1. N

    vba - how to create a userform login function for only a specific worksheet?

    Hi, i have managed to create a userform that requires one to login to the excel application with username and password using . How do i modify the vba code such that it only applies to one specific worksheet instead of the entire workbook? Thank you.
  2. M

    Hyperlink a cell to a specific document

    Hello, I would like to be able to hyperlink a cell to a specific document but it isn't working for me, here's what I had in mind I have already created an existing user form. It comes up with a range of textboxes that are linked to specific cells but what I would like to achieve is when the...
  3. PuntingJawa

    Multiple Userform One works the other not

    I am having trouble with one of my userforms. I have set up a simplistic input for Receiving and have a nearly identical one for shipping. The receiving works fine (See first) but shipping will not work on it's page. Is there something I must change when using multiple userforms in the same...
  4. S

    Changing Data in Row using a userform and vlookup

    Hello all, I've configured the following workbook to manage our IT workorders and create a ticketing system. Everything I have is working with exception to closing a ticket. I've tried wrapping my head around this one and keep drawing a blank and I'm hoping someone here will have a revelation as...
  5. K


  6. C

    How to populate textbox based on data in two comboboxes

    The issue that I am having is that I need to populate a text box with a pay rate based on data in two combo boxes. So the way it would work is that the user would choose the employee name in one combo box and than the Earning code in a second combo box. Than I need the pay rate to be placed in a...
  7. D

    InkEdit Crashing Excel with No Error Message

    I built a quick userform on my Windows 10 PC and it ran perfectly fine after I enabled the Microsoft InkEdit Control 1.0 field. However, following the same steps on another Windows 10 PC (I've now tried 3 different ones) does not work - the userform crashes. Specifically, I've narrowed down the...
  8. M

    Filtering data in listbox using two combo boxes

    I have a userform listbox where I want to filter data using two parameters - ALL, Parameter1, Parameter2. With the code that I have written I am only able to filter data using Parameter1 not Parameter2 or All. By default, 'All' is selected which should show all records in the listbox. There are...
  9. T

    Userform, IF-function

    Hi Can someone see why this doesn´t work. If I choose a certain element in the first Userform1, I like another to pop-up (Userform2) unless I pick the value that become True. Even if the value in "A11" become TRUE it will still show Userform2. I don´t know why. Sub Choise()...
  10. L

    ?I'm doing a vba foodpanda platform, how can I auto-fill the information for the check-out form?

    First, the customer will login through the login userform. Then, they can start ordering the food, afterthat, it comes to the check out form. I don't know how to auto-fill Member ID, Phone no., name, address and current member points from the customer sheet. * Member ID=Ref_ID/ Name = User_Name...
  11. M

    How can I hide row in listbox based on a condition?

    I have some records being displayed in a listbox. I have a hide button in my userform which when clicked hides the row selected and the row remains in the excel sheet. But if I open the userform again then the data loaded has all the hidden rows. I have created a row 'Active' and assigned it...
  12. B

    Userform to updated years for each cell

    Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet that shows multiple accounting years (Fiscal Year, Calendar Year and some Operating Years) that gets updated a few times a year and am wondering if the best/easiest way to update the years for each accounting year is to have a userform open and we select the...
  13. C

    Excel Userform VBA - Value from Last Textbox not showing

    Good morning! I have created two user forms in VBA, one that enters "Sample Details" and creates a new sample number, then another that allows the user to edit and enter testing data for the sample. However, I'm having an issue with one textbox not populating the value from the text box into...
  14. M

    How do I skip the header row?

    I am filtering data in the listbox using values selected from two combo boxes. I have made a separate listbox for the headers. The code I have for filtering is also printing the headers. How do I stop the headers from getting printed along with the data? Private Sub FilterData() Dim Manager...
  15. M

    Why do I get a blank row in my listbox?

    I am filtering data using two combo boxes from an excel sheet and updating a listbox. No matter what the results are I always get one blank row in the listbox but the excel data has no blank values or blank rows. Why is this happening? How can I resolve it? Here is the code for filtering and...
  16. littlepete

    userform not showing data on opening

    hello :) my userform has two buttons PREVIOUS and NEXT to show data from the row before, or the row after the active cell row :) but: on clicking in my data list to open the userform, it does not show anything, so now i click NEXT and then PREVIOUS and then i get the data from the active cell...
  17. littlepete

    userform button next/previous works only one time !

    hello all :) i'm putting a NEXT and PREVIOUS button on my userform to see other data (from other rows) ... strangely they work only once, and i think why: the activecell.row is stored in a variable, but in the datalist the active cell remains on the same row. how can i change my code to make...
  18. G

    VBA copy entire row based on multiple criteria

    Hello! I'm working on a macro and i need some help. I need to copy the entire rows from another workbook to my active workbook if a condition is met. The condition is a combination or 3 other conditions conected with OR. I'm giving an example below. Lets say i have the below table and my...
  19. R

    Calling variable from radio button in userform to a module

    Hi Experts, I have a workbook with a User Form with two radio buttons (a,b), an 'OK' Command Button and a 'Cancel Command' Button. On Sheet1("Form") I have a command button that loads the User Form. I also have a module in VBA, where I would like to write a subroutine (called by Clicking the...
  20. gitmeto

    Excel Userform - Prepopulate Text Box with text in columns

    I would like to prepopulate a user form text box, however I would like the content to be presented in columns as shown in the included image. Is there a way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!
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