1. leopardhawk

    Formula mod needed for age, year, DOB

    Okay, my brain is cramping but I'm pretty sure this problem I'm having can be solved by someone a lot brighter than I am. The two columns in question, columns B & C, need to work together for my worksheet to be accurate. They need to be able to account for users who are younger than 70...
  2. T

    Windows 10 Date Format Breaking Formula

    Good morning All I recently bought a new laptop. I have a excel sheet that checks for a companies name in a table then checks the date to see if the date is in the range I'm looking for eg. 2019. When I opened my table on my new computer my formulas all returned "0" instead of the values they...
  3. leopardhawk

    IF statement

    Hello forum friends, I am having an issue with a formula that I need to modify. I think I am missing an IF statement? Not sure. I know that this is going to be a fairly complex formula and I will be grateful for any help that I receive. The formula in question resides on the 'income analysis'...
  4. R

    Macro ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs problem windows 10

    Good morning, I have a problem with a macro that runs in windows 7 but on windows 10 it runs with a small problem. Macro: Sub XXX() ' ' Macro1 Macro 'Sheet of the activeworkbook that you want save as separated workbook Sheets("XXXXXXX").Copy Dim Path As String Dim...
  5. G

    How to obtain song duration or title of song being played by windows media player

    I want to obtain the duration of a song being played by windows media player or the song title. I have no idea how to do this, please can you help? Not being that good I need code examples to follow or try to adapt. thank you in advance glassescase
  6. S

    Excel slow when not in focus

    Hi everyone, I have a large Excel file with a long macro that needs to run. I am *not* looking for ways to optimize my Excel file or the macro code in order to increase its performance. Performance (duration of the macro) is perfectly acceptable as long my instance of Excel remains 'in focus'...
  7. N

    Open Access data base in Excel

    This code works in Excel 2013 and Windows 7, but in Excel 2016 and Windows 10 and Excel 2013 and Windows 10 error is received. Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object
  8. S

    BeforeClose on a window?

    I have a board display using multiple windows within Excel spread across multiple monitors. During various events windows popup to show other information and when de-activated, the window is closed. This works like a charm until someone closes the window to deactivate it, in which instance the...
  9. M

    Using tabbed workbook windows

    Am I wrong, or did Excel use tabbed windows in the past? I have Excel 2016 and all workbooks open in new windows. Wasn't the (old) default behavior tab based? Is there a way to get it back?
  10. E

    VBA Windows Object

    I've been given the responsibility to fix a broken macro of a termed employee. This individual used the code listed below but I don't understand he used the Windows object rather than Sheet object. Is there any logical reason to do this? I suspect there must be a reason that I'm not aware of...
  11. R

    Running VBA macro with SAP while windows user is locked

    Hello everyone, i really am struggling with this. I made a macro to run before i got to work while my windows user is locked. Altought, i noticed the code "selection.copy" is not copying anything because the user is locked, i don't know the reason, but when i run the macro with user unlocked it...
  12. S

    A name list / not searchable by windows

    Hello I try to create a patient list (As I am doctor) patient has a different diagnosis. I will create an excel file for each patient. So whenever I search a patient with one spesific diagnosis, windows search finds all of these diagnosis, not the one I selected. Is there anyway to stop it...
  13. M

    general format issue

    Hi, I have a problem with General format of cells. I have some files that I sent to some colleagues and once I open them all cells in General format were showing like currency format (13.4 in a general format cell, now appeare like 13.40$) I did not find where to configure this general format...
  14. B

    dynamically generated list

    I run a window cleaning company and use Excel for accounting. I have a page that has all my customers. There is a column that has the month which shows the month their windows are due to be cleaned again. On my dashboard, I want to show all the customers due to have their windows cleaned for...
  15. John Caines

    How to change excel comment - tooltip formatting in windows 10

    Hello All. I really would love to be able to change the default formatting for excel 2016 comments. IE the background colour and font (from bold to regular) etc. I found a video on youtube that shows how this is done on windows 7, but I can't seem to work this out for windows 10 (64bit) Thie...
  16. WernerGg

    How to preserve position and size of windows?

    I run Win10 Pro on a Thinkpad. The size and position of opened, then closed Excel-windows is not preserved between Windows-sessions. This is true for other windows as well, e. g. Edge. They reopen at any position and/or any size. Is there a setting to keep positions and sizes like in former...
  17. E

    Importing Non-Table Data

    I use a web site to monitor when my son gets dispatched on a fire call I have a macro that works fine on my Windows 8 computer but not on Windows 10 and no one in the world seems to...
  18. E

    Run-time (8150002e) Automation Error

    I have the following code that has worked fine for years on my Windows 8 PC but crashes with the title error on my Windows 10 PC. Sub Download() Dim IE As Object Dim html As Object Dim objElementTR As Object Dim objTR As Object Dim objElementsTD As Object Dim...
  19. D

    How to get Windows userid in Access

    Is there a way to capture a userid in Access? I have an Access program that is on a network and use so sort of Windows authentication to sign on. I want to capture the person's userid in order to grant certain Access tables in my application.
  20. M

    Copy macro error with recent update to Windows 10

    Macro worked perfectly under Windows 7. Now under Windows 10 it returns an error of 2 ?? inside squares like this: ￿￿ (sorry they dont copy over exactly as shown)

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