1. D

    read and copy line from master tab to newly created tab

    I'm trying to take a master tab, 1. read column A, 2. create a tab in that workbook with the name found in column a, 3. then copy that one line from the master into the newly created tab. I have the code (below) that cycles thru column A and creates the tabs but having issue with copying the...
  2. S

    looking for macro to search workbook

    Hello I thought I would ask you good people a question on a workbook I'm developing for my place of employment. We have many SDS sheets for the many chemicals we have at the workplace. The company didn't have very good organization with the sheets which can be a safety and fire hazard because...
  3. M

    VBA Macro Column Hiding

    Need help if anyone can provide it. I'm trying to write a Macro where i can hide columns based on a cell value. The issue I'm having is trying to figure out how to construct it in a manner where I can have the macro work based on multiple cell values as well as work throughout the entire...
  4. B

    Create new workbook for each item in the list

    Hi Can someone help with below requirement with VBA code. I have got two sheets sheet1 and sheet2. sheet1 got data in A-X and sheet2 got a list in column B as below. Manager Max Harry Murat Vamsi Adam what i am looking for is code that loop through the above list and for each...
  5. A

    show values from one workbook in another workbook

    Hi folks, I was wondering if there's a way to get values (with a filter or find function) to show up in a workbook, by looking the values up from another workbook. the left photo (workbook 1) contains all the values and workbook 2 needs to show the values with offsets to the name and article...
  6. B

    Method SaveAs of object '_Workbook' failed

    I'm trying to create a button that, when clicked, saves the whole file to a defined location under a name that is a concatenation of 3 cells. Here's my code so far but i'm clearly doing something wrong Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim strPath As String Dim strFolderPath As String...
  7. S

    Timer to Protect a Workbook

    Hi, I want to send someone a file, upon opening, an agreement check box appears that says, "Click Here to Start Your Preview". After say, 7 days, the workbook will lock and will not open again without a password entry. Once the password is entered, the file may be freely used, but, if the user...
  8. M

    Open another Workbook and apply filter

    Hi all, whit this code I would like to open another Excel Worbook (which is locked and shared) if not already opened and apply the filter on Worksheet named "1" to the cell A1 (cell A1 is a header, but it is not a table just a range). So basically after filter is done I want to see only numbers...
  9. C

    Password Protect?

    Hi everyone :), Is it possible to save my workbook on to the organizations network so that anyone may access it for viewing purposes only? But i want to be the only one who can go in and make changes. All help is greatly appreciated, I am going into excel right now with very little to no...
  10. M

    VBA Vlookup between two workbooks

    I need to vlookup with two workbooks and find the match values with highlight. Workbook A (Located in the folder path C:/Desktop/price match MFR date beg date end price XXX-ltd 8/1/20 8/1/20 100 YYY-ltd 9/1/20 9/1/20 200 GGG-ltd 10/1/20 10/1/20 300 MMM-ltd 11/1/20 11/1/20 400...
  11. A

    Consolidate sheets into one tab?

    Hi, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets with same formatting in each tab. I am trying to take all the sheets and create a pivot table containing the data from each sheet. Is this possible to do? I am trying to avoid using a master tab because the information changes daily and the same...
  12. A

    Insert column dose not work

    Hi there I have an excel workbook and I can't insert any column in any worksheet. I will appreciate helping me on this. Here is the excel file .Excel file
  13. E

    Problem with macro to copy vba to new workbook

    Hi, I don't know if anyone can help, I am not that experienced when it comes to VBA, I have found the following code online & modified it slightly to fit my needs. I am trying to copy a module called PrintQTYPAGESASCELL() If I am honest, I don't understand what each line is doing, I think I am...
  14. M

    Add columns and delete columns based on the another workbook in VBA

    I have workbook A with sheet1 contains like below header ID Class Mark Grade XX AA BB CC XX AA BB CC XX AA BB CC XX AA BB CC In the another workbook B contains like below but ID Class Mark Attended XX...
  15. P

    Deleting Objects from All sheets of a Workbook

    Dear All, I have about 200 Worksheets in an Excel Workbook. All the sheets contain various objects. I initially started by selecting the objects by <Find & Select> <Goto Special><Objects> and delete all. I then managed to find a VBA within MrExcel, that was able to delete the objects, but only...
  16. G

    VBA Copy data to another work book based on CONDITIONS

    Hi Team, I would like to copy data from one work book to another. The data has to be copied from BookA to BookB. However, the issue is that I am not allowed to edit the vba in BookB. Book A has a list of names and their forecasts. Book B also has a list of names and forecast but it also has a...
  17. S

    Count chartbjects from multiple sheets in a excel file

    I have 3 charts in three different sheets in excel workbook. I want to count the number of charts present in excel workbook. I have tried activesheet.chartobjects.count It gives the count of charts present in that particular sheet. Can anyone has solution to count all the charts present across...
  18. S

    Workbook Closing closes other open workbooks

    I have the code below in a workbook. When I close the workbook, it typically kills all other open workbooks of excel. However, excel has started opening a blank window (no loaded workbook) in a second window whenever opening any excel file. Anybody have ideas on both of these. Further, sometimes...
  19. J

    A loop counter

    Hello. I am working on a workbook that uses random numbers that loops until a certain condition is met; a specific number. I am wanting to be able to count how many times the loop has to cycle until the number is calculated correctly. Essentially a counter of the cycles. Any help is appreciated.
  20. C

    VLOOKUP Macro Workbook Reference Variable

    Good morning, I am trying to create a macro that opens reference files and later will pull data out to compare in primary workbook (wkb). wkb3 is going to be the previous days file in each case, and opening the file works without issue. I am running into an issue referencing the Workbook...

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