1. J

    Listbox rowsource in personal working folder

    Hi, Im trying to create a listbox in my personal working folder. Normally the data is already in the workbook so you can select the cells and link this to the listbox rowsource. But now I want the rowsource in the code itself and not in the workbook. I dont want the data in the workbook. How can...
  2. H

    Catching the Mouse Click Error in Modal User Form

    Good morning! I'll start with the the goal. I have an excel workbook for data collection. The user can enter data using a form. The user can also edit entries, which brings the data back into the form. I'd like the user to be able to open multiple forms at once. The issue is that the mouse...
  3. T

    Choose Image in Excel VBA

    Hello everyone, I am currently creating an entry form in VBA. I have the image box and I have set up a command button to select the image from my computer storage. However, this is only able to select the image I have told it to select. I need to be able to select different images every time I...
  4. F

    Userform textbox launches another userform

    I have a userform with two textboxes for users to enter dates. I have code that when the user clicks into one of the text boxes a second userform will appear. My issue is the second userform only appears once for each textbox. When the main user form appears, and either text box is clicked...
  5. T

    "Compile Error: Out of memory" with complex userform and many vba subroutines

    I have a spreadsheet with a fairly complex userform that acts as a UI. I believe the issue is caused by the ammount of controls i have on my userform as it was working fine upto a point. I have already upgraded from 32 bit excel to 64 which solved the issue at an earlier stage when i had less...
  6. M

    .gif does not animate using userform

    Note: I cannot use microsoft web browser as the dll seems to be missing for me and all the other solutions uses doEvents. Furthermore, my image seemed to turn into a bitmap (which gif is from my understanding) I would like the gif to animate even without doEvents (i.e. when unlocking other...
  7. P

    Userform - Only allow one OptionButton to be selected inside multipage within a Frame with other OptionButtons

    Currently working on a userform and quite new to it. I have a multipage (with 2 pages of OptionButtons) inside a frame which also contains 4 other Optionbuttons. Is there a way to ensure that once I click a option button inside the mutlipage that it deselects the option button outside of it and...
  8. P

    Looping through text boxes and checkbox captions on a user form

    On a user form, I have 2 sets of 25 text boxes and 1 set of 25 checkbox named TextQty, TextPrice, CheckBox respectively. I am trying to pull the checkbox caption and the values inside the textboxes into a listbox if the checkbox is selected. I want to be loop through each set of the textboxes...
  9. E

    Using Results of a Userform in a module which uses values from workbook to return a result

    I'm trying to figure out how to use the results from a userform, in a module which will use the results to find a value from the workbook. I.e. Instead of using multiple input boxes, I want to use a userform. I don't know how I should code the OK button on my userform to allow me to use the...
  10. X

    Same code for Multiple optionbuttons

    Hey. I have in a userform mutliple optionbuttons that, when the keydown event is called they all should do the same thing. for example Private Sub optbt1_KeyDown(ByVal KeyCode As MSForms.ReturnInteger, ByVal Shift As Integer) 'KeyCode 9=Tab 13=Enter If KeyCode = 13 Then me.optbt1 = True...
  11. X

    Problems when i add new rows in table via userform. Formulas wont get taken over and cell formats are changing

    So i have this table here: DEFGHIJKL4#BewerbungslisteOrtDatumPortalStatusLetztes UpdateTage seit BewerbungKommentar51Roland Deeg GmbHKirchberg an der Jagst23.10.2023Bewerbung per HomepageAbsage22.11.202338Die Bewerbung ist 38 Tage her62JMS AG Jet Maintenance &...
  12. M

    Userform adding new row to table with specific formulas is overwriting previous formulas

    Hi there, I have a userform that adds a new row to the table "totalTable" on the worksheet "Totals" that also adds a new row to different worksheet table called Breakdown. When it adds a new row to the Totals it adds formulas to certain columns that reads off of the Breakdown worksheet. The...
  13. M

    Simultaneously updating userform while executing procedure

    I do not know if this is multithreading. But I would like to update my userform every 1/60th seconds when a long procedure is running. The structure of my code is something like this: VBA Code: Sub LongProcedure() LongProcedure1 LongProcedure2 LongProcedure3 End Sub Sub...
  14. BartH

    Get properties of userform

    Hi all, I am currently working on a number of Excel files that use userforms. To help me understand what's going on, I want to be able to report all properties and their values for any specific user form in an open workbook. This line works fine (a user form in ThisWorkbook): Debug.Print...
  15. S

    Help Required With Barcode Being Read Into A Userform...

    Hi, I have a simple userform (for now!) that has two fields/textboxes on it that need to populate when a barcode is scanned. Problem I have is that I need to populate both with a barcode, mainly for speed, although a user could still type in if they wanted or needed to. One scan would be...
  16. J

    How to return focus to Userform textbox after process is finished.

    Having problems with userform setfocus after enter. Scenario userform textbox1 - textbox5 user enters data on enter of textbox6 a validation (i think this is what it's call) is ran. if the validation is not true then userform2 is opened and users enters data and that data is then sent to a...
  17. R

    VBA Timer

    Hey Everyone! So I am getting a bit stuck here - I have a timer that works (for the most part) the issue is when the userform is hidden and re-opened the "Continue" feature doesn't work anymore. Meaning the timer doesn't continue counting. Hope I can get some help please see my code below and a...
  18. R

    Repurpose UserForm [x] Close button

    Hey everyone, hopefully a simple question - can I code a way for the [x] button to Hide the userform instead of unload/reset my code?
  19. M

    Availability of a procedure for use by multiple userforms

    For multiple userforms, to call a procedure for the first time within each userform, I would prefer not to redeclare the procedure in those userforms. What ways can I avoid this?
  20. R

    Check that the options in User Form selected

    I've got a user form to run a code depending on what kind of data I need to upload: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 'Reset the form radiotempl1.Value = False radiotempl2.Value = False datatype.Clear With datatype .AddItem "Public" .AddItem "Private" End With radiotier1.Value = False...

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