1. D

    Don't know where to begin (help!)

    Thank you in advance! I have 2 columns. Weights in column 1 from 30 kg to 150 kg and then how many apples they get in column 2. The catch is each row has a new weight at 1kg heavier. Such that, Row 1 = 30 kg, Row 2 - 31 kg, but in the adjacent column they both get 1 apple. However, by the...
  2. A

    Need to Multiply with 2 criteria

    Hi, I need to multiply A1 x A2, B1 x B2, C1 x C2 & D1 x D2 and so on, but the answer should come as shown below. <colgroup><col span="5"><col></colgroup><tbody> Expected Answer A B C D Total Weight in gms 1 1gm 2gm 3gm 4gm 2 1 2 2 3 23 3 2 5 1 16 4 2 2 5 28 </tbody>...
  3. C

    Formula Search - Need some master magic!

    Hello, Below is a list of data. I am trying to find a common Divisor for the last column ( Dim. weight w/o Divisor) that will make the rated weight equal to the shipment rated weight. We can throw out outliers like line 2 with 24 rated weight and 1 original weight. Any ideas? I am stuck! Rated...
  4. J

    Sum-If with Multiple Criteria

    Hello, In column C, I want the following action: forward calculation if the criteria is met but reverse calculation if other criteria is met. This is a two-way action. <colgroup><col span="7"></colgroup><tbody> if from dept = "Step 1" & to dept ="Step 2", then QTY * WEIGHT if from dept =...
  5. V

    Complex calculation DAX - need ideas

    Hi guys, Here is my problem : I would like to create a measure for incentive calculation. Below my table : I have got a table with following columns : Date; Sales Reps; Products; Actuals Revenue ; Budget Revenue ; Weight This table have relationships with Dimension Date table and Dimension...
  6. P

    Using lookup to find values (1 or more) based on criteria, greater than, less than, etc.

    See my example table below. <tbody> order # cost red height yellow height orange height v1 weight v2 weight v3 weight Order 20 2,160 40 40 40 3323 3927 4800 Order 22 2,406 45 45 50 3702 4375 5347 Order 23 2,395 45 45 50 3685 4355 5322 Order 25 2,709 45 45 47 4168 4925 6020...
  7. A

    Scatterchart with weight with self-defined values for x and y axes

    Hi all, I have this data: <tbody> label x y weight a -1 3 1 b -10 -3 1 c -7 8 3 d 1 -2 2 e -8 -4 5 f 8 7 3 g -9 8 6 h 6 5 4 i 2 -3 8 j 2 -2 5 </tbody> And I want this result: The weight is optional. The labels are not optional. What's the best way to approach this? A...
  8. A

    Using the number that has the higher value

    Hi all, I have been playing around with some formulas but can't seem to find the correct one (Probably having a blonde moment) We have the following: Volume: 2.27 Actual weight: 300kg Volumetric Weight (Volume x 167): 379.09 Chargeable weight (The higher number between actual weight and...
  9. B

    Formula or special format to calculate ounces & pounds

    Hello all, I am searching for a format or formula that will calculate ounces and pounds. example A widget weighs 1 lb and 5 oz's or 21 oz. If material is 1.5 lbs and need to know the weight of 18 pcs. the total weight should calculate to 23.625 lbs. Would greatly appreciate anyone's help...
  10. S

    Lookup formula

    Guys, Need formula to put in column F to lookup at column A & B and find matching colour and return adjacent weight value. Thanks. :) <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Colour Weight Colour Weight 2 Red 1.44 Red 3 Blue 1.55 Red 4 Green 2.00 Blue 5 Green 6 Blue </tbody>
  11. A

    Min Max Functions on Weight Totals Warning

    So, I posted a few days ago, but had an invalid explanation of what I was looking for. Apologies to the community. Here is a what I was looking for. I have these group of cells: (See Below). My problem is, if for example, I input, on another cell, pickup weight forecasted at 52,000, and...
  12. N

    Add the weight when date is provided.

    I would like to add weight of items which are delivered. That is if an item has along side a date then add that item to total else do not add that item. Please provide me formula. There will be 1000 + such rows and 10+ column . <tbody> Weight Date Weight Date Weight Date Weight Date Total 1...
  13. E

    Look at range of cells and calculate price based on different variables

    Hello everyone! I have been using the attached formula and it works perfectly for managing my inventory. It looks at the [price list inc competitor worksheet]. It looks for specific length, and markup. I add new products on the [inventory worksheet], the formula looks at the variables typed...
  14. L

    Trying to create a mini rating system

    Hi, I hope someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. I am trying to create a what I'll call a mini rater. I want it to work like this: The user is prompted to enter a state from a drop down list. Next the user enters a weight that they want calculated. I have two columns...
  15. S

    Formula to assign "weights" to things based off a rating of "Low," "Medium," or "High"

    I am not sure if this is an easy task and I am just missing something but here is what I need. I need a formula that will assign a weight (with all weights adding up to 1 of course) to data in excel based off whether that data has a rating of "Low," "Mod" or "High." Naturally, low would have the...
  16. A

    Getting a cell to reference the value to a companion cell

    Hi all, Very close to completing a model and cannot think of what to do. Essentially, I have a team of players 1-15 and each has a corresponding weight. I have a model with formulas that use the weights of the players to calculate a few things. Now, I could just enter the weights in manually...
  17. C

    Fuzzy Lookup Help

    Hello, New here, but this is a great resource. I am having a heck of a time getting my fuzzy lookup to work. I have the following 2 tables: I am trying to use the second table to generate a cost for the first table where the Origin/Dest state pair match 100% and the weight is just the...
  18. D

    Forumla to Find Shipping Cost from Weight

    Hi all, Having a thick moment here and can't get my head round something that I'm sure is really simple. In Sheet1, I have a table of items and the weight of the item is in column X. In Sheet2 I have a table of shipping costs depending on weight. The table is below. <tbody> <tbody> Item...
  19. R

    Object Doesn't Handle Error With IF ISNUMERIC Formula

    I'm having some trouble with entering this formula through VBA. It works fine in Excel, and the syntax shown below was taken from the macro recorder, so I'm not understanding why I'm getting an error. ws3.Range("AB" & LastRow3 + 1).Value "=IF(ISNUMBER(R[-1]C[-1]),RC[-1]-R[-1]C[-1],0)". Here...
  20. M

    Need Help creating formula: COOLING CONCRETE USING ICE

    Hello, If anyone is up to the challenge.. I have this formula below that I need to modify but don't know how... And I really need the boards help.. What I need is instead of the formula returning: "T = final temperature of concrete mixture (deg F)" I need it to return: "Wi, Weight of the Ice...

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