1. U

    VBA - Object 400 - After Selected File to do a Copy and Paste Vlookup

    Hello, I'm trying to Select a File with a static table with Allocation Data and then copy and paste the data in each workbook corresponding to the employee number after a vlookup of cell A2. The first block of If statements is a file selector which returns the file path. I believe I'm...
  2. Mackeral

    WORKBOOK_SAVEAS not working

    It fails with Error 1004. The original file name was "Data Entry.xlsm". After the failure, when you look at File Explorer, the file has been renamed and it's written date is appropriate. Is there something about a "Sync" going on here? Thanks for your help. Mac
  3. E

    How to stop Excel's "Save As" function from defaulting to Text (Tab) on XLS files?

    So whenever I attempt to save a fresh excel file, it will have my default save as option as XLSX. But I frequently have to download XLS files and then edit them. Whenever I finish I go to save as, and it tries to save it as a text (tab delim) file every single time. I have checked and confirmed...
  4. M

    Userform Hide Workbook

    Hello All, I have searched online for this issue but couldn't find a proper solution. I have a userform that open (while the workbook itself remains hidden) using the following code: ThisWorkbook.Windows(1).Visible = False If Workbooks.Count = 1 Then Application.Visible = False...
  5. J

    Opening a workbook using array values

    Hello I'm trying to figure out a way to open the workbooks using the array values stored. The only bug I encounter is at "Workbooks.Open(StoreList(0))" where I encounter "run-time error 0 subscript out of range" but the address is correct so I don't know why it can't find it? Sub uniquestores()...
  6. A

    VBA loop and paste cell balue based on IF condition

    Hi all, am a beginner at VBA and would like to seek help regarding working this out. Have tried looking at certain threads but I am unable to find something similar to what I want to perform. Currently, I have two separate workbooks as below: 'Customer Info' Workbook, 'Customer' sheet...
  7. X

    Pulling Specific Cell Value from Multiple Workbooks

    Hi guyz, Please excuse me if this question has already been asked multiple times. I am very bad with the VBA Scripting and would appreciate any and all help with my query here. So, what do I need help with? I have a folder in my C:\ Drive with the name "Acc". In this folder I have Multiple...
  8. Dermot

    Copying Lambdas between workbooks and keeping them updated

    Lambdas are held in individual workbooks. How can we copy them between workbooks, and keep them up to date if they change? Based on the current Excel beta version 2111 * copying any sheet (even blank) from workbook A containing lambdas to another workbook B, will also copy those lambdas to B...
  9. SkyGod

    Copying Data From Irregular Template

    Hello There, I need some help to done my working. I have done some part of the coding. Can someone help me about it please.? I cant make continue. like I'm stucked. I have explained in the Main workbook what I want to do. Basically transfer datas from "data book" to "Main book". The problem is...
  10. S

    Financial model - workbooks vs worksheets

    Hi - I've recently joined a company. We won't be able to implement any robust budgeting and planning tool so we are in excel. There is an extremely tight deadline and I'm just beginning to learn my predecessors excel financial models. from the existing files, I see 5 or 6 workbooks with about...
  11. V

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore?

    How to create folder in desktop with vba whenever the excel book is opened, if exist, ignore. Message if create new folder, silent if the folder exist. I have the code to create folder on desktop
  12. C

    Copy column between workbook

    Hi, I try to copy column from a workbook to another one(The first one is not open, but can be opened if needed, and the second one is where my macro would be). I get the path to my file from a function(Which return a String) bc the file is often updated(That part work with no problem). The...
  13. D

    read and copy line from master tab to newly created tab

    I'm trying to take a master tab, 1. read column A, 2. create a tab in that workbook with the name found in column a, 3. then copy that one line from the master into the newly created tab. I have the code (below) that cycles thru column A and creates the tabs but having issue with copying the...
  14. S

    looking for macro to search workbook

    Hello I thought I would ask you good people a question on a workbook I'm developing for my place of employment. We have many SDS sheets for the many chemicals we have at the workplace. The company didn't have very good organization with the sheets which can be a safety and fire hazard because...
  15. M

    VBA Macro Column Hiding

    Need help if anyone can provide it. I'm trying to write a Macro where i can hide columns based on a cell value. The issue I'm having is trying to figure out how to construct it in a manner where I can have the macro work based on multiple cell values as well as work throughout the entire...
  16. B

    Create new workbook for each item in the list

    Hi Can someone help with below requirement with VBA code. I have got two sheets sheet1 and sheet2. sheet1 got data in A-X and sheet2 got a list in column B as below. Manager Max Harry Murat Vamsi Adam what i am looking for is code that loop through the above list and for each...
  17. A

    show values from one workbook in another workbook

    Hi folks, I was wondering if there's a way to get values (with a filter or find function) to show up in a workbook, by looking the values up from another workbook. the left photo (workbook 1) contains all the values and workbook 2 needs to show the values with offsets to the name and article...
  18. B

    Method SaveAs of object '_Workbook' failed

    I'm trying to create a button that, when clicked, saves the whole file to a defined location under a name that is a concatenation of 3 cells. Here's my code so far but i'm clearly doing something wrong Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim strPath As String Dim strFolderPath As String...
  19. S

    Timer to Protect a Workbook

    Hi, I want to send someone a file, upon opening, an agreement check box appears that says, "Click Here to Start Your Preview". After say, 7 days, the workbook will lock and will not open again without a password entry. Once the password is entered, the file may be freely used, but, if the user...
  20. Martin_H

    Open another Workbook and apply filter

    Hi all, whit this code I would like to open another Excel Worbook (which is locked and shared) if not already opened and apply the filter on Worksheet named "1" to the cell A1 (cell A1 is a header, but it is not a table just a range). So basically after filter is done I want to see only numbers...
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