1. J

    WORD: Macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black

    Hi, Can anyone help with a macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black? Thanks.
  2. A

    Macro that creates a word document (and then a PDF) very slow

    Hello MrExcel, I have a macro that essentially exports text in 3 columns into a word document before converting to a PDF. I have had to do this as the text in 1 of the columns is well over 300 characters and can't be done in excel. Unfortunately when i run the macro it takes about 13 minutes...
  3. S

    Excel to Word

    I have a pre-built Word form document that I use that has multiple fields that I fill out (customer name, dates, etc.). I usually copy/paste information to this document from other sources (Excel, Word docs, etc.). QUESTION: I need to create a way to automate moving the required data from...
  4. V

    Reading properties of a Word document

    Hi, I have a file that contains two columns: A - file path and B - Title. To select a file, I double click in column A (let's say, A14), which opens an Explorer window. I make my selection and the path of the selected file is inserted in the double clicked cell. Now, to get the title of said...
  5. D

    Adding images in table with formatting into Outlook using a file picker

    I have pieced together some code using excel as a file picker to add images to embed within subject body. Everything is working just fine with basic alignment, but I would like to get some help adding these images into a table with a specific formatting Outlook seems not to have a huge support...
  6. Akuini

    VBA Macro to create Word & Phrase Frequency

    This macro generates word & phrase frequency. You can set the number of words contained in a phrase as needed, in this part: Const sNumber As String = "1,2,3" You can also set what characters should be considered as word characters, in this part: Const xPattern As String = "A-Z0-9_'" but...
  7. R

    Opening Word Document in VBA Results in Empty Variable

    I am trying to loop through a folder and open each word document one at a time in VBA. I had the code working, and then I added two more files to the folder. Now it won't open my first file (which I had opened previously). My code is as follows: Sub readEmailsV2() Dim oFSO As Object, oFolder...
  8. E

    VBA Excel close Word. Word Clipboard Question

    Hi. I use this code in Excel vba: Dim wdApp As Word.Application wdApp.Documents.Open "E:\Download\planeringsmote.doc" wdApp.Documents(1).InlineShapes(2).Range.Copy wdApp.Documents.Close wdApp.Quit The problem is that Word don't close because Word popup a messagesbox that ask...
  9. G

    VBA code to collect tables from multiple word docs to excel

    Please take a look at the attached screenshot I have more than 5 files like this and more than 14 tables in each file I need to compile it in one word file also I have 4 tables I need to get from an Excel file Is there any way to collect the information in each table instead of opening each one...
  10. A

    Turn numbers written as words into digits (two - 2, three - 3...)

    Hello, I would like to find a formula to turn the right column into the left column. Is there a way to turn the word twenty four into 24? This would significantly speed up my work so I would appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.
  11. C

    VBA to enable word 16 reference

    Hello everyone, I am developing an excel document that prints a table over to a memo on word. I currently have the whole process figured out except one thing... how to enable the word reference from script. I know that you can go into the tools and enable it, however this worksheet will...
  12. K

    Need help with looping through multiple word documents to excel with VBA

    Hi all! I have been researching throughout the forum but am trying to create a VBA in excel that will help my business group simplify their process. For context: we get about 30-50 word documents that are transcripts with different questions and answers every project For these word documents...
  13. K

    Macro to consolidate

    Greetings all, I'm hoping to get a bit of assistance, I'm new to macros, but I'm hoping they will assist me with this project I have to do for work. I have about 80 word documents to review and I need to copy all items that have a red cross against an operation (refer below), in all these...
  14. E

    VBA code change and recognize text

    Hi guys, i need some help with word VBA. I have text in a bullet point form on my word doc and i would like to have certain things be done, when i run a macro. I am fairly new to VBA, therefore struggling with the coding aspect. Here is the text in m word doc: Tsla is up by 23% as compared...
  15. T

    Word Crash, paste fail and colour loss during VBA Macro when Pasting Image from Excel

    This code is driving me insane. I have created a macro that is structured as below. It creates a chart based, copies it from an Excel Chart tab and pastespecials it into word. Creates a page break, clears the clipboard and does it again for a total of around 100 times. Please see the below...
  16. R

    Code in VBA about rotate an image

    i am very new in codes specially in VBA. My intention was to make a template in excel for reports in my job, it will replace words from excel to a special template in Word and at the end it will load an image from a folder in pc give it other size and rotate for example 90°. this is the code i...
  17. P

    Insert data to Word

    Hey Guys just found your forum a couple of days ago! I have been trying to make some reports from excel to word, and I could get it right! let's say I have 5 customers from which I have to make a report, they could n customers! (this is my hardest part) Which i have to add them on the blank...
  18. A

    Excel vba for creating a summary word document from the comparison of 2 word documents

    Hi, I created a vba script in Excel in order to create a word document as summary of comparison of 2 word documents. Here my script: Option Explicit Private Sub ButtonSummaryReport_Click() 'Initialize the progressbar and the label Dim k As Integer Dim filesNumber As Integer...
  19. M

    Is there a way to run a mailmerge that merges multiple rows into a table based on a key field?

    I am trying to do a mail merge from an excel file that has multiple rows for each employee. Each row lists an application or process they are not qualified for. The data is provided in an excel document and currently we are copying and pasting it into a word document to then sending to...
  20. Erin81

    How to jump to top of word document's selected bookmark?

    Hello all, I am creating an Excel flowchart with buttons for each step that when clicked, open a Word doc with instructions. I've bookmarked each step in the Word doc and the code works to bring the user there, however I would like for the selected bookmark to appear at the top of the page, and...
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