1. K

    issue with macro that fill a word document with text

    hello we have an excel sheet that contain a macro who create a word document every time we running it it fill all line with "all tests" even if the line 7 is empty. not sure why. plus the word doc created put text sometime in 2 lines instead of 1 here the code : Sub Main()...
  2. B

    Runtime error trying to create a bulleted list in Word using Excel VBA

    Hi all, I am trying to create a word document with inputs from Excel. Everything has been working well until I tried to create a bulleted list. The relevant portion of my code is posted below: Set wdApp = New Word.Application With wdApp .Visible = True .Activate...
  3. Chris_010101

    Mail Merge Macro - Saves to PDF/Word

    Hello I use a macro to save mail merged documents into word and PDF files; very handy. I must select all the rows above the row I need in the recipient list for it to work. If I only ticked "Sam" and left "Connor" and "Vincent" unticked, the macro will produce a "runtime error 5631" on...
  4. D

    Excel Word Link - part table Excel to Word, part Word to Excel

    Hello, I have a feeling the answer may be no, but I'm looking to create a table - linked between Excel and Word - where part of the table is Excel data -> Word, and the other part is Word -> Excel. I would like my staff to enter comments against each student, but have been told by many that...
  5. M

    Find Function VBA Named Argument Not Found-Runtime error 448

    I am writing a macro( late binding) that runs through a word document and highlight all the values that is contained in my cell range in Excel. I have used the find function which works fine until I add the argument IgnoreSpace:= True, which I don't understand why it's resulting in error...
  6. P

    Word create or open with VBA functionality?

    If I am thinking about this in the wrong way do not hesitate to say. I am new to VBA but I am not new to programming. I want to be able to automate the creation of Word documents. That is when the document does not exist already. If the document exists, I would like just to open it. Where I am...
  7. T

    How to change or replace multiple cell name in Microsoft Excel chronologically?

    I have provided the screenshot of my excel worksheet. I want to rename the cells in column B chronologically same as Column A but without losing the blank cells. i.e the first "transfer" name cell of column B will be "transfer 1", the second "transfer" name cell of column B will be "transfer 2"...
  8. S

    Excel Customer List to Word Offer and Invoice template, with unique invoice number list and buttons to create

    Hi Excel Experts, I'm coming to you with a question, I'm helping out my friend with digitalizing their tools for their business, starting with a customer list, so they can use the details later for mailings, (now everything is on paper and in the word templates, so they don't have a nice...
  9. nburaq

    Find a word combination of letters and numbers

    Hi, I have a data set of descriptions and I need to find words in descriptions combined with numbers and letters. As an example cell A2 includes a sentence "Repair A4040D" so cell B2 should include information "A4040D". The equipment number is combination of letters and numbers max of 6...
  10. D

    VBA - email an X% zoom screenshot of an open Word document, with file also attached

    Followed below instructions for the below code, only for step 7 there were no "Microsoft Outlook Object Library", so used "Microsoft Outlook 16.0 Object Library " But nothing happens when code runs, at all, not even an error. Using below code as a next best thing to figuring out how to...
  11. T

    How copy a Word table into Excel and not lose the formatting ?

    Hi guys, how are you? I need your help because I want ran from boring and hard job to work with PDF and I want to convert the table from PDF to Excel. I read different forums and watch different videos on youtube but cant find the solution. I found only good advice to convert PDF to Word...
  12. T

    Help please! Can't figure out how to automatically generate reports and include task description in the generated Excel word doc

    Hi all - I am very new to using Macros with Excel and I am looking for help. I am using code to attempt to automatically generate a word doc with upcoming deadlines/due dates in my Excel sheet. Currently, it will only generate a word doc if I manually run the code. Also, I am having trouble...
  13. M

    VBA - paste picture into word from path

    Hello All :) Currently I have vba code: 'Some code above If OfertomatMain.cmbUnderwriter1.Value <> "" Then For b = 2 To 20 Step 1 If OfertomatMain.cmbUnderwriter1.Value = wudoc.Cells(b, 1).Value Then Let underwriterstanowisko1 = wudoc.Cells(b, 2).Text Let...
  14. D

    Copying data from Excel sheet into Word

    Hello, When I copy from a Excel sheet data into Word it rounds the numbers behind the . I think all this is because of all the different cell formats all the columns have. Is there a way to copy and paste the data with all the numbers behind the . like 12.03767 ? After copying in Word this is...
  15. I

    VBA Code to Open Word Template and create new document per list of names

    Hello, I have somewhat of an advanced question... I have a long list of names in a column in excel (range name, "Names"), what I want to do is create a code that I can run that will open a template (named "CART") and based on the list of names the code would open a copy of the template and...
  16. R

    MS Word - Bookmarks in Headers not updating correctly

    Hi all, I've got a document I'm using as a template with several sections. Page 1 is a title page with the: Document Title Published Date Updated Date Those three items are all bookmarks. Those three items are also included in the header of each page. When I'm ready to finalise the file...
  17. Chris_010101

    Force Save as PDF

    Hi All, I know this is not necessarily Excel-related, however, it is going to be VBA related. I have created a return-to-work form in word, which is sent to managers to complete return-to-work interviews for sick employees. The document is restricted and only form fields can be completed...
  18. gravanoc

    Accessing an open Word doc from Excel causes "Locked for Editing" dialog to appear

    I'm experiencing an issue with exporting the contents of a Word document to PDF. After pasting a table from Outlook into Excel, certain parts of the table are retained, then the new table is pasted into Word. The Word document is saved using a specific filename, the date, and a number to...
  19. J

    WORD: Macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black

    Hi, Can anyone help with a macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black? Thanks.
  20. A

    Macro that creates a word document (and then a PDF) very slow

    Hello MrExcel, I have a macro that essentially exports text in 3 columns into a word document before converting to a PDF. I have had to do this as the text in 1 of the columns is well over 300 characters and can't be done in excel. Unfortunately when i run the macro it takes about 13 minutes...

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