1. L

    Windows 7 Macro VBA working but not with Window 10

    I have a macro that works perfectly fine with Windows 7 and up until 3-4 days ago it was working fine on the window 10 The macro transfers data to another workbook, i have in place the correct file type / name etc etc and as stated above the macro works using a windows 7 computer Would there...
  2. D

    Vertical Scroll Bar fake copy?

    So I have been having this same problem for a long time. I just work around it, by scrolling with my mouse, which can be tedious. We used to have MS 2016, now we have Office 365. Problem existed on both. The document is a shared document, old school, not the internet sharing because I need to be...
  3. H

    Prevent VBE from idling when user action is required (Win32 APIs)

    Hi all, Hi Jaafar ;) I am working on a tool manipulating the VBProject of other Excel files, which can have their VBProject locked with 2 different passwords. But I have no way to know which one it will be in advanced, so I must attempt them one after the other. I managed to write some code...
  4. T

    Macro to open a sheet in a new window

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can help I want a macro that can open a sheet in a new window. Idealy it would do this. When macro is run open Sheet"PDF Views" in new window and if possible? place new window in middle of screen taking up about 75% of the screen make that screen not show any tabs or...
  5. J

    New Window with VBA (Dual Monitor)?

    Hi, Is it possible with VBA to open a new window (specific worksheet) maximized on to the 2nd monitor with no gridlines?
  6. E

    "Saving" Notification/Status window not closing after VBA Save

    Though currently on Office 365 I have experienced this issue in earlier versions as well. I am using the ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs command to save a new workbook. The save is successful; however the Saving status window does not close. In order to continue processing I must select Cancel...
  7. D

    Close Active window triggers before close event

    I have an excel workbook with 2 views open (View/New Window). When I close the second window (the workbook remains open) it triggers the before close event. Is there anyway of closing the second window with triggering the before close event? I only want the before close event to trigger whe the...
  8. L

    window menu in old excel version

    Hi I am watching the video below and in minute 2:00 he went to Window tab in the menu to find out which excel files are opened. I am using office 365, where I can find that option? Thank you very much.
  9. S

    [VBA] Make AppActivate('d) window maximised

    Hello, I have this code: Sub OpenBrowserLink(link) Dim sh As Object, oWin As Object, IE As Object Set sh = CreateObject("Shell.Application") 'Find an IE Window For Each oWin In sh.Windows If TypeName(oWin.Document) = "HTMLDocument" Then Set IE =...
  10. S

    Highlight Row VBA Toggle command

    Hi, Is it possible to create code to highlight the row of the selected cell? I use two screens so even if I select the whole row when I go to my second display excel doesnt show the highlighted row when I select a different window. I was hoping it was also possible to have a macro that...
  11. E

    Pop up window

    I am making a userform in excel using VBA. I want whenver a textbox1 is left blank after clicking a save button a pop up window is trigerred saying "the textboox1 cannot be left blank" I know how to do this Function ValidateForm() As Boolean ValidateForm = True If Trim(a1.Value) =...
  12. S

    Macros not available in Developer-->Macros tab

    Greetings, I got back on my computer after stepping away and my macros are no longer showing up in the Developer-->Macros window. What could have happened? I visited the options-->trust center-->macro settings but without getting the macros back to visible. Also, clicked on all the files...
  13. szita2000

    VBA - Any way to cycle between excel window and browser window?

    Hi guys. I need to display one of my excel file on a big screen, but also need to show some data from our internal website. (In the website format, so no. Data connection is not an option) I tried messing with the Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application"), but I could only find method...
  14. G

    Crash When Use SetWindowLongPtrA

    When Hook The Window Class #32770 Through Form , It Does Work Fine But When SubClass This Window Inside CBTProc , System Crash And Hang Up , What s Wrong ? Because Of Not Define Handle Window MayBe Happens Crashing ? In Access Application When Open Form And Hook Window Class #32770 , Again...
  15. V

    Want to break VBA code my workbook

    Hi BoardMembers, I know that to braek the vba code question is not valid here.. But what happens we have one workbook which contains vba code. This file works perfectly in Windows 7 but as we are updated with new OS Win 10. It giving us error. Hence trying to open the vba code, so we can...
  16. T

    Macro to choose file and add name to a cell

    Hi Everyone, I would like a macro that when run brings up the folder window like the save as window and asks me to select which AMF file i want to use? I can then select a file from my computer and the name i selected get input into cell G10 Please help if you can Thanks Tony
  17. M

    Trying to get the placement of Excel window on screen on Mac

    I ran across some code on another site that is supposed to get the placement of the Excel application window on the screen of a Mac. The code can be found here: It works on Excel 2011, but not on Excel 2019. The string variable...
  18. Y

    VBA F1 Help function gives SSL Libraries error

    Hi All, First post as pretty competant on excel (for my needs) and manage to fnd answers to most things online or trial and error. However I have decided to move into the light and try my hand at VBA :eek2::eek2: and seem to have hit a snag early on with the Help function which I am likely to...
  19. D

    How to Click 'Yes' to Downloading a File

    Hi, I am requesting a file to be downloaded from a website (using Internet Explorer). I get a pop up that asks "Do you want to open or save XXXXX.xls from webpage". Is it possible to use VB to select 'Open' on this window? When I right click over this window (the above question) I do not get...
  20. R

    VBA error handling problem

    Hi, I’m having a problem with the following tract of VBA. It is intended that it should loop round until a window with a particular title (as held in string wtit) is detected. It works ok if the said window already exists before running the code, but it fails on the SECOND time round the loop...

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