visual basic

  1. Chris_010101

    Error 1004

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) On Error Resume Next Sheet1.ShowAllData On Error GoTo 0 Dim fromRow% Dim archiveRow% Dim strMatch As String Dim wsTarget As Worksheet 'sheet to move data to Dim blnMove As Boolean 'whether to move data or not Dim...
  2. J

    Visual basic code for email reminders

    Hello guys, How can I make excel send email reminders in outlook based on the given dates In one column. I would like to make it send the reminder with 6 months in advance, do you have any ideas? I have seen it is possible to do so with visual basic but I do not know how to code.
  3. E

    How do I create a Pop-up Notification/Reminder in Excel?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with a bit of dilemma. I have a long list of cases that I am working on. I have to be reminded on which ones to chase everyday. I have used conditional formatting where certain cases are coloured which kind of helps, but as the list gets longer...
  4. O

    Issue with Macro: Run-time Error

    Hello All, I have trouble running the following macro (See the attached image). Sub Translation() Dim fndList As Variant Dim rplcList As Variant Dim x As Long fndList = Array("Pound Sterling", "Outgoing amount ATM/Dispenser", "Banknote") rplcList = Array("Libra Esterlina", "Salida dotación...
  5. P

    Editing of separate Table, which determines Value in originally selected cell

    Hello everyone! I want to apologize in advance if my language is not the most correct or if I am unable to explain what I wish to do in the best way, as I am a beginner at using Excel. I have attempted many google searches using different wording but unfortunately without success. Here is a...
  6. Chris_010101

    VBA Code to auto sort specific cells

    Hi I can't XL2BB as my work won't allow it: I need a VBA code on workbook open to sort these three columns (not the total) by days lost > highest to smallest. A small caveat here is that the VBA will need to first unprotect the workbook (with password) before sorting the data and then...
  7. J

    VB Macro for extracting Excel email address data to Outlook email draft

    Hello, I do found a VB formula in order to extract a set of email addresses from Excel to an Outlook email draft, so email drafting will be way easier especially if we maintain a lot of distribution lists for different email communications. My problem is I want to implement this to a...
  8. M

    How to automatically change a Module code in multiple protected Visual Basic projects

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Visual Basic. For the past 2 days I've been trying to make functional an automatic code that should process multiple Excels and change one of the modules code from their respective Visual Basic projects. Each VB project is protected. I used this following code to...
  9. H

    Help with VAB unprotecting sheets

    Hello My code is set to wipe a workbook based on a date Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ws As Worksheet ' Check to see if specified date is passed If Date >= DateSerial(2023, 7, 6) Then ' If it is, loop through all sheets For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets '...
  10. H

    VBA to wipe an entire workbook on date

    Hello New to this forum. Due to the legal need to delete data after 6 years, I need VBA code to do the following: - on X date - wipe all data from workbook, including all the sheets - delete version history (so it can’t be recovered) - if possible, replace with a message “data deleted -...
  11. Chris_010101

    VBA Update Links

    I've created and stored a workbook on a teams group for a number of users which contains formulae which link to another workbook I have saved separately, on a different teams group. I have tried to set the workbook to automatically update links but when other users, who are not that experienced...
  12. Chris_010101

    Filter Data?

    Hello, I track the whole company's absence on a single excel tracker (excerpt below). At the end of each week, I am required to provide an individual absence report to managers in each location. There are currently 62 in the business across 8 locations and this is hours of work on a Friday. We...
  13. Chris_010101

    Clear filters from ALL sheets, on workbook close

    Hi I need a VBA code to clear/reset all filters from all sheets upon workbook close. A number of users of a workbook are always leaving filtered criteria applied and exiting. With some sheets having 100 columns, it sometimes causes problems when others open the workbook and think data is...
  14. Chris_010101

    VBA Help Auto-Sort upon workbook Open

    Hello This is my sheet (unfortunately can't install XL2BB on my work machine): Sheet is called "outstanding" and is 16 columns wide. I already have VB code in here which moves the row to another sheet based on the status from a drop-down list in column O. When the workbook is opened (or...
  15. S

    VB to Update Query(s) without opening up each query

    Hello. I am trying to automate the following. I need to update Query 1, 2, 3, and 4 with a dealership ID #. So instead of opening up each query and entering the dealership ID #, I was wondering if there is an easier way of automating this. I used to use [Forms]![Form1]![dealerno] but this is not...
  16. Chris_010101

    Get Macro to Work on Multiple Sheets

    Hello, The below macro is assigned to a button on the ribbon and works on the "current 6 months" sheet. It looks down column B for "terminated" and deletes the row. It's currently restricted to only work on "current 6 months" sheet. Is there any way to add another sheet "Previous 6 months" to...
  17. A

    2D Arrays match with Column

    I have a 2D-Array and I want to look up for values in the column. arrDestination(0, i) = Name(i) (asdfg, csda, asdfg,zzz) arrDestination(1, i) = Values(i) (100, 50, 100, 60) My 2D Arrays contains the names and values. If my arrDestination Array match with Column A then I want to insert the...
  18. G

    Comparison of VBA vs VB syntax etc

    I have been developing an API-based program using excel VBA because I can make user interface easily in excel worksheets. But the program is getting large and slow. My program calls millions of API function each run, up to 1 hour. The calling iteration seems to overhead the running time and it...
  19. Chris_010101

    Excel (Formula/VBA) Help: Two sheets into one

    Hello, I have an absence tracker which records absence in a current 6-month rolling period and a previous 6-month rolling period. Each occasion of absence is recorded as a separate row and absence is manually added to the "current 6 month" sheet daily (as it occurs). A piece of VBA code then...
  20. Chris_010101

    VBA Code Help

    Hello, I use the below code for my absence tracker which was kindly provided on here. I now need to change it, so instead of looking at current 12 month rolling period and previous 12 month rolling period, it looks at: Current 6 months Tab - All absence in the last 6 month rolling period from...

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