1. M

    VBA Delete Entire Row in Table Based on Userform Selection

    Hi Everyone, I'm working on a project and am new to VBA. I've followed tons of tutorials online but I am stuck trying to delete a row in my table based on a selection made in a listbox within a user form. The purpose of the userform is to collect data on reallocating medication that was taken...
  2. A

    Can't find my run time error

    Hi everyone, So I have this userform for data entry (image below). The problem started when I add the "Delete selected row" button. When I tried adding and deleting a rows, it works fine the first few times, but then, the error message (2nd image) popped up around the 5th or 6th addition. Do...
  3. V

    Variant limit in VBA userforms?

    Hi, im currently building a userform spreadsheet to input data as well as query the selected data but currently having an issue with adding more code to the userform. the code it self is generally identical using match/index worksheet functions, when I add more lines using...
  4. M

    Userform Listbox Help

    Hi Everyone, Ive made an inventory tracking sheet that uses userforms to control the data, but its also used to display the data. One of the listboxes within this is pulling data from one of the database sheets in the workbook. The image shows the code that works currently with just the data...
  5. V

    VBA index match array

    Hi, im trying to use an index match formula in VBA to skip the rows that have already been input in to the userform (NameBox1VF...) but so far the code im using will only populate the text boxes with the first rows data "E2" instead of continuing down the column. Private Sub...
  6. T

    VBA - UserForm Multiple Sheets/Table submit button code

    I am working on creating a user form that takes the data entered, and submits it on a table on a specified sheet. On the user form, how do I have the data submit to different tables on different sheets? I want to be able to click submit on the user form and specify which sheet that I want the...
  7. V

    VBA/Userform to use combo boxes as criteria for repeating.

    Hi, I'm creating a multiple userform worksheet that inputs data to the worksheet from the data input in to the userform. when the data in entered in the userform there are 5 combo boxes with a list of names that will always be unique, I want all the data except for the names to repeat using...
  8. X

    Several VBA Userforms Questions including formulas in the Userform and uneditable textboxes.

    Ok. I am fairly new to the whole userform thing, but i find it really useful for what i want to do with it. But i still got several questions about it. 1. I have managed toget a fairly big userform to work and enter all those values in a table. But i figured out that when i use the userform to...
  9. E

    Userform tab order

    Hi. So I have a userform and let's say it has one textbox, a controlbutton1 and a controlbutton2. controlbutton1.enabled = false controlbutton2.enabled = true at textbox_afterupdate (after pressing Enter or Tab), if the content of the textbox meets the requirements it sets...
  10. V

    Excel VBA index/match formula to skip value already returned.

    I'm currently designing a multiple userform excel sheet and have come across an issue when returning values for 4 text boxes (labourbox1,labourbox2,labourbox3,labourbox4) as they are returning value from the same column using the same criteria reference it only displays the first cell in that...
  11. A

    Looping FindWindow inside a userform

    Hello all, I have a managed to find and modify some VBA that will locate as "Save As" window and then paste a file location inside it. My challenge, is that once time expires, a message box pops up prompting a stop or retry. What I am trying to do is instead of a message box, change a few...
  12. Q

    Closing Userform causes another form to close (crash)

    I have a Userform which, when an item in a ComboBox is selected, brings up another form. This 2nd form is be filled in and closed, returning to the original form. When item A is selected, form A comes up and closes with no problem. When item B is selected, form B comes up and crashes the...
  13. D

    Find name of userform control

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to extract a control name from a multipage on a userform upon actioning the control? I have CheckBox1 and, when it is directly on the userform (no multipage), using the code Me.ActiveControl.Name returns CheckBox1 on click - which is exactly what I am...
  14. T

    Insert Gif into sheet and View it userForm

    I Want to insert all listed Gifs from a folder into Spreadsheet, then by selecting a Gif, and then by clicking the command button in the sheet an user Form should pop-up and display the Gif. I tried to display the Gif directly in the userform using Webbrowser object. It was working. But i dont...
  15. N

    UserForm showing list of all sheets, ability to delete sheets

    Hello, I am hoping to find a way to create a userform, that lists all sheets within a workbook, and somehow gives the user the opportunity to select which sheets they would like to delete from that list. Is this possible?
  16. K

    How to change the caption on a dynamically created userform label?

    Hi There, I have a userform where i have a selected number of entries. In the picture attached its 8 but it can be 5,6,7 etc. I have created a loop to create 8 entries, each with two labels and one textbox. Once i start the program the numbers are going to rotate, and to do this the easiest...
  17. I

    How to edit data from datasheet using userform vba?

    Hi all, I am new to this and I am trying to edit my data from the datasheet using userform. I am not sure how to start it. Could you guys help me out!
  18. dss28

    how many textbox / combo boxes /command buttons etc can be added in a userform

    After I designed a userform with about 125 textboxes, 20 command buttons, 20 checkboxes, 20 comboboxes .. I am gettign a message that " Not enough system resources to display completely" This message did not pop up before this. Tried to change the default printer but no effect. But did not...
  19. Jaafar Tribak

    Reference and remotely manipulate UserForms loaded in seperate workbooks or in seperate Excel Instances via File Monikers.

    Hi, this an continuation of some code I posted in the past see Here ... This new addition uses file monikers to register objects in the Running Object Table and hence makes it possible to access UserForms from remote processes via the standard GetObject vba function. The advantage of using...
  20. A

    VBA - Userform Data entry - Prompt if VLOOKUP error (#n/a)

    I have a excel file that is designed for entering drawing numbers to use as a register. The file is design to search a part of the drawing number and relate it to a client # on a different sheet. I want my userform to prompt the user if no return is found relating the newly entered drawing...

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