1. R

    Formula Question

    Hello, Having an issue, currently using Excel 2016, formula's only work when I overwrite a concatenated formula by manually updating those fields with the exact same data that was being auto populated. I am using this as a small database, for 800 numbers, concatenating the base 800 numbers...
  2. V

    Formula Help - Daily charges - Increasing after 4 days

    Hello all, I am struggling with writing a formula that will calculate a fine dependant on the road type, however some of the road attract higher charges after 3 days, eg: 0 T/S 5 day overrun = 3x5000, 2 x 10000 = 35000, i do have a column that works out my working days overrun by checking...
  3. P

    VLOOKUP can't use value from formula for lookup value?

    I have a product number that I use multiple cells to grab various characters from. So, example is UI1950202TB, and then one cell grabs the 'U', next cell grabs the 'I', etc. I'm trying to then use VLOOKUPs to take the values of those cells and populate others. It seems that for cells where the...
  4. B

    Trying to use 2 VLookup formulas but need a "Then".....

    =IFerror(VLOOKUP(E3,_20181219_milly_final_2!$B$2:$H$175466,7,0),iferror(VLOOKUP(J3,_20181219_milly_final_2!$G$2:$H$175466,2,0))) Here is a formula that is not working --- I have 2 tabs and each tab contains account # and element #. I am trying to match acct # from tab 1 to acct #on tab 2 and...
  5. T

    Does cell A contain cell C formula/macro help

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet right now that contains a column for a unique identifier of a file. These strings can be over 380 characters long. I have another spreadsheet that has a master list of these unique IDs some of which contain a pipe delimiter because they have multiple values within...
  6. L

    Using VLOOKUPs and calculating total.

    Hi guys, I'm not great with these Vlookups, how do I set a vlookup to add up any matches? For example my data table has: <tbody> A B 1 10001 846 2 10001 454 3 10002 662 4 10002 277 5 10002 548 6 10003 292 7 10004 367 8 10004 269 </tbody> So when I do my Vlookup by the...
  7. F

    Running a VLKKUP against an increasing / decreasing set of rows

    Hi there I wonder if you could please help me with my query regarding adding a VLOOKUP to rows of data that increase and decrease in number? The scenario is this - I have a bunch of data rows that pull down from a SQL Server view. On day 1 the total number of rows might be 30, then on day 2 it...
  8. A

    Sumproduct and Vlookup

    Hi all Id be grateful for some help with this problem I have a table of 50 rows, and each row is populated by a value which in turn has been generated by 5 vlookup formulas all adding the return values up. So for example B1 would by £740 being the sum of 700+10+10+10+10. Each of the "£700"...
  9. 1

    Creating Attendance sheet with vlookup??

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I am trying to make a Summary sheet that contains a formula in column B (starting at B5) that populates the current students listed on the StudentInfo sheet depending on the teacher selected in cell M1 on the Summary Sheet. I have tried using...
  10. R

    Vlookup on multiple columns not working

    This Vlookup should work I think but it isn't. Current table does have more columns in between Service Indicator and Support Activity. There is a column at the end of the current table to hold the formula Formula {=INDEX(Table5[@[MSR Category ]],MATCH(Table5[Service Indicator]&Table5[Support...
  11. N

    VLOOKUP minus VLOOKUP (Dates)

    Hi, wondered if anyone can help me work something out. I have a formula, below: (=if(A2="","",if(E2=1, VLOOKUP FORMULA - VLOOKUP FORMULA, 0) The two VLookups are dates, elsewhere in the sheet. But I don't think I am able to nest two VLOOKUPS like this...does anyone know for sure?
  12. D

    2 vlookups in 1 formula

    Hi All, im trying to put 2 vlookups into 1 formula although I just cant get it to work properly. Can someone please help! vlookup 1 =VLOOKUP(C3,Sheet2!AD:AE,2,0) vlookup 2 =VLOOKUP(C4,Sheet2!B:I,8,0) appreciate your help Sam
  13. R

    Vlookup conversion issue when opening/converting a libreoffice calc workbook to excel

    I posted this this am but it is gone. I have recently done several large projects. Since many of our sites do not have full Excel, I had to convert some of the workbooks to be able to work in LibreOffice Calc. The folks that are using the Libre versions will save the workbook as an XLSX (or...
  14. L

    Vlookups + SUM

    Hi, Is there a way to use VLOOKUPS to find a selection of the same reference and add them together to give you a result? For example. I've got this list of Holidays that need to be covered. In Colomn L I have Vlookups that are taking data from another table. In this table the first colomn...
  15. W

    After I sort data can I then extract each separate group to a new sheet?

    Hi all, There are 365 unique values amid the 10000s of rows but I have tried a pivot table then filtered and then double clicked the cell to extract that group to a new sheet which works but I don't want to do that 365 times - or could I automate it? I also extracted a unique list into a new...
  16. S

    Is Index/Match Faster when just looking up one column?

    I'm doing a massive number of Vlookups on an old computer running the latest version of Excel . I've heard both that index/match is faster, and that it used to be, but isn't much anymore. Some vlookups are only in one column, some will be a few columns wide. I'm more comfortable with vlookup...
  17. C

    Multiple Vlookups

    I'm on 2013 and want to do multiple vlookups. I have a list of names on one sheet. i want to match that name against a list of names in several other sheets and return the value in a certain column. i.e if Joe Jones appears in sheet 1 tell me the value in column D, then repeat this for sheet 2...
  18. C

    Is it possible to do a VLOOKUP on Text and Numbers?

    I prepare a report every month that consolidates account information from many different brokers. I have VLOOKUP's set up to pull in all the data from the different brokers' reports, but the issue is that some of the numbers are stored as text, whereas others are saved as numbers. Right now...
  19. E

    Nested if and statements with vlookups

    I'm using Excel 2010 on Windows XP. I would like to vlookup to an excel log that tracks the dates of each time a customer was contacted. The customer may be contacted up to 4 times. I want the vlookup result to be the last time the customer was contacted. Essentially, if E2 is blank I want the...
  20. C

    VBA- Worksheet event multiple vlookup

    Hi excel Masters, Can any of you provide a VBA code in order to populate some vlookups value only once any cells has been changed in a specific range. (tab calculation column A1 to A100) Data source in tab Data (Name, Age, Sex, Country, town....) from col A to E In Tab calculation for example...

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