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    QueryTables.Add URL

    Good afternoon, I am trying to connect excel to web query but it is not working. I created this in VbScript. Here is my code below: Set objExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") objExcelApp.visible = False objExcelApp.Workbooks.Open strExcelFile With...
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    Adding values to excel from an Array

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help me with the following code which is not working correctly. I collect values from an external GUI and add them to an Arraylist. I am trying to add the values to excel in two columns. The results I get is that as it For loops I only get the last value...
  3. A

    Applications blocks Subroutine from continuing

    I want to automatize the following procedure: I want to attach an email after sending it to a document in SAP, but as soon as the "select Files:" windows appear my code is blocked from continuing bc this window belongs not to the SAP application itself (I don't know if these are the correct...
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    How to For Loop two ArrayLists

    How do I loop two arraylists and multiply each one? For example first element(0) in array 1 multiply first element(0) in array 2 and then element 2 to element 2. I started with this For loop in VbScript, but it calculates the first one but then when it moves to the second element the element(1)...
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    vbscript loop cells into array

    I am reading an excel sheet and I would like to store the value into an array, but It is not working. Any help would be most appreciated. With objReadWS lastRow2 = .Range("G" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row lastCol2 = .Cells(2, .Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column Redim Array100(i) For...
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    VbScript Union two ranges in excel

    I have a VbScript that I am creating a graph in Excel. My issue is that I am trying to set the range as two separate columns, but I assuming I need to do a Union, but it is not working. I get an error in the Union line and the SetSource line. Here is my code: Set rng1 = objReadWS.Range("B4"...
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    Filling out blank spaces with previous value

    I have data in an excel sheet that has blank spaces in column B and C. I want to fill them with its previous values. I have the VbScript code below semi working as I think my issue is the FormulaR1C1, but I cannot get it to work. Any suggestions? Sample Data: A B C Time Start Race End...
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    filling in blanks in excel using VbScript

    Good afternoon, I need some help with my VbScript as I am trying to fill in blanks in my excel sheet. My current code is breaking in Selection portion as I do not know how to make it work in Vbscript. Can you please help? ---define objects---- Set objReadXL =...
  9. G

    Need to Upload a PDF into the Web page

    Hi , I m New to VB and I was struggling to the code for upload a PDF into the web page. I need to upload a PDF in (https://draftable.com/compare) in this website please help here and provide any code to upload a PDF using VBA. I have tried to upload PDF but getting error when "Choose File...
  10. P

    Problem saving VBScript Script Files

    Hello all, I'm used to Macro program writing but I'm new to VBScript Script Files and I cant seem to find what can be wrong no matter where I look. I have a problem with running this vbs file, getting this error: Line: 7 Char: 1 Error: "Object required: 'application' Code: 800A01A8 Dim...
  11. J

    Change query parameter with vbscript

    I've searched the wonderful world of Google for a simple answer and wasn't able to find one. Is there a simple way to have a standalone (manually executed) vbscript to change an Access query parameters? I have the same parameter in three queries, which is Like"XXX" I need to replace the XXX...
  12. S

    Currency Converter to Different excel

    I have two excel first excel output file and second excel Exchange rate excel, first check in second excel date column and pick every month 1 date exchange rate and convert in Main file currency in (INR,USD,EUR) convert in GBP format. 1: Main Output file : Empno Ename...
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    Currency Converter to Different excel

    I have two excel first excel output file and second excel Exchange rate excel, first check in second excel date column and pick every month 1 date exchange rate and convert in Main file currency in (INR,USD,EUR) convert in GBP format. 1: Main Output file : Empno Ename...
  14. B

    VBA Macro to change the value of the cell based on the text box font color. ( -ve for Red font)

    Hello, I am a total VBA novice and I really need some help with this problem. I have 10 excel files that contain 5 worksheets in each of them. The values of 3rd worksheet (of all excel files) of Cell C24 change regularly to Red or Green font values. I'd like to change the red color values...
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    adodb performance EXCEL VBA vs vbscript

    I have a rather large query, containing a table join that returns approximately 80k rows; executing this query via excel VBA seems to result in a minute or longer of processing. I don’t have the same speed issues when returning 5-10000 rows in excel; just the one that’s returning 80k rows. I...
  16. S

    Creating lists of numbers

    I have a list of no’s and I want to be able to create a list for each line in my table E.g Branch, sub dept, start no, end no 1234, 1, 5, 9 4567, 3, 45, 55 8734, 7, 23, 35 Etc So I need an output of 1234.1.5...
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    Stop vbscript

    Is there a simple IF string that can be put into a vbscript/macro, to stop the routine when it encounters a specific variable? I am looking to stop the routine when it encounters a ="" variable in column A on my workbook
  18. W

    VBScript - Show only Userform - Userfrom does not apear "In Front"

    I am using a VBScript to launch an excel file with the application hidden so that only the userform appears and the application never shows (not even a flash as is typically seen with Application.Visible = False use). Everything works fine, the script opens open and hides the application then...
  19. D

    XML-mapping not compliant with Excel RefreshAll

    Hi! Running an Excel 2016 workbook with a few data connections to SQL server and they refresh fine with "Refresh all" command. I added a XML-mapped table just for exporting (i.e. no real refreshing needed - data in XML-mapped table is filled manually and via formulae & exported on-demand). Did...
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    Running a VBA macro from VBS file

    Hi! I have a working VBScript file and VBA macro in Excel worksheet that does this: 1) refresh all data connections 2) write a timestamp in a specific cell 3) save & close the Excel worksheet VBS file: Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") objExcel.Application.Run...

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