1. M

    How to track choices in a workbook from several drop down lists and reflect the running choices throughout the month

    I've created a monthly spreadsheet for my work site. It's for use on all 3 shifts starting with nights, mornings then afternoon. Each tab is a day and named for the date. I have a main data sheet, a Summary sheet for the statistics to update in real time and the days of the month. I also have a...
  2. R

    VBS code to VBA

    I have the following code working in VBS. I cannot figure out how to use it in VBA. Any ideas would be great. I am trying to figure out which PDFs in a folder are in Portfolio format vrs standard format here is the VBS that works: The Code says VBA but it actually is VBS Set objShell =...
  3. U

    Store a specific column value until next value is identified

    I have very basic knowledge in VBA, I have one requirement where the data for a specific set will be available in multiple rows and it will be like Header (ex. from A to D) and lines (ex. from E:J). Header will not be there for all the line rows, so when validating the line data with Header...
  4. D

    Insert a blank at the beginning of all cells in a specific column

    I need to insert a space at the beginning of each cell so they all match. So the first two rows would have to have the space inserted. Is there a easy way to do this. VBS is a option if needed. abc abc abc abc
  5. C

    macro to create vbs and pass variable

    The variable to pass is EMailVar Q: need to know how to setup vbs to receive variable Option Explicit ' create a vbs script to receive a variable parameter and send email. 'run vbs script by passing variable 'wait for process to complete 'kill script Sub writeVBScript() Dim s As String...
  6. R

    Outlook VBS - Automatically delay sending evening & weekend emails until 0700 the following weekday (script not quite right)

    Hi all, I've got a script for Outlook that *should* delay sending emails Mon-Fri after 1800, and any time at the weekend, until 0700 the next weekday morning. It seems to work Mon-Thu, but Fri-Sat it just sends it the following morning rather than waiting until Monday morning. Can anyone help...
  7. R

    Copy named rows based on new sheet based on text comparison of two cells

    Good day everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. So here's what I'm trying to do...I need a VBS that will loop through a workbook of multiple worksheets and look at columns C and D for differences as long as the text does not match "Default settings" or "Configurations settings". If there are...
  8. K

    VBS macro doesn´t run

    I'm trying to close the CMD after running my vbs file, can someone help me? Code: Dim objExcel, ObjWB WScript.Sleep (200) Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") objExcel.Visible = True Set ObjWB =...
  9. X

    HTA created table to Excel

    Hi Everyone, Just want to seek guidance on the below code. Basically, the tool will create a data in the table and submit it in an excel file. Problem is, I'm not getting my desired result, This is where the user fill up the required fill out the required fields. Once submitted, data will...
  10. X

    HTA Send Email Outlook with signature

    Hi Everyone, I have one simple problem in automating the way we send a particular email. Below code works with signature but the body message disappear whenever I insert the objMailItem.HTMLBody Any idea what's wrong or any other method on how to recreate my code? I also tried calling the...
  11. F

    Compare two Workbook to display full name column

    Hello Friends, I was able before to Copy Column base on Condition from "absent11d7.xlsx" file to display the result in "NewAbsentData.xlsx" using the Code below. Currently i want to move One Step Above: The final file "NewAbsentData.xlsx" have two columns "Last name" & "First name" So As...
  12. B

    workbook wide VBA conditional formatting help

    Please can one of you geniuses excel guys or ladies help me with a bit of code to format an entire spreadsheet. I have a excel workbook with our entire hospitals directory. Each section of the hospital has a different colour code and I need to conditionally format the entire workbook based on...
  13. M

    Compare two columns in different workbook

    I would appreciate if I can get help in creating this macro. I have two workbooks, and want to compare the specific column from 1st workbook, Ex: Column H with next work book, Ex: column A. After comparison highlight the matching cells in 1st workbook.
  14. A

    Automatically ran macro

    Hello, I am looking to have a macro ran periodically on a spreadsheet. In order to achieve such a goal, I based myself on a post I saw from The Spreadsheet Guru (link below)...
  15. A

    Applications blocks Subroutine from continuing

    I want to automatize the following procedure: I want to attach an email after sending it to a document in SAP, but as soon as the "select Files:" windows appear my code is blocked from continuing bc this window belongs not to the SAP application itself (I don't know if these are the correct...
  16. E

    Setting beginarrow head style type in excel using VbScript

    Good Morning, I am writing a script in VbScript that interacts with excel and I am trying to set the hiLoLines property to create the BeginArrowHeadStyle, but I am unsuccessful. Noted below I have place my code of what I have so far and this is within a graph. Please help...
  17. P

    Problem saving VBScript Script Files

    Hello all, I'm used to Macro program writing but I'm new to VBScript Script Files and I cant seem to find what can be wrong no matter where I look. I have a problem with running this vbs file, getting this error: Line: 7 Char: 1 Error: "Object required: 'application' Code: 800A01A8 Dim...
  18. K

    vbs script suddenly started "unknown runtime error" on running macro in excel - any ideas??

    My script was running just fine up until about a week ago. Now it throws an error on the macro run statement. The macro runs fine in the spreadsheet when run manually. We did run windows updates, and an antivirus update; but that should not have changed anything in this - right? I'm running...
  19. E

    vba and vbs file name import

    Dear All, I have an issue with the following I have a code that saves a file under a name from one of the cells: Sub zapisintemp() ' ' zapisintemp Macro ' Dim Path As String Dim filename As String ' Range("A1:H1").Select Range(Selection, Selection.End(xlDown)).Select Selection.Copy...
  20. S

    Question on Password input

    Hello, I am using the following .vbs script to open, run, save and quit excel: Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open _ ("my_excel_workbook") objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.Save objExcel.Quit What happens in the excel sheet is a macro is...

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