1. hayleyg123

    Vlookup between two dates, fix ignoring 1st and last of the month

    Hey, newbie here ☺️ I have a sheet where I want to return the job value (Column H) to a certain column depending on it's expected order date (Column T) So I have this for my formula... =IF(AND(T8>$W$2,T8<$W$1),H8,"") However, if the expected order date is on the 1st or last day of the month...
  2. I

    Vlookup with sum and multiple returns

    Hello. I have workbook that lists badge numbers in column A. Hours in column H. I want to be able to add up all the hours by badge id. The problem is the a badge number can appear multiple times. So a regular Vlookup will not work. I have also tried a sumif formula. This adds them up however, it...
  3. J

    Macro or VLookup? - Current VLookup Not Working

    Hi! I am new to VBA & Macros and didn't think I would get stuck on Vlookup, but here I am. I cannot figure out why it is not pulling in my date field from sheet 2. I have tried numerous things to try to make it work, but now seems like I am running in circles. Maybe a macro would be the better...
  4. M

    Vlookup to return date from data sheet if between certain date range.

    Hello all, I have a two sheet workspace. Sheet 1 is called Data and sheet 2 is Print Dates. In Sheet 1 I have in multiple columns three sites. Site 1, 2 and 3. Site reference is found in row 3. Columns A4:A80 are dates for Site 1, Columns C4:C80 are dates for Site 2 and Columns E4:E80 are...
  5. R

    How to integrate VLOOKUP with MAX function?

    Hello everyone, Kindly let me know how to integrate the VLOOKUP function with MAX in order to format data of Table 1 for the given query ids as in Table 2. Moreover, I would appreciate it if you could help with the formula to populate the Max identity value in the neighboring cell: MS Office...
  6. C

    Vlookup, Index & Match - Grab values and compare

    Greetings to all. First of all, I am new to this forum and need the help of your excel knowledge. I have a workbook with the Sheets: A, B, C. On the B sheet I am collecting data from sheet A, and trying to collect other data from sheet C. Since the VLOOKUP wont collect negative col_index_num...
  7. D

    Trying to use a module to fill prices

    Using VBA to find prices then fill prices to a different worksheet. I created a code below but it won't run it skips over the code and nothing happens. Sub UpDate_Stock_Prices() Dim JCMLastRow As Long, x As Long Dim DataRng As Range Dim PartsList As Worksheet...
  8. R

    VBA copy certain cells (not entire row) from Sheet1 onto Sheet2 if criteria is met upon value entry

    This might be a simple problem and I've been scouring the internet, but I haven't quite found the solution yet. I have two sheets, "Master Parts List" is my master list with column B having the line number. What I want to do is manually enter the line number into column B in "Template" and have...
  9. A

    Returning a minmum value from a vlookup

    Ok, I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. I have a table of data, specifically from google search console Let's say it looks like this: Query Page Clicks Impressions CTR Position keyword MrExcel 6,833 160,725 4.25% 4.2 keyword https://www.website.com/subpage/ 6,236...
  10. N

    Formula Help

    I build a simple spreadsheet to keep track of the job numbers I work on through the day. In order to get paid, these job numbers have a corresponding SR number that I am pulling from a table. Some jobs may not have a SR number, so those need to be requested. I made a simple formula that should...
  11. Jyggalag

    Excel vlookup problems 2

    Dear all, Please note that I made an earlier thread and am now continuing with the same sheets as before, but also including a new file (file 3). The old thread is here: Excel vlookup problems I currently have three files, file (1): File 2: And file 3: Currently, file 3 has the...
  12. Jyggalag

    Excel vlookup problems

    Dear all, I am relatively new to Excel and have little experience with functions, especially across different excel files. I currently have two excel-files, where one looks like this (file 1): And the other one looks like this (file 2): Currently, what I would like is for file 1 to...
  13. M

    Using a Variable array in place of a Vlookup to return values to VBA code

    I have a set of sheets which contain data which I pull into my VBA code with vlookups. The input data is collected into a table of data 10 columns wide, the key field is always an integer between 1 and 3000 but depending on the data entered by the users I might have 5 entries or 3000. The...
  14. T

    Return the end time for a person ba looking at the start time for another task

    Hi, everyone. I have a table of people with a date, start time and end time, as well as task performed by that person. The problem is that most cells in the colum of end time are blank and I would like to take the start time of that person on the same day for another task (the person changed...
  15. K

    Average over Last 90 Days - Multiple Sheets

    I have created an example version of the spreadsheet I am attempting to create. Each months sheet looks like what I have posted below. I am looking to use one of these sheets each month. I would then like an analysis tab where I can look at; -Overall Average of "Test Scores" - (I can and have...
  16. S

    Vlookup between 2 tables

    Hi, I would like to find a way to look up what the discount was on an item within a table. Sku 1100748, what was the price back in November 1/19 Below shows it has been marked down 3 times. the price from Aug 1/19 on was $20 (disc_amt). How can I tell vloookup to look at the price that was...
  17. B

    Sum of vlookup in multiple rows with condition

    Hi, Let me try and explain what I need with a simplified example: I have a table (H3:I5) that gives me the value for each item (I have dozens of items in the reality). I need, for each month (in B9, C9, D9), to know the sum of the value of each item for the particular month... but only...
  18. W

    Lookup IF this, AND that AND that AND...

    Hello Wizards! In advance thank you so much for any help. I am self taught and have gotten along "ok" (I spend hours to complete what you all would deem simple) but my current need is too complex for me to think thru. Here goes: I am attempting to create a lookup from a cover sheet to another...
  19. H

    Multiple VLOOKUPS with specific text outputs in IF statements

    I have been looking everywhere for a solution but have had no luck so far, hopefully one of you can help me with this. I want to compare the text in E2 with a list of text in I, J, and K, and if the VLOOKUP is succesful in I, the formula should input the text "Nybyg", if unsuccesful it should...
  20. A

    Find the most frequently used set of values

    I have a spreadsheet with more than 200 columns, and each column has different values with different sizes. I'm trying to find some sets of values and here are my questions; 1) How can I find the most frequently used set with size 3? (eg. CD8, CD3, CD4 or CD8, FoxP3, PanCK) 2) After I...

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