1. S

    What formula do I use to get 'changes in 1 week'?

  2. C

    Weighted Average

    I need to find the weighted average loan amount of all loans between and including interest rates 4.75 and 5.25. I also include the volume percentage per note rate. InterestRate LoanAmount 4.875 150500 4.875 2540575 5 187500 5.375 15200 4.875 14848784 4.375 282292 5.125 4095500...
  3. M

    Do i need Vlookup or Indirect or something else?

    I have a simple workbook with two sheets. Sheet 1 contains: <tbody> NAME AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT JOHN 34 52 23 PETER 23 12 62 LUCY 45 23 86 DANIEL 23 42 34 </tbody> Sheet 2 contains a message: Choose a person I then has a dropdown/combo box (data validation list, the source being the list...
  4. M

    Lookup across multiple columns

    Hello I'm new to the forum and look forward to your insights I have the weight band in column D and want to look up the prices in columns E to J how do I return the right price for each row? See below <tbody> Weight (lbs) Weight Band A B C D E F 167 A 156.53 126.79 107.98 90.78 78.94...
  5. C

    Check Digit

    Trying to do a 10 digit mod 10 check digit with a weight of 7,5,3,2...can you assist me. Thanks.
  6. G

    New at Excel - help with an addition/multiplication nested formula

    Hows it going everyone, i'm VERY new to creating Excel formulas (less than 24 hours as of now). I've started to create a spreadsheet in Excel for my coworkers to eventually use in order to provide our clients costs for various services quickly & to ensure there aren't any errors in the...
  7. T

    Conditional Formatting Formula

    My speadsheet calculates the 15% and 20% weight loss from a start weight and the cells automatically change orange or red But I also need a formula which calculates the daily change in weight expressed as a % , whether increase or decrease, this can be shown as green cells and ideally when...
  8. B

    how to see if there's any unique values

    I've got data like this below. All the weights are supposed to be consistent. So for example all 3 pound weights are supposed to be $5, regardless of province. But there could be an error somewhere, such as in the last line. Is there a way to simply find all the difference prices for each...
  9. B

    how to check if all prices are the same

    I have 1000 rows of text which includes the Province, weight classes, prices, etc. All the text looks like this: <tbody> ON_XY_DOH|PARCEL|30|40.99 </tbody> In this case the last two numbers are what matter. This means that if shipping weights are up to 30 pounds we charge 40.99 So there's...
  10. P

    Search for a value with two criterias

    Hello all! I have a project with a client and I would like a slick solution instead of what I usually come up with, which is bulky and slow. I am calculating a shipping price, where i have the zone and weight of the container. This held together with destination country should give me the...
  11. L

    Need a Formula

    I pay my truck drivers by weight. I want to be able to enter the weight in a cell and what he makes for each delivery or pickup appear. Every cell in a column would have the same formula Example. If he delivers 1-99 pounds he gets $6.38, 100-299 he gets $8.35, 300-399 he gets $10.86. All the...
  12. P

    Formula for adding weight based on a greater than scenario

    The printing company I work for is running into a lot of manual entry on excel to figure out shipping weights for freight and customer cost. A quick example would be: Book Quantity = 150 Book Weight (per unit) = .75lbs A carton for the books weighs 1lb each. A carton can fit a finite amount...
  13. R

    Show value as height while referencing weight for calc

    I have two columns one with heights (i.e. 6'6", 6'7" etc) and one with weights say column I and J. In another cell C2 I would like to be able to enter a height, while still displaying height, yet for a calculation use the corresponding weight.
  14. L

    Weight Break calculations - A method question

    Hey everyone, Although this account is new I have been around before and ive always gotten good answers and im hoping once again i may get some help. This question is about how to convert a single line of parameters into slightly different static parameters. I could quite easily create a...
  15. J

    Insert Rows Based on Cell Input

    Hey all, I have a workbook that use to estimate costs for my customers. I'd like to be able to add a number of rows underneath "Weight" to correspond with the "Number of Parts" and still maintain the formula functionality in that range of cells so that my totals near the bottom will still be...
  16. C

    how to quickly fill in a table

    I have an Excel table of that format number | description | weight 1 | weight 2 | number | description | weight 1 | weight 2 I have to fill in data by finding the number and manually fill in weight1 and weight2 Is there a way I could just make the data entry quickly instead of finding...
  17. A

    Formula to distribute units based on weight, rounded to whole number, but sum to proper total

    Hi there, I'm having trouble figuring out a formula that will distribute my total number of units by weight. I need to round the result to the nearest whole number but I also need the total units once distributed to sum to the proper total. <tbody> Row 1 6.2% 6.4% 8.6% 9.4% 10.4% 9.6% 8.1%...
  18. J

    3 value lookup

    Hi, I require a formula to match Day, SO Number & product Code to return invoiced Weight? Thank you <tbody> Day SO Number Product Code Invoiced Weight Day SO Number Product Code Invoiced Weight 29/01/2019 SO-291420 26102 19040 30/01/2019 SO-293830 20502 ?? 30/01/2019 SO-292253 10400...
  19. J

    Airplane weight and balance

    I'm trying to write a formula for a aircraft weight and balance. The rear arm limit remains constant, but the forward limit shifts after reaching a certain weight. EX: Weight up to 2050 forward limit is 82.0 and rear limit is 93.0. Weights between 2050 and 2550 the forward limit shifts aft at a...
  20. J

    2 lookups

    Hi, Does anyone know a formula that match Client ID & weight and return correct Weight Range? <tbody> Client ID Weight Weight Range Home 21.05 ?? Local 28.50 ?? Weight Range Lower Weight Range Upper Client ID Weight Range 1.0000 26.9900 Local Up to 27kg 22.9901 42.9900...

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