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  1. A

    Saving content of individual cells within a column as separate JSON files

    Is there a way to create a collection of JSON Files in a folder based on the content of individual cells in a column in excel? So basically, I have a spreadsheet with a column starting with cell B12 to B26. Each cell contains a JSON script. I want a VBA that would convert each of these cells...
  2. H

    Excel VBA Will Not Recognise AutoFilter Is Enabled

    Excel vba will not recognise that AutoFilter is enabled. However, it works on the initial sheet which the code is run from. Using code: If ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode Then Option 1 Else Option 2 End If I have tried to use vba prior to the above code, to remove and re-add the...
  3. L

    How to VBA Json parse an output with same name value on multiple levels

    Hi I have a json outfile that looks like this. As you can see both the name "data" occurs twice in the structre, and below "stages" each stage "ID" have the same name "ID" - I am trying to get all the different stage "id"s into 10 different colums (and then go through all objects to fill those...
  4. P

    External Table is not in the expected format - ms access 2013

    Hi. I am running the following vb command from access 2013. DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "123", "c:\test\test.xls", True Access 2013 - Excel 2013 The table 123 is created but the external table is not in the expected format appears and when I click on debug...
  5. motherteresa

    Change Color of One Cell IF Another Cell Changes Value in ANY way

    I hope the title is accurate. Looking for a solution through Conditional Formatting for the following: Values in cell L14 AND L15 change. (Both values in L14 & L15 shown to user of WB are a result of a formulas placed in those cells that draw from info somewhere else in the WB). When the...
  6. P

    Modifying a Macro to Produce Reports

    Hello everyone, I am a big fan of this forum and have used it to solve many problems by searching through here (I only recently registered). I recently used a Macro created by hiker95 several years back. I am using this macro to sign in/out patients at my facility instead of a paper sign in/out...
  7. P

    JSON file within VB

    Hello. I am loading up a JSON file with particular data and dumping it out to Excel. The process works, but when I try and grab the next set of data, I get an error. I am assuming the JSON file needs to be cleared/emptied so that the next 50 rows of data can be loaded. Does anybody have a...
  8. P

    VB Assistance - Looping Process

    Hello. I have a worksheet that will contain data in sheet A . Column A. Range can be anywhere from A2:A1000 Trying to figure out how to load 50 rows of data at a time, then send to the software (url) that I am using, etc.. The Process currently works but only up until 50 rows of data as that's a...
  9. P

    VB Assistance with Counting the number of rows with Data (within a datarange)

    Hello - I have a worksheet that will use a datarange of A2:A1000 within a sheet name of "ABC" I would like a variable that will return the number of rows that contain data. Anywhere between 1 and 999 is possible.
  10. Mister_J

    Help fixing a Multi-Filtering Macro That Requires Letters and Numbers.

    Quick Summary: I have a macro that requires a column to contain numbers and letters in order to be run properly and I would like it to work either with just numbers, just letters, or both. I found a thread a while back that had a macro request and a solution that was very similar to what I was...
  11. S

    Tring to get VB code to automatically scroll through a table.

    Hi. I have VB code that looks at a table connected to a form and runs a macro ("ApdTabtoTotalTest"). I have it set up to go to the next record. It works, but the issue is that I have to manually run the code for each record. There are around 150 records. So I click a button and it runs. I then...
  12. D

    can i set up excel default to print all pages of workbook, fit to page??

    would someone out there be able to help me figure out how use visual basic to program a special print button in excel for a colleague so that it will default to print all pages of any workbook, fit to page? I read that it can be done with a visual basic button that will show up in all...
  13. P

    Hide Column in one worksheet based on a drop-down in another worksheet

    Hello all! I have two worksheets. The First one "BS1" and the second "PL2." On the first one, I've created a macro that hides certain columns in BS1 if cell L6 says "Single Year" "Comparative" or "Quarterly Comparative." The code is below for this. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target...
  14. S

    Budget // Use VB to pull individual expenses for a category into the total for the category

    Hey all, thanks for looking at my question. What I'm trying to do is create a VB program for my budget. In my budget, I have two areas for data. One area shows a running total of my current allowance & expenses for any category, and the other area is where I enter each individual expense...
  15. U

    VBA Error: paste method of worksheet class failed 1004

    Hi All, Im getting the following error, paste method of worksheet class failed. when i Debug it takes me to the below which ive changed to BOLD font. Sub TheLatestETSResendPart2() ' ' TheLatestETSResendPart2 Macro ' Columns("M:M").Select Selection.Insert Shift:=xlToRight...
  16. G

    Extreme Beginner- VB Macro commands.

    Hi Guys, I'm a student completely new to Visual Basic and I've been tasked with creating a Macro that upon pressing the shortcut ctrl+a has to change the text in a specific cell to Bold and blue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  17. S

    Creating an XLSX from from tabs in an XLSM file

    I'm taking four tabs in an XLSM file and creating a new XLSX file. The XLSM has many tabs, and I'm creating 10 XLSX files from this one big XLSM file. When I run my macro, I'm getting the below message: The following features cannot be saved in macro-freeworkbooks: VB Project To save a file...
  18. E

    Application.visible = false does not work anymore

    Hey guys, this is my first post here, and i made an account to get help from the experts! I have a self contained calculator that is a userform which does not require a visible workbook to operate. So, in my Workbook Open sub, i have: Application.Visible = False UserForm1.Show and this used...
  19. F

    Conditional Formatting Macro

    Hopefully a simple one: I have a particular conditional formatting style I use for my error checking formulas. When the formula in the cell = 0, then one style appears and when the value <>0, then another format appears. I'm struggling to build a piece of VBA ( or a macro) that I could run on...
  20. L

    How to use Visual Basic to generate .txt file

    Could you help me to create the .txt file from the Excel spreadsheet. What Visual Basic code would I use? The correct format to use for the text file is: Document Number + Tab Key + Amount (with a decimal point and no dollar sign) + Enter Key. Repeat for each request I need to process. Text...

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