1. A

    How do I put the if function inside the lookup? - Daily Routine sheet

    I have a sheet - daily routine which has two columns: activity and time as shown here | Activity | Time | |----------------------|----------| | Sleep 😴 | 6:00 am | | Toilet 🚽 | 6:15 am | | Get ready for gym 🤸‍♂️ | 6:30 am | | Exercise 💪 |...
  2. L

    VLookup with 2 values

    Right now I have an If statement which works great when I am running a specific location. However I was hoping to instead utilize a Vlookup to review tables Currently this is my formula: =IF(B8="Night 10 Hour","18:00",IF(B8="Day 10 Hour","07:00",IF(B8="BHN/RT","18:00"))) What I would...
  3. B

    Google Sheets - Dropdown selection populates named range in the above cell

    How can I have a named range populate the above cell relative to the dropdown list, based on the dropdown lists selection? Say I have a dropdown list in D4 and the user selects the option 'apparel'. How can I make it so that D3 auto-populates with the named range apparel? The named range is 4...
  4. Jyggalag

    Write offset formula reference in VBA code

    Hi all, I have this formula: Essentially, when I fill in ANY data or make ANY changes to cell D2, i want the VBA to automatically update the current date/time in cell B1, so I can see the last time I made any update to cell D2. I can do xOffsetColumn = -2 But this will show the date in...
  5. Jyggalag

    Create slicer for a list without pivot table?

    Hi all, I currently have a list that looks like this (albeit much much much larger in reality): I would like to create a slicer for column D (Height (CM)). However, my table is not a pivot table. Does anybody know how to do this? I read online that I have to go into the design tab and do it...
  6. S

    Vba to find text in sheet1 cell content from sheet2

    HI Team, I tried to find solution to my query on mrexcel forum. unfortunately, I did not get exact solution to my query. Here I need a macro to get the sheet2 ColumnB data into sheet1 ColumnE. Macro to vlookup sheet2 ColumnA data in sheet1 ColumnC text if found get Sheet2 ColumnB data into...
  7. Jyggalag

    Good way to hide rows?

    Hi all, I have an overview like this: I am looking at four quarters for a year. I have a filter as well. I want to specifically hide the first three quarters somehow. However, please note that: 1) I cannot use a filter, because I often use a macro that wont work if a filter is on, and 2) I...
  8. Jyggalag

    Macro to save file as PDF saves full sheet

    Hi all, I have this overview at the moment: If I manually choose to save my file as a PDF, it works fine and I get just 1 page with the overview above. However, I have the following VBA code to save my file as a PDF: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As...
  9. Jyggalag

    How do you make VBA code run automatically?

    Hi all, I am very new to coding in VBA and am trying to figure out how to make my code run automatically. I want to copy paste values from one cell to another, but nothing happens with my current code, any idea why? Thank you!
  10. Jyggalag

    Make VBA code that posts a cells formula as a value

    Hi all, I currently have the following setup: I have some numbers in column C and D, and I use a simple sum() formula in column B. However, I also want to be able to click on the cells in column B and see the value in the formula bar. But I want to keep the formulas in the meantime. What I...
  11. Jyggalag

    Have formula data appear as text, maybe VBA solution?

    Hi all! I currently have this setup, please note that I have hidden all the nonrelevant columns however: The formula I use is this (thank you @RoryA !) =IFERROR(INDEX(INDIRECT("'"&H504&"'!$U$3:$U$73"),MATCH(1...
  12. S

    Changing Data in Row using a userform and vlookup

    Hello all, I've configured the following workbook to manage our IT workorders and create a ticketing system. Everything I have is working with exception to closing a ticket. I've tried wrapping my head around this one and keep drawing a blank and I'm hoping someone here will have a revelation as...
  13. N

    Vlookup with sum function

    Not sure if I can do what I want but I think I want a sumif v lookup formula. This is my scenario I have 3 columns in my range. First one being my reference number, my second column has a weekly value in it and my 3rd column is a running balance. So what I want is a running total of the weekly...
  14. P

    Insert cell value as sheet name in VLOOKUP formula

    Heeeelllo, I am not sure how this works, I've invested a lot of time into this, please help. Thanks so much. So... I have this formula, which works perfectly fine, but I want to make it more automatic right? =IFNA(VLOOKUP(B5,IMPORTRANGE("mydocURL", "517!A:F"),6,FALSE), "0") I have several...
  15. Jyggalag

    Debug error with macro

    Hi all, I currently have a macro that saves my sheet as a PDF, however when I try to do this, it brings me this error: If I debug it highlights this in my VBA code: The code is this: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As String Path = "R:Path\PDF files\"...
  16. Jyggalag

    How to sort columns based on two criteria?

    Hi all! I currently have this setup (albeit with more columns in reality): I would like to sort it by dates first, and then by the number after. However, I want this done, so it respects the date assortment before the number assortment, so it wouldnt for example put: 1 - February: 1 Before...
  17. S

    DAX query - Looking up (v-lookup) in the same table

    Hi All, Hoping can get some input from the DAX experts here. I have a table imported via power query. It has 2 columns Employee ID - this contains a list of employee IDs Month - this contains 'current month' and 'last month' value Note - The same employee ID can appear twice in the table...
  18. A

    VLOOKUP - "A value is not available to the formula or function" error

    I have a workbook with two sheets. On the "Likes" sheet, I have a list of URLs (and other things that are not relevant here). The second sheet, "Apr-4.13.22", has topic titles and their URLs. I want to pull the topic titles from "Apr-4.13.22" into the "Likes" sheet. The formula I attempted to...
  19. Jyggalag

    Create overview list that pulls in data from downloaded sheet

    Hi all, I am currently downloading a bunch of sheets that look like this: I would like to make an overview in my sheet called "List", where the data from "Sheet1" is automatically pulled in. However, I would like to do this without making any changes to the downloaded sheet, including not...
  20. Jyggalag

    IndexMatch formula based on name of Excel Sheet

    Hi all, I currently have this setup: Formula in full: INDEX('Q4'!$V$3:$V$73,MATCH(1, ('Q4'!$B$3:$B$73=List!$D651)*('Q4'!$A$3:$A$73=List!$N651),0)) My sheet used to be simply called "Sheet1". However, I have renamed it "Q4" now. I want my formula to pull in data based on the value in column...
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