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    Macro: Copy entire column into new sheets based on criteria listed in range in another sheet (excel 2010)

    Hi, I need help trying to create a macro. I have column Row 1 - Headers - User name. I want to create a macro that will copy the entire column into a new sheet IF the name in Row 1 matches a range of approved user names in another sheet. See below example: Input Sheet Approved...
  2. T

    Batch update existing macro

    Hello, I have a few thousand Excel workbooks that each contain a macro that needs to be updated. Is there any way that I can do this a batch fashion and not need to open each and every workbook? Thank you in advance. Tom Furst
  3. L

    project files from "VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel"

    Hello Bill Jelen (Mr. Excel), I bought "VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel" almost 15 years ago and I have dragged the book with me for three continents during all this time. I feel the urgency of learning macros (again), but I am failing to download the project files. In all my laptops appear...
  4. J

    Error Creating Pivot Table

    Well, I'm trying to create a pivot table from raw data on a weekly report (technically, a co-worker is, and I'm trying to help them debug the macro). Everything seems to be reformatting on the source report correctly, but the problem happens when I'm creating the pivot table. I'm sharing the...
  5. S

    How to set-up data validation in Excel?

    I am facing problems regarding errors while entering data and other entities into excel sheets. Excel sheets accept all the values entered by default; be it a right value or a wrong one which results into inconsistencies and irregularities in the sheets. In order to cope-up with such issues we...
  6. C

    Looking for some advice on learning VBA and macros for Excel 2010

    Hi, I’m looking for some advice on learning some VBA to make macros in Excel 2010. I make a lot of reports in Excel 2010 from csv files that I need to download from a government website. I would like to create a macro to have these csv files automatically added to an Excel workbook database once...
  7. A

    comparing two excelsheets for uncommon records based on common id field (column)

    I am comparing two excelsheets in the same workbook. I want to check whether the records from sheet1 are exactly same as records in sheet2 based on common Question_id(Column A of both worksheets) This question_id(column A) has values such as 1 1a 1a.1...
  8. S

    Select range of cells using VBA

    Hi All, I am looking to select range of cells in excel 2007 using VBA macros based on the cell value .for eg: Based on cell value (3 or 2) select the rows (shown with red color font) <tbody> Cell Value a b c 3 0 0 0 1 1 0 1 3 1 1 1 </tbody> Kindly help! Thanks, Swati
  9. A

    VBA Macros for Conditional formatting and column hiding

    Hi All, I am totally new to Macros. I need a Macro which should format a column based on the value of another column. Consider I have 10 rows. I have to format column D, based on the value of Column E. If the value of Column E is > 1000, then the background color of Column D should be...
  10. G

    Generate random numbers with multiple conditional statements?

    Help (Please!), I'm trying to randomly generate thirteen "Distractors" (single-digit numerals ranging from 2 to 8). However, the randomization must be subject to the condition that each new Distractor ("i") has not appeared as one of the previous three distractors (that is "i - 1", "i -...
  11. V

    Sorting a range in ascending order in a spreadsheet containing headings across multiple rows

    Hi, I am new to VBA and been attempting to develop a macro that will sort data for trays for theatre supplies (in ascending order) by Dispatch Date and Time. Each particular item has it's own heading, followed by Unit, Serial no., Dispatch Time. I have managed to get my code to loop through and...
  12. R

    Selecting Outlook mail account in VBA macro generated mail from Excel

    I am using a VBA macro in Excel 2007 to send emails from Outlook 2007 using info in the excel sheet. I wanted to be able to send from a different mail account than the default and added the following line to the macro before the .send command .SendUsingAccount = OutApp.Session.Accounts.Item(3)...
  13. A

    using a combo box to populate a form

    Hi, I have coded a combo box to populate with relevant data. What i want to do is when someone selects something from the combo box and clicks ok at the bottom of the form that another form is opened and all fields populated acording to the entry selected in the combo box, is this possible...
  14. A

    VBA: Ability to store a value for reference further down the code/module?

    Hello All, first post, be gentle :biggrin: ____ Scenario: Book1 is a form. Book 2 is a data storage file. I have a macro that copies the values input into Book1 into a single line within Book2. The macro then also needs to Save As Book1 but with the value of a specific cell (Say, ABC.xls)...
  15. D

    Macro - User Txtbox entry to open a file

    I need a macro that will open an existing excel file using a txtbox that the user has to type in the last name of the person they are searching for. The macro then searches a prepopulated list of names. (I don't want to use a listbox either). The user must then verify the correct person by...
  16. M

    Tricky VBA Question??

    Hi, Have two Workbooks (1 Sheet in each) and was wondering whether the following is possible? Each 'workbook' has; Column 'A' - Unique employee pay number; (there may be more than one entry for the employee but column's 'x' and 'Y' are different in these cases Column 'X' has date; Column 'Y' has...
  17. M

    Excel VBA

    Help!!! Am at a loss :confused: How do i write a macro that would look for a string (Numeric e.g. "999") in colum's 'O' - 'T'? (Columns 15 - 20) If the string is found, i want it (the macro) too copy that entire row to a 'new' sheet (Sheet2) in the same workbook and delete the row from Sheet1...
  18. T

    VBA - Copy formatting from linked cell

    Hi All, I've searched all over the internet and not found an answer. I need a macro which will read the cell I have linked to, copy the formatting and paste it into the current cell. All cells in the sheet will be linked to another source. Each cell in the source is linked from multiple cells...
  19. E

    Adding datafields to Pivot Table in VBA

    Hi all, I trying to build a macro that uses a Userform to collect information that resides on a datasheet, and then launches a pivot table to display this data. My current problem lies with trying to get the macro to add datafields to the pivot table (in this case, portfolio performance by...
  20. J

    Runtime error '9' without an array in sub

    I have a macro that is suppossed to import saved data from one xlsm file to another when running the macro I get Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range when hitting debug on the dialog RowBounds = Workbooks(OldSheet).Worksheets("Saved Characters").[a1].Value is highlighted For...

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