-C2,WB-C3,WB-C4). These 3 workbooks are basically reports for 3 different projects, which are updated individually on a monthly basis...
  5. D

    Worksheet Change

    Morning all I was very kindly provided the code below which produces a message should the value of one cell (row 39) exceed the value of another (row 41) as users change data in a column. That works great. What I would like to do is change it ever so slightly in that I would like the message...
  6. W

    Adding/updating text between a string or cell with text

    I have the following stored in a string (can be in a cell as well, if needed). Let's say s_String1(2,1) or cell A2: This text is permanent //Changeable-Text-Starts-Here This text can be changed by macro //Changeable-Text-Ends-Here This is also permanent I want to be able to remove...
  7. J

    Refresh spreadsheet when listbox updated

    Hi, I need help writing a vba code which had 7 textboxes and an update button to update the listbox then spreadsheet updated via the listbox. base on the colunm selected from the listbox, it populates through the textboxes. when selected column from listbox is selected, update is made via the...
  8. S

    Excel VBA relection bug

    Hi, I have the weirdest bug. I have a simple macro that goes like this: Sub Update() Application.Calculation = xlManual ActiveWorkbook.RefreshAll Range("A20").Select Application.Calculation = xlAutomatic End Sub When I use this code, all goes well, but I later get a...
  9. H

    macro to Update Formulas on all Sheets (F9)

    I have written code to update my formulas instead of manually updating using F9 It is not updating all sheets, only the current sheet Sub Refresh_Formula() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In Worksheets ws.Calculate Next ws End Sub It would be appreciated if someone...
  10. M

    VBA solution to get rid of "update" links message when a file is opened?

    Hi I get two different types of messages when opening certain files with a macro, that I don't want to get. One of them says "This workbook contains links to one or more sources that could be unsafe. If you trust the links, update them, to get the latest data...." Then it gives you...
  11. S

    Indirect within sumproduct

    I have the following formula but want to use INDIRECT function on the column name within the table GANNT so becomes easier to update =IF(F$7<$C$2,0,SUMPRODUCT(--(GANTT[WK40_2]=$B$11))*E$8) Have tried the following but get a #REF...
  12. J

    Upgraded to 2016: Graphs are no longer animated running VBA

    Hello, I did some searching but could not find anything that seemed to work for me so I apologize if this has been asked before: Our office recently did a batch of Windows upgrades and I'm now on Excel 2016. I have numerous macros that will perform iterations and update numbers on the screen...
  13. L

    How to automatically update excel without opening it once per week

    Hi, Right now, once a week I need to open a file, refresh the table, save and close the file. Is it possible for excel to automatically update itself without opening it once per week? Thanks in advance.
  14. D

    Power query - Updating files before getting values

    I have a query that retrieves information from multiple excel files in a folder The problem I am running into is that those files have formulas that depend on the current date Seemingly, when power query retrieves the data, it doesn't allow the formulas to update first This results in incorrect...
  15. P

    Import data from excel and update in browser

    I have two columns in an excel file A - contains the web link B - contains the data to be updated in opened browser as per A. While opening in the web browser (1 as per image) there is drop down option comes at a particular section (2 as per image) > select an option > it will open up...
  16. P

    index match

    Hi I have a table with multiple columns and a form that adds data to each of those columns, as a "case". I also have a separate function that adds data to some of those columns, based on the value in column A as a "case update". How do i get the remaining blank cells in that row to fill with...
  17. T

    Pasting selection into sheet in another workbook fails if excel is opened in another instance

    I have a spreadsheet that imports data from a different workbook to import and update items in the destination book by pasting data from the second workbook... It all works absolutely fine - although in some cases when the second workbook (with the data to import) is opened, it opens in a new...
  18. D

    Some help with a last modified date/time problem

    Hi all, I'm very new to VBA and macros and am struggling to find a solution for what I would like to do. I am using some code that i found to show the date and time that a worksheet was last modified in a given cell. This does not update on it's own. The only way that I am able to update the...
  19. I

    reference multiple tables within search range

    I'm using the below code to check for existing records (in case the user of my UserForm clicks "add record" instead of "Update" 'Checks for existing record in case user clicks Add record instead of update. Dim reference As String reference = UserForm1.Ref_Num.Value Dim aCell As Range 'Set...
  20. J

    Formula based on Quarter

    Hi there, I've racked my brain, and exhausted google searches so hoping someone can help me. I have a bunch of data in a spreadsheet that I do not want to manually update when the quarter turns over. So I'm wondering if there is a way to do a conditional formula (and I know there has to be)...

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