1. V

    Display listbox data based on Combobox value

    Hi I'm trying to display data based on a combobox and data in Column D. current code below Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim lIndex As Long Dim rngMultiColumn As Range Set rngMultiColumn = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet3").Range("A4:N100") With Me.AllocateBox1 .ColumnCount = 14...
  2. J

    Populating Listbox based on ComboBox selection - VBA

    Hi, Im looking to populate a list box (5 coloums) based on the selection a user makes in a combobox. However, the options in the combobox are not unique, so there will be multiple sets of data to display. Name Age Hair Colour Jack 34 Brown Ben 23 Blonde Steve 45 Grey Jack 65 Black...
  3. V

    Userform Listbox column date format

    Hi, I have a listbox with 14 columns and in column 1(0) I have a date which I have code that does work but only for the first row as shown below and the code im using Sub UserForm_Initialize() Dim lindex& Dim rngMultiColumn As Range Set rngMultiColumn =...
  4. X

    1) Paste range into userform listbox? 2)Copy listbox range to cells on sheet?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anybody knows if it's possible to paste a range of cells into a userform, and then when a "Submit" button is pressed on the userform, the userform values are then copied to a specific cell in a new workbook. But the trick here would be that when it's pasted into the new...
  5. J

    Image scale to fit on userform

    Hi, I have a large area on my userform which I want an image to occupy. The image which is inserted is based on a CB selection. However, when the image is inserted, its always much smaller than the pre-determined area. I know I can scale the image area to fit the smaller image, but is there a...
  6. R

    Object Required Error in an Edit tracking code

    So, I have a userform which I am using for both submit and editing the database. The requirement is to track the edit changes in a sheet like this: I am struggling with the columns C, D, and E which are edited parameters, their old and new values. For that this is the code I have so far...
  7. C

    Minimize Excel not working properly with placing userform in taskbar

    Hello, So I have a set of codes here that allow me to minimize my userforms to taskbar. Unfortunately, when I minimize Excel the form disappears in taskbar. Is there any way I can prevent this from happening? Here are my current codes: Option Explicit 'API functions Private Declare Function...
  8. J

    Display graph/chart in userform based on Combobox selections

    Hi all, So, I have a serform (U1), which has two combo boxes (CB1 and CB2). I would like the user to be able to make a selection from each combo box and this to plot a graph. The Y-axis values of both comboboxes is the same. I have a work sheet (see pic), with the number of fruit sales on...
  9. C

    Create a time-and-motion feature in Excel UserForm

    Hello everyone! I need your help in creating a time-and-motion using Excel VBA. Basically, I have a small UserForm which should contain a "Start", "Done" and "Restart" button. Start = start timer from 00:00:00 Done = End time from 00:00:00 Restart = reset time to 00:00:00 Other than this...
  10. V

    Listbox to insert data to selected line

    Hi currently I have a userform with a listbox that displays the data I've selected in textboxes but whatever code I try to insert the new data to either the listbox or cells of the highlighted line in the list box I get error "70" listbox does not have permission.
  11. J

    Copy data from lastrow to first empty row on new sheet created

    Good morning all! I've been trying to used multiple posts for reference, but i'm stuck on the last piece of code to make this sheet work. When i create a new sheet, based on the submission of data through a userform, it should also copy the data to the new sheet created (to automatically start...
  12. C

    Keep UserForm on Top (Office365, 64-bit)

    Hello All, As the title says, I have around 7 UserForms and I want them to be always on top of ALL windows once opened. Currently, I had set the ShowModal to False on the UserForm properties. My issue is when I minimize Excel, it also minimize the UserForm. Details of the file: • Office 365 •...
  13. C

    Textbox to Textbox, Hyperlinks to desired browser, Reset CommandButton, Open another Sheet while UserForm is open

    Hello All, As the title says (i am not sure if this kind of title is allowed, kinda desperate for help), I have a few queries about my current worksheet. Below is my code for my checkboxes and comboboxes captions to appear on my TextBox3. Shoutout to @DanteAmor for these codes. What I want to...
  14. tbrock

    Freeze userform position relative to worksheet

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet (Windows 32-bit, Excel 2007) in which I have a userform successfully being placed where I want it (top left of cell B1). But the userform remains fixed in its initial position when I reposition the spreadsheet. I would like the userform to move with the...
  15. Y

    Barcode Scanning in the Userform (missing numbers.)

    Hello everyone my problem is a little bit annoying. When i try to scan a barcode in the textbox there is always number 7 is missing. for example if the barcode is 123456789 it writes in the text box 12345689 . The barcode scanner works perfect except in the userform. I tried in the notpad it...
  16. N

    [VBA] why is my match function not looping through correctly?

    I'm trying to locate a row # with data I need to update based on two text boxes within a userform. Code is here: Private Sub cmdSendData_Click() Set wb = Workbooks.Open("\\TABLE.xlsx") Dim wsTgt As Worksheet: Set wsTgt = wb.Worksheets("Sheet1") Dim recRow As...
  17. J

    Export Date from text box in userform to dtpicker in sheet

    Hello! i'm having trouble linking a Date box from a userform to a dtpicker in sheet (because i need the dtpicker with calendar available if the date is to be altered). I have tried this code, but obviously it didn't work...DATE1 is the box in the userform and DTPicker1 (from the development...
  18. N

    Setting a userform combo value from a worksheet cell value

    Hi my first post so sorry, I have a userform with a few combo boxes on it three of them I can update the values but one will not update. Its the only one that triggers some code but I am happy to run the code after. Me.TextBox1.Value = Range("E14").Value ' works fine'...
  19. L

    Pass data from a userform to a variable within a macro

    Hi! I'm working on a macro which graphs columns selected with an input box, and I'm trying to change these input boxes to userforms (in order to decrease the amount of popups for the user). However, I'm unsure of how to assign cells selected in a userform to variables which can be used in a...
  20. B

    Dynamically Create and Fill Value of Userform Textbox in VBA

    Hi Community, I am stuck in a VBA conundrum. I am trying to create multiple UserForm Textboxes in vba and Fill each one with a unique value either by index, or by some other means. I am able to get them to fill but when I do it seems that all the text boxes are being filled with the same values...

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