1. E

    Excel formula to return value based on certain criteria

    Hello, I am using excel 2016 and trying to create ta formula that will return a certain value based on multiple criteria. I have set out the logic below but everything I try doesn’t work :mad: if(and(a1=“Green”,a2<>”-“),”Good”,”Bad” if(and(a1=“Amber”,a2<>”-“),”Good”,”Bad” if(and(a1=“Red”,a2...
  2. A

    Largest Value based on Multiple criteria

    Hi there, I'm working with a data sheet and am trying to get the Nth largest value in a specific column based on multiple criteria. My single criteria formula works fine, this is it: ={LARGE(IF('Sheet1'!C:C=3,ABS('Sheet1'!W:W),""),1)} However, I run into the #VALUE! error once I add another...
  3. J

    buscando un programa de copia de seguridad / copia

    estamos a punto de migrar nuestro servidor de Windows 2012 a otro servidor de Windows 2016, luego necesitamos copiar solo los datos cambiados diariamente del servidor de 2012 al servidor de 2016 ... por lo que estamos buscando una herramienta confiable que haya sido probada por otros. mi colega...
  4. T

    Copying Files with Certain Names from a List

    I have a folder with many pictures named as number.jpg (ex: 100152.jpg, 100153.jpg). I don't want to copy everything in this folder— only the files with the exact name as the names in a txt file that I have created. I am using this in the prompt. However, all pictures from SourceFolder are...
  5. Larry Haydn

    Can Excel VBA Windows run on Mac and vice versa?

    I have lots of Excel VBA applications developed on PC for the Windows platform (over the past 20 years). I have lots of trouble recently after Windows update - system very very unstable. I am thinking of ditching the Windows completely, and move all my development to iMac. Question: 1. Can...
  6. I

    How to use Windows regional date format in Excel vba

    Dear all, I have made a vba macro code to get date from Excel cells in a special format to be used for follow up. ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(RC[1],""ÅÅÅÅ-MM-DD"")" ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=TEXT(RC[1],""YYYY-MM-DD"")" In Sweden, Windows regional date format is ÅÅÅÅ-MM-DD. The letter Å...
  7. A

    Control handle in SAP with VBA

    In our SAP system, we have a mass attack tool. There is one point at which my VBA cannot control the SAPgui anymore, it's when the "Select Files:" window appears (see screenshot). Yesterday I got a solution on how to find this window from a good man here in the Forum. The macro gave me all the...
  8. C

    Strange Windows error that only affect my Excel files

    I'm on Windows 10. When I'm working in Excel occasionally my screen starts flashing for about 1 minute (no pattern to when or why it happens ... it just randomly starts). During this time I can't click into any Excel cells or do anything in Excel. The other applications on my computer work fine...
  9. L

    excel macro file as windows associated program

    Hi All, I got to this forum after wondering the net for a solution to my problem, it's a little bit complex, I'll try to simplify it. I'd like to open specific ext. files (.SCF) on my windows system with specific excel file located in specific path on my pc (let's say C:\TEMP\SCFParser.xlsm)...
  10. K

    Excel VBA: WebBrowser Control Is Not Working In Windows 10

    Hi, I have a webbrowser control in a form, where a html files contents shows in it, it is working fine in windows 7, but I don't know it is not working in Windows 10. Code Not Working:- below code fires on click event of a button If Sheet1.CheckBoxes("chkMailBody").Value = 1 Then...
  11. N

    VBA To Send Email Not Working Since Windows 10 Update

    Good morning, Since upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, my automated reports are not working. They run via Task Scheduler that simply opens the workbooks which call the associated Macros upon opening using the Workbook_Open option. They used to open, run, copy a range of cells, send an...
  12. P

    How to update Excel (or MS Office)

    I have been experiencing a problem with Excel, although before posting here about it, I thought I'd update my version of MS Office. I configured Windows (Windows 10, Office 2016) to update all MS products, not just windows. But still, my version of Excel is v.1812, which is dated to November...
  13. szita2000

    VBA - Any way to cycle between excel window and browser window?

    Hi guys. I need to display one of my excel file on a big screen, but also need to show some data from our internal website. (In the website format, so no. Data connection is not an option) I tried messing with the Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application"), but I could only find method...
  14. O

    Too many formulas, need a VBA solution for COUNTIFS

    I have a data feed that contains roughly 3500 rows. Columns are servername, OS, and multiple columns of software names. The data contains the version of software installed on each server. For example as below: <tbody> Servername OS Software1 Software2 Software3 server1 Windows Server 2008...
  15. C

    Excel 2010 Macros not running in Excel 2016

    Hi everyone, I hope this is only a setup condition that someone identifies, but the transition from Windows 7 and Excel 2010 to Windows 10 and Excel 2016 has caused a lot of agita. For starters, environ("username") was not recognized (compile error Can't find project or library). Found out...
  16. S

    VBA to run a max of once a day

    Hi, I'm looking to have an excel file in my windows startup group and have it run when windows loads. But I would like to have the code ONLY run once a day. So if the code has already run today don't run it again till it's loaded tomorrow. I can add a Power Pivot calculated column and have it...
  17. leopardhawk

    need help with DATEIF formula

    Hello forum friends, I have an issue with the results of a DATEIF formula I am trying to build. I am receiving a result of $161.92 and it should be $50.06, so I am WAY off somewhere. I have included snapshots of the cells in question below. If anyone has any ideas, I will be grateful. Excel...
  18. leopardhawk

    Can't understand why two values are different

    Hello forum friends, I am testing a workbook to make sure there are no errors and I am having problems figuring out why these two values are different when they should be exactly the same. If anyone has any ideas as to why, I will be very grateful. There are two columns on one worksheet...
  19. M

    Why does assignment needed to be on LEFT-hand side?

    I am starting to learn VBA. On this For/Next loop, I am stumped by one line of code: If myValue > 400 Then Range("F" & i).Value = myValue + 10 I get the first part: If myValue > 400 Then but I do not understand the second part: Range("F" & i).Value = myValue + 10 Why must I use...
  20. A

    Using Macros to Make Powerpoint Slides from Excel

    Hello, I am trying very hard to find a solution to this but so far nothing works... how can I write a code for a macro that takes a chart or table or cell from Excel and uses it to create the respective Powerpoint slides? Anyone have experience with this? Furthermore, I am using Mac currently...
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