word count

  1. T

    Counting multiple words in cell

    Hi, I'm trying to count multiple occurrences of words in a cell. Essentially, I would like to count the occurrence of the following words: apple, orange, banana, strawberry so that for the data in the below table I get the following values Data Count of words apple, orange, tree, butter...
  2. G

    Count words in column (with cells having more than 1 word)

    Hi, I have a column (data) with words separated by comas. I would like to count how many times the words appear. I have seen a similar post in this forum where you define the words and then you get the word count. Here I need to get both the list of the words (Column B) and their occurrence...
  3. D

    Top Occuring Phrases/Words in a Column

    Hello, I have a very large database of items of different names and descriptions. Some items are similar to others (ie: cable type X, blue, 3ft or cable type X, green, 9ft, or heat shrink sleeve,clear,55cm or main wire assembly,mft,out) I have been browsing around online (including other...
  4. R

    Macro to count word counts in different Word docs, and enter them into Excel?

    Hi everyone, I'm an aspiring author, and want to keep track of the word counts in my chapters. At the moment each chapter is a different file. I would like a macro to go into each file, and tell me the word count in an excel table, for each chapter. I'm usually pretty good at figuring macros...
  5. T

    Word count Deadline

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B474It8rivBNMXYyWEI5U09TRHM Click the link to see the Workbook. I am trying to setup my word count log to have two-word count goals. One for the whole novel and one for weekly. I use two pie charts that fade away as I accomplish my goals. My issue is my weekly...
  6. victorcarreto

    finding pair of cells with different numbers of words

    Hello, I am dealing with texts, not numbers. Column A has a text in English, and column B a text in Portuguese. I need to find pairs of cells A1-B1 or A1234-B1234 whose number of words have a difference of 9 words minimum. For that I have this formula which I wrote on column C, to identify such...
  7. J

    Count 30 Characters and insert new row with no word slice

    Hello All; I have a macro requirement were the macro reads a text in a cell; copies the first 30 characters; inserts the test into a new row. The macro contiues were it left off reading the next 30 characetrs and inserting a 2nd row pasting the text. This process continues until there is no...
  8. F

    Counting word occurrences

    A1: Win */* Over * A2: Win */* Over * A3: Loss */* Under * A4: Win */* Push * A5: Win */* Over * A6: Win */* Over * A7: Win */* Over * A8: Win */* Under * A9: Loss */* Over * A10: Push */* Over * A11: Loss */* Over * I want to count how many times the word Over occurs and then count how many...
  9. W

    Formula: How-to: Count occurrence of verbiage & display verbiage?

    How would I look at a range of cells, let's say E10:E5000 and: 1- Count the occurrence of some words "sku1", "sku2", "sku3", "sku4" 2- Display that word, a space (or tab), and the count, newline for each word For count, I have "=COUNTIF(E10:E5000,"*sku123456*")" and that works for counting a...
  10. T

    New Excel User - Simple Word Count Tracker Help

    Hello all, This is probably a very simple challenge that I've run into, but I am a writer, and I am currently trying to create a spreadsheet that tracks how many words that I type daily. I am currently using Google Docs spreadsheet application online, but have access to Office 2007 on a...
  11. E

    Word Count

    Does any one have a formula that counts the number of words in a cell?

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