vba & excel & forms

  1. P

    user form deletes first row contents of table

    HI All. I am trying to add a user form to an excel data table with formulas, I have managed to get the user form to add the data to the table, however it keeps over writing the data on the first row of the data table and not inputting it on there next available row, Can you please help me with...
  2. S

    VBA Code Not Saving With Spreadsheet

    Situation: I have a VBA program that builds a new compilation workbook from other Excel files. The new workbook contains some forms objects / event handlers and is saved "WBout.Close SaveChanges:=True" in a ".xlsm" file. The program works flawlessly when I execute on my home Win10 PC with...
  3. L

    Please Help - VBA / Macro in Excel to Auto archive

    Please Help I am a VBA / Macro novice.... I have an excel spreadsheet with column and row headers that is filled out using drop down boxes and check boxes and text boxes (that is as advanced as I get !) What I need it to do is to be able to fill this form out daily, and then overnight the form...
  4. C

    Error Importing Excel data into Access

    Hi I am totally new to Ms access and apparently I have been using the wrong application(Excel) to build my databases lol better late then never so far I have learned the basics of creating both tables and form but am having issues when importing new data. I am trying to import new data from an...
  5. A

    How to enter a hyperlink into a user form to pass it ointo my worksheet

    0 1 I have a link to options in Think or Swim I have a form that I'm using to enter values into this sheet and for the textbox "tbossot" I'm using this code to copy to the worksheet: Cells(lrow + 1, "R").Formula = "='" & tbossot.Value & "'!" but when I paste this link into my form, it gets...
  6. K

    VBA code to copy paste from multiple workbook to one workbook

    Hello everyone, I want to copy paste data from multiple workbook to single workbook. I have created sheet names Master Macro and in the sheet3 i have mentioned the names of the files(which is usually our employee names). VBA should go to the folder and fetch data from a sheet named "Rawdata"...
  7. A

    How to populate this ListBox meeting a date criteria? This criteria comes from a selected cell

    I've been trying to put this one together, but no success so far. Option Explicit Public Sub listBoxPopulate() Dim data As Date Dim BB As String Dim CC As String Dim DD As Date Dim DateVal As Date TBL = Worksheets("PartsData").Range("A1:C100") DateVal = Selection.Value UserForm1.ListBox1.Clear...
  8. O

    Setting print copies in a ZDesigner S4M-300dpi ZPL en USB001: with Excel VBA

    Hi every one. I am trying to print labels from different ranges in a sheet ("Etiquetas") with different amount of copies per label from another sheet ("Rangos"). I get to print the labels but individually not by the different quantities in the "Rangos" sheet. The printer is a Zebra model...
  9. M

    Change Code from New to Update

    Hi, I've tried various ways but nothing seems to work for the code I have. The below code allows me to add data to a new row from UserForm1. I need assistance with changing the code so that I can select the row which will populate the UserForm and allow me to amend/update the data. The code...
  10. E

    EXCEL VBA or Formula: Split sets £ enteries based on criteria amount or close to it

    Hello all, I'm not sure is this is possible, everything I have looked at seems like it needs to be exact amount. I'm hoping someone can help. Please see image attached. In column B is the list of amounts I want to seperate into C D E F G columns. The total of £189,733.00 is divide by K6...
  11. Jyggalag

    Please help me wrap up my IndexMatch formula (90% done)

    Dear all, I am currently having some issues with a mix of IFERROR, INDEX, MATCH and TRANSPOSE and ROWS formula in Excel: I have the current sheet of data: The formula and the data links to this test sheet of data: Now I have done about 90% of the work (I hope), seen as my...
  12. D

    Anchor userform to specific worksheet

    I have a Userform that is opened by worksheet change event: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Range("E4")) Is Nothing Then Load frmActions frmActions.Show End If End Sub The form has various checkboxes in it...
  13. D

    Argument not optional error

    I'm trying to close a user form with a button. On button click I get "Argument not optional" error - I have no idea why? Any advice would be appreciated. Private Sub cmdOK_Click() Unload.Me End Sub
  14. D

    Show Userform when cell value changes code not working

    In my worksheet I have a drop down list in D4 and in E4 I have a XLOOKUP formula with the lookup value being the value in D4. I want a user form to show when the value in E4 changes, however I cannot get my code to work for me. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Not...
  15. R

    Match rows for value in specific columns and paste matched/unmatched rows in new sheet

    I got data in sheet1 and sheet2, which i want to copy and paste in sheet3. That is already done. So next i want to match rows, by checking column C, D, E, H and I. The C and H column value is integer and the rest is text/strings. If two rows match, then i want to copy and paste one of the lines...
  16. R

    VBA for making dynamic bucketwise report from Ageing report while providing days from Form

    Hello All, I'm developing a dynamic bucket wise OS report maker from Ageing report wherein users enter the days through form and by clicking the button "Make Bucketwise", the Bucketwise OS report will be generated (adjacent to the Ageing report) as per the days provided by users. Here users may...
  17. R

    Make data input from multiple workbooks in one master workbook

    Hello, i would like to make a data input from two workbooks that is in the same path. The data input should be in the master workbook from those two files. The first sheet in the master workbook should just be empty as im going to make macro run buttons for later purpose. The data from the first...
  18. R

    Insert data from two worksheets into master workbook and match values

    Hello everyone I would love some help to develop some VBA code. But im very new to VBA. Hope someone can help me with it, and i know its a lot to implement. So its for private purpose and a "just for fun project". The project is that i want to two files in a path that i want to match with...
  19. kelly mort

    (VBA) Code Amendment Needed To Filter Data From A Worksheet Into A Combobox

    The code below here was written for me by @Fluff some time ago. It's a very wonderful code and I love it. I have added 2 more comboboxes to use as the criteria for doing my filtering but I am stacked with how to get it tweaked. The new comboboxes are: ComboBox3, which will check column Y and...
  20. D

    Can`t find project or libary

    This workbook works fine for me but if somebody else uses the workbook it says "Can`t Find Project or Libary". When they press update on a user form? It`s on our server so should work for all of us? My Manager needs to see it today so somebody please help https://www.dropbox.com/t/QL0oGXslmXIJl3vd
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