1. C

    Assign column values to heading? - Linking Cell Movement

    Hi! I want to be able to make cells move together if I change the value of one of the headings. I currently have the heading set up to come from another sheet using a vlookup. When I insert a column on the other sheet, (say, Jim) the second table below is what I get, but what I want to occur is...
  2. K

    Hyperlink & Vlookup formula

    hi, i have 1 workbook with 2 tabs - on Sheet 1 i need to hyperlink the column COLOR to Sheet 2 with vlookup function. i've tried this but doesn't work. =HYPERLINK(VLOOKUP(B2,'SHEET 2'!A1:B3,2,0) please help me with this. i will need to key in the formula in Sheet 1 B2, and when click on B2...
  3. D

    Vlookup offset? Index? Match? Choose? i honestly have no idea.......

    Hi all... i have a fairly simple problem with what i think is a pretty hard solution (at least to me) so i have a sales comission report and need to pull agent totals to another excel file. Seems pretty straight forward.... Except this report creates a new row per sale... so the totals row...
  4. B

    Use Vlookup(?) in VBA forms

    Hello all, I got an userform named userform2 that displays Code and Productname in labels. On this form is a button that passes through this Code and Productname; Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() lblGelCodeR.Caption = UserForm2.commonVariable lblProductNameR.Caption =...
  5. P

    VLOOKUP working on the calculation rather than the number shown

    HI, I am sure this is a very quick question/answer, In one cell(D38) I have a SUMIFS formula, the answer it is returning is 0.415. This number is actually a calculation of months in decimals. In the next cell (E38) I have a vlookup to return this figure in months. Cell D38 is rounded to 2...
  6. M

    Vlookup when table_array is value in cell

    Hi there! I am working on a project summary dashboard and I am having an issue with the vlookup reference. In the workbook, there are multiple sheets: Proj A, Proj B, Proj C, Proj D, etc. The cell references are all the same in each of the sheets for the vlookup to reference and I wanted the...
  7. M

    Vlookup - display previous value if zero

    Hello, I have an external connection pointing to an xml which display some values. Sheet1: Values Sheet2: External values I managed to do it with Vlookup but since the XML sometimes doesn't updates correctly and points to "zero" (since it can't read it from external source) I will want to...
  8. O

    vlookup / match / index solution?

    Hi, Please can someone help - I think I need some sort of vlookup / match / index solution? Basically what I need to do is fill the yellow column with the relevant data from the orange column. For example: Where it has Sarah Lauder in cell A43, I want to populate cell C43 with the value...
  9. R

    Multi Column vLookup

    I have a 5 column table - Column 1 thru Column 4 contain unique names; Column 5 contains a time value. I am attempting to use vLookup to search for a unique name that may appear in Column 1 thru Column 4 and return the time value in the adjacent Column 5. I have had no success in developing...
  10. A

    VBA Form with Vlookup not working

    Hi I am building a form for data entry into Excel and I have all other form boxes working but cannot seem to get the vlookup of a response to a combobox to trigger an entry in a text box further down the form I am not sure how to debug it to see which bit is failing as I get no response to the...
  11. C

    VLOOK-UP Formula

    I trying to VLOOKUP the serial number & Description from List_tbl and add to Installed_tbl. If a serial number is available return serial, if not return "EMPTY". List_tbl <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> FLEET BASE SRD AIRCRAFT WUC POSITION...
  12. M

    VLOOKUP not working

    Hi Folks, I am using a simple VLOOKUP for retrieving a value in another sheet in the same workbook but just keep getting #REF ! error. Think that I overlooked something. The formula is =VLOOKUP(F3,'Precios '!$A$3:$A$83,2,FALSE) And what I am trying to do with this is to search for value...
  13. S

    Vlookup pointing to a cell to get a tab name

    Here's my simple VLOOKUP: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(C3,'R:\Patient Results\[050119.xlsx]Bob'!$E$2:$F$569,2),"") I want to use the same file for multiple people by using a drop down in A1 to get the name of the person, which is the name of a tab in another file, to do the lookup. There's a tab in that...
  14. S

    Vlookup with IF statement

    Can someone assist...I need excel to perform a vlookup and if the value is less than 100.00 then return 0.00 otherwise return the value in the cell.
  15. C

    If a value is exceeded, place date it exceeded

    Hello, I have 4 columns A, B, C, and D. Collumn A is a datetime data set and the other 3 are various other number data sets. I would like to enter a value in a cell under column F, G or H and the VLookup would look through columns B, C or D respectively to see if the value was exceeded. If yes...
  16. mayday1

    VLOOKUP if range is based on a cell value

    This works, simple VLOOKUP in a second file: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B4,'[DataFeed.xlsx]Personnel'!$E$3:$F$100,2),"") But now I need I need to do the VLOOKUP when the range in the second file is different in every day's file. Today it might be $E$3:$F$100 and tomorrow it might be $E$596:$F$999. A1...
  17. K

    VLOOKUP from data table not producing correct format

    Hello! I currently have a worksheet where I have created a vlookup to correspond with a drop down menu to auto populate results based on a given table. In the original table the formats have dollar signs, percentages, dates, etc. all formatted correctly. In the corresponding sheet that auto...
  18. S

    Hyperlink with vlookup formula not working

    Okay I give up I have tried this multiple ways and both ways my formula shows up correctly however its not taking me to the cell I am requesting. I am really new at excel so I apologize if I don't make sense thank you in advance I really appreciate the help...
  19. B

    Simple Conditional Formats using VLOOKUP

    I can do complex spreadsheets but never seem to get the syntax right on conditional formats, especially when it includes a vlookup: Skipping straight to Manage Conditional Formats "IF" statement: 1. I need to say IF the value in A2 = (any value found in Array in Sheet2 column B) then format...
  20. A

    Vlookup another workbook and sheet using dynamic references

    Hi, I am trying to vlookup another workbook and sheet using cells as a reference. My equation is below and I can't seem to get it to work. It keeps giving a #REF ! error. =VLOOKUP($A2,INDIRECT("'["&K1&"]"&J1&"'!"&"$A:$BE"),8,FALSE) Please assist. Many thanks.

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