1. B

    VLOOKUP issue with wildcard parameter for partial matches in number/letter combinations

    Hello, so I'm using Microsoft Excel on Office 365 and I'm using the VLOOKUP function and having some issues. Here is the current state of my formula I'm trying to troubleshoot: =VLOOKUP(C3&"*",A:B,2,FALSE) Column A is filled with identification keys composed of letters and numbers while column...
  2. T

    Convert Inconsistent, Paragraph-Like Data to Columns & Rows for Import

    Help? We are moving records from one provider to another and their downloadable information is difficult to manipulate into a format suitable for import, and rightfully so. (Can you say Job Security?) But we ARE moving. Please see attached image. The data is paragraph-like...
  3. N

    Vlookup with max formula

    Trying to figure this out and it’s probably something quite simple. Layout: I have a running log of information and events that are entered in with dates and times. From this I have a table using COUNTIFS formulas set to count the number of times certain events take place during each 8 hour...
  4. C


    Hi all! I am having an issue with XLOOKUP and VLOOKUP and can't figure out if it is a formatting error with the text, specifically the 'XH' at the start of the text To my eyes, I have checked the data set both sides and the format is the same for both so the lookup's should work The formula...
  5. D

    Vlookup to a closed Workbook via Function / Excel Add-In

    Wondering if anyone could help me out on this one. I've created the Function below (which I'm using as an Excel Add-in), which looks up a value of the selected cell (SKU) and returns the value it finds in a specific workbook that is stored on a specific location. Right now this code it is...
  6. D

    Lookup value based on two column criteria

    i have been trying to solve the following issue: i have a very long column of values (in this case there are only two values = FY23, FY24, with FY23 always coming before FY24) and another column values (all zeroes except one value >0 in an FY23 row and one value >0 in an FY24 row) i want to...
  7. G

    Sales figures report using Vlookup ?

    Hello, i have these data examples : Company Date Invoiced Services Invoice Number Sales Figures HP 23-Jan-21 Some data 001 8,000.00 Dell 25-Jan-21 Some data 002 6,000.00 Microsoft 04-Sep-21 Some data 003 6,000.00 I want to make reporting for sales figures by month. That is...
  8. A

    Edit Formula to Auto-Populate Down Table

    Good Morning, I am looking for help on editing the formula seen in the first attached image. The formula itself is working, however, I am trying to edit it so that the formula auto-populates down the entire table. As of right now the only way to get the formula into the cells below is by...
  9. P

    How to get Multiple Vlookup values in to Dropdown list

    Dear All, I am trying to enter employees bank loan interest recover detailes in excel sheet ("3-2 Reimbursment" Sheet). For this purpose i use two sheets, one "3-2 Reimbursment" , other "Loan Details". in Account Details sheet, there are many emloyees details and some amployees may have more...
  10. D

    Find a cell in a table, and return the value above

    So I'm trying to return a cell value from a table, relating to a text based cell as the searching tool. It's actually part of a larger formula, but the rest is straight forward. I am trying to return a result where if the day of the week changes in A2, it changes what cell I use in a formula in...
  11. I

    Vlookup a column with duplicate value, return the number from the last row

    Hi all, I've got a table with 4 columns(B~D), Item, Store, and Time. In Column E, I want to write a function that looks up the value from "Item" and "Store", then returns the value of "Time" of the last row where both "Item" and "Store" values are matched. So for example, E3~E9 will have the...
  12. F

    Formula to insert a picture based on various cell values, w/out VBA, Macros, etc.

    Likely a tough one here. Simplifying a complex worksheet here. But basically: A1 = Value A2 = Value A3 = Value A4 = Value A5 = Picture based on A1:A4 values. Limitations: Pictures have to be referenced from within the excel Workbook. Not external to a referenced folder or website. I can...
  13. K

    Return a user specified number of cell values to a comma list randomly

    I have variable lists that will have 200–1000 values in them. ex: 1 Reliable 2 Practical 3 Responsible 4 Organized 5 Detail-oriented 6 Logical 7 Hardworking 8 Dedicated 9 Honest 10 Loyal etc... The user will be able to put a number in a cell and a different cell will...
  14. N

    Find Latest comment for ID using vlookup/MAX?

    I would like use a vlookup or equivalent to pull the latest comment for a specific ID. I can’t figure it out. I’m thinking maybe MAX but I’m not using it correctly. I think i need the vlookup because I am filling in cells in another table with the latest comment for its ID. In this example I...
  15. I

    Evenly auto assign based on availability and language

    I am trying to evenly assign work amongst employees based on their availability and language. Please help, thank you very much in advance.
  16. R

    vlookup, INDEX, or SUMPRODUCT???

    This hopefully comes through okay. I am looking to automate the information going into columns G and H. I highlighted the date ranges to make this a bit clearer. In the real world I will have "Source 2" with samples every 10 minutes. "Source 1" is just whenever a fault occurs. The goal is...
  17. R

    Finding Period within date range

    Hi, I require a formula in C18 (Red) That uses the date in C18 (Green), searches it within the date ranges of Columns D and E, and produces the result of Column G depending on which Row that date falls on. Thanks in advance.
  18. K

    Sumproduct with 3 tables?

    Dear users, I am trying to do the following but have been unsuccessful therefore I seek your help; I have vendors who buy TVs from certain Towns. The top left table displays the quantities of TVs bought by each vendor who has a record of purchase while the bottom left table displays the...
  19. M

    Complex Lookup issue

    Hi Team, I have two excel files attaached screenshots I am trying to do a lookup { bring values of 3rd column {approved} from 1st sheet to 2nd sheet} but for each unique id which is my first column in both sheets. I have duplicate values in first column and in second column i have string like...
  20. M

    create table from data on second sheet

    Please tell me to go away if you like. I have a table full of names (starting at B3 to H3), column A has which sites to work at. I need to 'transfer' the data in columns D to H from this table to another sheet depending on the site in column A I think this is a VLookup or a filter formula...

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