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    Unlocking Locked Workbook

    Hi, I created a debtors reporting system at work to be used by several users across the company (probably about 30 people) and saved it on the shared work network. I locked each sheet individually and left certain cells unlocked with data validation set up for those cells. The purpose of...
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    How do I remove the "Delete" option when I right click on sheet tab - HELP HELP HELP

    When right clicking on the sheet tab, I need to know if it is possible to remove the "Delete" from being an option. My workbook is structured to where if a single sheet is deleted, it screws up all my formulas. I tried to just password protect the workbook, but doing that removes the "Rename"...
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    unprotection of workbook with password using vba

    i do want to know, if it is possible to unprotect a workbook using vba. in the ideal case, the password is written in the vba code (i know how to protect the vba code itself). i need this for an excel, which i want to update daily (using a macro) so it should be "open" for that update. user...

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