1. G

    formatting and deleting cells and rows from a txt import in excel

    I believe I have exhausted all the searches I could do on this subject and since I have not solved my first problem I hope I can post and get an answer for both of my issues... Background: I recieve a report from an old database in email as a message, I copy that message to word and save it as...
  2. D

    Button and Macro

    Hello at all I'm new in this Forum because I can not find a solution for my Excel problem in the Internet. I have a sheet with some Buttons assignt with Macros. The Button has the following function: copy a Special part of the Row, in which the Button is, to the next sheet. The problem is that I...
  3. J

    Generate .VBS script with a .VBA code

    Good afternoon, My first post on the famous Mr.Excel.com. Hope I would post a question that has been answered thousands times. I need to create a .VBS document/script from an excel sheet. Is there any easy way to do a "save-as" and choose the .VBS extension ? Once the .VBS is created, I...
  4. A

    Excel sheet [transfer data from Sheet2 to Sheet1]

    I want to copy data from detailed sheet to summary sheet. The C column data of detailed sheet (10.23 instead of 10:23.12 in first row by truncating) needs to be copied to B3 in summary sheet. We used to fetch the data for summary sheet from oracle database and paste the complete data in...
  5. F

    VBS email with excel sheet range

    I want to gather a static range from excel sheet to go into the body of my email. But, This particular script works by walking down each cell of column 1 till it finds an empty cell which it assumes is the end of the list of entries. Function GetData() Dim x, strTemp, objExcel, objWB Set...
  6. G

    Extracting data from File names

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a problem Im trying to solve. But not entirely sure if this is even possible So we use a bunch of equipment at work that spits out a pdf file that is going to consist the results of a particular test. Those files are named in a unique format. It...
  7. S

    Need help to copy excel data into outlook body using VBScript. Below is the all code that am using . but it is sending only blank email. excel data is

    dim aOutlook dim aEmail dim strRecipients dim automail_sub dim psg_level2 dim names_copy dim add_body_txt dim signature dim i dim rowcount dim path Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") xlApp.Visible = False path = WScript.ScriptFullName path = Left(path, InstrRev(path, "\")) 'Open...
  8. A

    Need Help with a Macro

    I have created a spreadsheet with different sheets, I was wanting to be able to click the button I have added and for it to search all pages in column E, then if the number in a cell in column E is above 0, I want it to copy the corresponding row into a section on the first sheet. If you click...
  9. R

    "Object Required" Error

    I need to copy from anohter workbook on my I:/ drive and paste into "Sheet 1". I have the cde below but get an "Object Required Error. Please help?? Thanks in advance :) Sub Macro2() 'Assign variable name to Target workbook Var1 = "ActiveWorkbook.Name" 'Assign variable name...
  10. E

    VBS Help for Removing Rows

    I am using Excel 2007 and with a .vbs file and I am trying to delete the first 11 rows of data in a CSV, then delete the very last row after the first 11 are deleted. After this the file should be saved in XLXS format which currently does work. Set objExcel =...
  11. R

    Running a Macro

    Hi All, I'm hoping to get some help in running a macro. My situation is this: I have a master spreadsheet with 13 different tabs. 3 of the tabs are "Today", "Yesterday", and "Statement." I run 2 reports each morning, "Today" and "Statement." First, I copy the info from "Today" from the...
  12. P

    Disable Excel key-catcher

    Hi everyone ! I'm actually trying to make a game in Excel, coded in VBS (I know, this is crazy ), and I use the API "GetAsyncKeyState" in order to catch what keys are pressed : Public Const VK_UP = &H26 Public Const VK_DOWN = &H28 Public Const VK_LEFT = &H25 Public Const VK_RIGHT = &H27 Public...
  13. Urner

    HELP: VBA to find first non-blank cell in the row?

    How should I write a vba code that will find the first non-blank cell in a specified row range and then copy it to another sheet? Any suggestions?
  14. T

    Need VBS script to copy data and verify

    My company recently switched vendors on thousands of parts and during the switch the database has not been able to copy the part numbers from one table to another. Now in Excel I have two spread sheets. One with the original vendor the other with the new vendor. The part number I need to...
  15. C

    Convert xl Macro to standalone VBS commands...

    I have written MANY xl macros using vba. They work well. I am trying to expand my horizons and create a vbs/vba file that will do everything a little more automated. My problem is that when I try to run the same vba code from within using my additional code listed here: Sub...
  16. S

    VBS open readonly recommended doc

    Hi, This code does what I want so far. It will open the Workbook I want, will make it visible, and will run the module that I've specified. The problem that I have, is that the WB is saved with Read Only Recommended on, so when I open the WB with the below VB script, it opens it as read...
  17. 6

    Unable to get the SpecialCells property

    wrote some code works fine in Excel, but from a .vbs file, it chokes. the offending line: lastRow = .Cells.SpecialCells(xlLastCell).Row the error: "Unable to get the SpecialCells property of the Range class" if i change that to: lastRow = 100 works fine, but obviously, loose the dynamism of...
  18. D

    Data (text) to be copied and amended to another cell in a different worksheet

    Hello all: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I have a single excel 2007 workbook with eight worksheets and I wanted to find out if there was a way that I could automate that if data (text) were entered in a cell that this data (text) would...
  19. R

    Drop Multiple Files on VBS to Pass to Excel

    I've got a VBScript file that I'm trying to get to populate an Excel spreadsheet with the file names dropped onto it. It works with a few files, but when I try to dump like 21 or more files on it I get an error saying it can't process that many arguments. Dim arg, cnt Set objExcel =...
  20. R

    Drop Multiple Files/Folders to VBS File

    I've got a VBS file that I'm using to populate an excel spreadsheet with file names. I select the files (.pdf's or .slddrw's of mechanical drawings) and drop them on the script, it iterates through the files and puts them into the spreadsheet with their folders. My problem is that I can only...

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